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Clynol Vitton Go Blonde 12:22

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Brand: Clynol / Product line: Clynol Viton

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    1 Review
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      30.12.2012 20:55
      Very helpful



      This is the only colour I will be using after bleach now!

      I am hoping most site visitors to this page have come here because they are looking for an alternative colour / toner to the popular L'Oreal P02 - If so continue to read! :-)


      If you have read any of my previous reviews you will see in the last couple of months I have taken it upon myself to start bleaching my hair at home rather than spend up to £70 at the hairdressers for something I can do myself at a (HUGEEE) fraction of the cost.

      Clynol Vitton Go Blonde range is a range of colours / toners which can be used after a bleach to give a more even colour or to make your hair go lighter. Its also essentially a great conditioning treatment and makes your hair feel a lot better in condition and gives you that shine that bleach can't. I came across the Clynol Vitton range when browsing in a newly opened salon supply store in my town a few weeks ago. My usual toner is L'Oreal Luo P02 but I was looking for something completely different to the norm - as much as I love the pastel tones that the Luo range offer in their colours, in the last few months I have noticed my roots still having ugly tinges of ginger which tells me for some reason it just isn't taking to my newly coloured roots as it should. After flicking through the colour chart book in the store, I opted for the 12.22 ( Ultra Light Intensive Extra Ash ) colour which showed a very light blonde shade with tints of grey - which is exactly what I wanted / what L'Oreal Luo didn't quite achieve. Generally I am aware Clynol is a great range - I often use a silver shampoo from them which works brilliantly but in honesty I have never coloured my hair with any of their products. I took the word of the shop assistant that these colours are great and I went home with a mixture of excitement but a bit worried as to whether it wouldn't work or something would go wrong with the colour...


      Like many other toners and colours the Clynol Vitton range come packaged in a rectangular shaped cardboard box displaying the brand and range details on the front. To those who use normal hair dye products at home will feel a bit more at ease with the tube that comes inside - it looks like a normal tube that holds colour in a home hair dye kit. You simply twist off the lid, turn upside down and pierce the entrance to the tube.

      After bleaching your hair and drying off the excess water you can then get down to it and get some colour on straight away for best results. Like many other professional colours and toners the packaging does not offer a huge amount of information in terms of use other than the ratio to use - which is 1:1 for this range. In simple terms you squeeze the contents of the tube (60ml) into a plastic mixing bowl (not metal as the colours don't react well with this material) and mix with 60ml of cream peroxide. Considering the colour comes out like a paste and the peroxide is very watery in comparrison it can be very hard to work out exactly what 60ml of peroxide looks like. The best advice I can give is to find a bottle which measures 60ml in your household and use that for a better idea on measurments. I must also add you get different variations on peroxide strength and me personally, I never use higher than 20 vol / 6% to avoid huge damage to my hair. I use this strength when bleaching and using the colour afterwards.


      In Use

      As if you were doing a full head bleach / normal colour you just use your brush to apply on to your full head - I normally start at the roots and spread to the tips using my hands - PRECAUTION : ALWAYS USE GLOVES FOR THIS BIT AS YOU ARE USING CREAM PEROXIDE ... Once your head is covered in the substance its quite thick to look at and doesn't drip like a lot of other colours. I simply roll my hair up into a clip when its in and I can still get on with other jobs around the house not being worried it will stain anything. Obviously still be wary as you are messing with a permenant colour here and I am sure it will stain materials given the chance.

      The packaging states you can leave this on anywhere up to 40 minutes. However I lasted between 20-25 minutes as I was very concerned at how BLUE my hair was looking during this time. Unlike the L'Oreal Luo range its much easier to wash off your head in my opinion... and the difference in colour is outstanding compared to the latter.


      My Opinion

      As stated above, I had to wash it off much earlier than I expected due to my hairs rapid transformation to that of a Smurf! Even more shockingly I discovered once it was washed off and dried and straightened my hair did look like it had a blue-ish old lady colour tint to it!

      I had to wash my hair quite a few times in one night to get rid of the blue-ish tinge which then left my hair looking very shiny and a grey/silver colour behind which is the exact shade I have wanted for many months! In my opinion this is a great colour to use after a bleach - and it really does make the L'Oreal Luo range look weak. It makes me quite sad looking at reviews and YouTube video's of L'Oreal Luo knowing that not many people know that this range is so much better and at a fraction of the price!

      The only real downside I had with this was the blue hair to start with - but I know now for next time not to leave it on as long - between 10-15 minutes will be enough from what I have seen to achieve the perfect colour I wanted the first time. Another small snag is that cold burning sensation you get on your head when using a toner after bleach - in all my years bleaching experiance this is very normal and I am used to it but if in doubt you are probably going to be best to wash it out straight away and ask the advice of a professional.

      In terms of how long the colour lasts on your hair, I used this 3-4 weeks ago and the colour is still there bright as ever - my roots are coming through which are the only thing that need coloured again so soon I will be repeating the bleach and toner treatment using this product. In terms of maintenance of keeping the colour as silver / grey / blonde as possible I would recommend a Clynol Silver Shampoo to use at least once a week. I swear by that shampoo!!

      If grey hair like mine is not your thing fear not - this colour comes out of the Clynol Viton Go Blonder range which have unnatural colours like mine but also go to honey blonde which look a lot more natural! There is something for everyone.


      Clynol Viton Go Blonde is available quite widely but mainly in salon supply shops as this is a salon use product and its supposed to be used by professionals only. This review is in no way advice on how to colour your hair at home yourself as results can vary and I have limited experiance on colouring myself which is why I do this myself.

      I bought this 60ml tube out of my local salon supplies shop for £6.60 and the price varies on Amazon between £6-£7 with delivery on top so you would most definetely be more beneficial finding a supplies shop which sells this.


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