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Clynol Precious Oil

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Brand: Clynol / Type: Hair Oil

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    1 Review
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      27.08.2012 22:13
      Very helpful



      A repairing and smoothing elixir for your hair from Clynol.

      I pride myself on being quite up to date with new developments in the world of beauty and hair care, as soon as it appears in a magazine or someone says it's ground breaking I'm online searching for the best price! Once or twice it has proved to be more of a money wasting exercise, such as the time I invested in a brush that apparently would make my hair grow faster (I was only about 16 in my defence)! However, sometimes these new developments manage to pass me by and I jump on the band wagon a little later than most of my friends. One such product that managed to miss appearing on my bank statement was Moroccan Oil for hair which is now all the rage and offers to repair and transform hair to leave it healthy, shiny, silky and soft. The Moroccan Oil craze is relatively new to the market but it's taken the hair care world by storm. Quite a lot of my friends are raving about it so when I saw Clynol's own version of this at my hairdressers last week I simply had to have it... despite having a gas and electricity bill to pay!

      Clynol is a professional hair care brand which can only be purchased at salons and some sites online. They advertise themselves as being a "neat, agile, boutique brand" which is certainly popular with hair care experts. The company was founded in 1924 and since then has grown dramatically to offer a full range of hair care and styling products. The Precious Oil comes in a clear plastic bottle which takes on a golden colour due to the liquid inside it. The bottle has a blue plastic lid which screws on and off although the lid also features a dispenser pump so there's no need to open the bottle really. The brand and product name appear on the front of the bottle with the range name (which is "Glow") while the back of the bottle offers some information on ingredients and usage of the product. Currently the bottle only comes in one size which is 75ml. The "Glow" range currently only offers this one product on the website (it's their latest range to be developed) although there are many other styling products to accompany it.

      The product advertises itself as "Glow precious oil for a groundbreaking way to repair and gloss - weightlessly!" It is formulated with Marula oil which is the main ingredient in many of the other Moroccan Oil products, including the original one. It is a light elixir based product which promises to instantly target any damaged hairs or split ends to result in beautifully soft and smooth hair which also has a brilliant shine to it. It's also advertised as being suitable for all hair types, including fine hair due to its weightless effect. My hair comes to just below my shoulders and it's quite thick so my hairdresser suggested that I use two to three pumps of this product each time, two pumps dispense enough to fill a medicine spoon to give you an idea. It feels a little oily when it first comes out and has a similar texture to a shampoo but what was really noticeable was the delicious smell. It was light, perfumed and reminded me of sunshine in a sense - luckily this scent lasted even after I'd dried my hair too which was absolutely great I thought!

      The Precious Oil can be applied to wet or dry hair depending on when you want to; when applying it to wet hair it's best to smooth it through all your hair evenly before drying and styling as normal whereas when applying to dry hair there are two options. You can either apply it once you've washed and dried it, just to the top surface to smooth it down and add shine, or you can apply it prior to washing it and leave it to soak into your hair for up to 30 minutes. If you choose this option you'll need to apply a little more although I've never used it in this way. After applying it to my wet hair I then proceeded to dry it as normal. When I'd finished drying my hair it appeared much smoother and shinier as well as feeling much softer, it gave me far better results than any other serum I've ever used in the past. Normally I wash my hair every 3 days as I find it goes greasy on about day number 4, despite using this product which did feel slightly oily it didn't make my hair any greasier and it didn't go greasier quicker than normal either.

      I'm giving Clynol's Precious Oil (which I keep typing Previous Oil!) the full five stars as I think it's an excellent product which offers really noticeable results. After using it for the first time even my boyfriend commented on how shiny my hair seemed and asked if I'd washed it - I'm not sure how often he thinks I wash it, the last time he asked me was when I had it dyed about three months ago! The traditional Moroccan Oil products retail at around the £30 for a 100ml bottle whereas Clynol's Previous Oil is much more reasonable. Active Beauty are offering it online at £14.75 whereas it's priced at just £10 a bottle in my local salon so it'd be worthwhile finding your nearest stockist if you want to grab a bargain. I've had my bottle for about a month now and use it every time I blow dry my hair, if you were to use it twice a week I reckon a bottle would last you around six months, depending how much you use of course. I'd thoroughly recommend this product as it offers everything I could want from it... apart from some real sunshine of course!

      Thanks for reading.


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