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Clynol id Style Sleek Frizz Free Shine Serum

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Brand: Clynol / Type: Hair Serum / What it does: Smoothes,

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2008 11:14
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      A serum by Clynol to remove frizz and give greater shine.

      If I could change one thing about my hair it would be to make it straight as I've been blessed with curly / frizzy / wavy hair depending on its mood. I have to devote huge amounts of TLC to it to get it to go straight or curly without being frizzy and over the years have invested plenty of money in products to try and help me achieve this look.

      One product that my hairdresser uses and recommended to me was Clynol's Frizz Free Shine Serum which not only offers to reduce frizz on your hair but also gives it extra gloss and shine to make it look healthy. After using it at the salon I decided I had to buy some even though it was priced at £8.75 for 50ml... a little more than I'd usually pay.

      The Clynol brand is a professional one which means you won't find it in stores such as Boots and Superdrug. It's one of the top brands used in many salons throughout the UK. It advertises itself as a brand which is "modern yet natural, alluring and self assured, it's for women who are at one with themselves..." who would have thought hair care could be so deep?!

      The Product

      The serum comes in a light grey bottle which has a light blue sheen to it when it catches in the light. The bottle is about six inches tall and has "Clynol" on the front along with the name of the product and a fingerprint illustration which is accompanied by the words "ID Style." The lid simply pulls on and off which is much easier than a screw top.

      To dispense the serum simply pump down on the dispenser, I find I need to pump down about three times in total to give me enough serum to cover all my hair - this will of course vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair. The serum is clear in colour, quite runny and has a strong salon smell to it which is quite perfumed and sweet.

      To apply the serum it recommends that you dispense a few drops into your hands and glide through pre-shampooed hair into mid lengths and ends. Now that doesn't make any sense to me as it then goes on to say do not rinse, how can you not rinse your hair if you apply the product before you've shampooed and conditioned it?!

      My view of this is that there's been a spelling error on this product and you should actually apply it once you've shampooed and conditioned your hair, prior to drying it. My hairdresser also agrees with this and that's what she always does as well, there's no point in putting it on and then shampooing your hair as it'll all wash out! So I would recommend that you follow my instructions oppose to those given by Clynol and apply it after you've washed your hair.

      The directions also suggest that it can also be used sparingly on dry hair to prevent frizz developing and add an extra shine to it. I would recommend using it very sparingly in such a situation as if you apply too much you'll get so much shine that it can often look like grease. I find in this situation one simple pump dispenses enough product. I then tend to apply it to my hair using my fingertips, don't apply too much at the roots as these are what go greasy first so it's better to concentrate it on the ends of your hair first.

      My Opinion

      And so do I rate this product? Well yes I do, it leaves my hair feeling much smoother than when I dry it without applying any sort of anti-frizz product at all. It also does give a protection coating to hair if you apply it when your hair is dry before a night out for example and also does give it some extra shine to avoid it looking dull at all.

      However for the price of this product I do actually prefer my GHD version which is priced only slightly higher yet does a much better job. This Clynol one can leave my hair feeling a little greasy at times and although it does do a good job, there are better products out there which do an even better job! I probably wouldn't invest it again but will certainly use the rest of my bottle which should last about twenty five to thirty washes.

      As it's a professional product you can't buy it from high street stores, many hairdressers do stock and use Clynol so it's worth checking any salons in your area. There are also a few websites where you can find it including:

      www.ultimatesalon.co.uk - £8.50 (exc postage)

      http://www.directsalonsupplies.co.uk - £6.51 (exc postage)

      Thanks for reading.


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    • Product Details

      Frizz free shine serum / Maximum control of frizzy hair whilst adding silky shine and gloss! Dull hair becomes sleek, vitalised and healthy looking! Light Clynol hold factor of 1/9 / Dispense a few drops into palms and glide through clean hair / Work fully into mid lengths and ends / Can also be used sparingly on dry hair to smooth down stray hairs or add sheen /

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