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Cobella Daily Cleanse Shampoo

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Brand: Cobella / Type: Hair Shampoo / Hair type: normal hair / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      08.08.2008 22:07
      Very helpful



      Lovely shampoo but a bit pricey

      I inherited this rather luxurious shampoo when my daughter moved out into her own flat. I left it in her room for ages but then decided enough was enough and collected all the half bottles she had left behind and took them into my bathroom.

      It is quite a creamy, thick shampoo and as such you don't need a lot to give a very decent lather. This feels very silky on your hair as you rinse it off. It feels as though you have already put a conditioner on. My hair is curly and quite coarse so it isn't ever going to look sleek and shiny no matter what I do but this does make it feel quite soft and dries quite straightish using a drier and brush. I don't like it straightened with straighteners as it doesn't suit me so the sleek look is not an option.

      The shampoo states it is for normal hair but mine is quite dry and it does a good job of nourishing it, I'm not sure how it would be on greasy hair though, could be too moisturising maybe.
      The shampoo was created by the famous British award winning hair stylist Anestis Cobella who since 1977 has travelled the world teaching his techniques to other hairdressers.

      Anyway I was so impressed with this shampoo that I went looking to buy some more. I found it in Boots and it was about £5.00 for the bottle with 250ml. I didn't buy it at that price but may well if it comes on offer sometime. It did last quite along time but it is still a lot to pay out for a small bottle of shampoo.
      Apparently,the Cobella Collection of hair care and styling products, all contain a unique marine complex which gives them their intense moisturising properties.

      The bottle is clear and stylish with Cobella in black stylised writing down the side. The shampoo colour is a pale creamy mango colour in the bottle. The smell is fresh and slightly herby, a rosemary hint but quite mild. Your hair does have a nice fresh ,just, washed sort of smell ( like clean washing off a line sort of freshness!)

      Anyway if, like me, you were intrigued by the man and his shampoo then there is more on the website www.cobella.co.uk/kensington.

      I must say the day spa and a visit to the hair salon sounds very luxurious. maybe one day when I have lots of money and can visit London for a special day I'll go to on of the day pas or the salon in Selfridges!!

      In short a very creamy luxurious shampoo that does last a long time and leaves you hair moisturised and healthy with a fresh clean herby aroma.

      First published on Ciao under name catsholiday


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        15.02.2008 15:36
        Very helpful



        A good range of hair care products.

        I hadn't heard of this range of hair care products until 2004 and this is just one of the more recently acquired products that I have tried.

        ~ Price ~

        These aren't cheap and retail at approx £5.50 for a 250ml bottle.

        I used to see these dotted around in some of the larger Boots stores but haven't seen them for quite some time now so I'm not sure whether Boots just don't stock them anymore!
        You can also get this directly from www.cobella.co.uk but just watch out for the P&P charges which I think are a bit on the steep side!

        1-5 items £4.50, 5-10 items costs £8 postal charges.
        No free postal charges for orders over a certain amount!

        ~ What is it & what do Cobella say it will do? ~

        - A daily cleanse shampoo
        - For normal hair
        - Has a marine complex which helps to reinforce your hair's natural moisture balance and protects it from damaging effects of the environment.
        - Leaves your hair soft, shiny and manageable.
        - Makes your hair feel really clean and full of vitality.

        ~ Packaging ~
        Transparent plastic bottle and I have to say is 'simply' attractive! The black cap at the top has a push down section which raises the opposite side to reveal a small opening for very easy dispensing which I like.

        ~ Is this all true based on my experience? ~

        First of all I must let you know that I have awful hair. It's just about 'passable' after the straighteners have been on it or a professional has blow dried it, but I have been totally unblessed with coarse, frizzy hair which no shampoo has ever made sleek or shiny!

        The shampoo is clear when a small amount is squeezed out of the bottle but when it's all in the bottle it has a very, very pale peachy tone to it.

        I initially made the mistake of squeezing too much out so as to achieve a nice rich lather but I now know that a little goes a long way to produce a good lather with this stuff.

        The first application and rinse is for removing the surface dirt from your hair and it is advised that you give your hair two shampoos as the second one helps to cleanse deep down and fragrance the hair.

        However if you are anything like me and washing your hair is a chore, I generally only ever do the one shampoo and you still get a good clean and a great smell to your hair, which I have found you don't always get with cheaper or more well-known brands of shampoo.

        The shampoo rinses off very easily. It certainly does make my hair more manageable even without a conditioner. It's easy to get a brush through it whilst wet whereas with some shampoos my hair becomes a bit tangled.

        The smell is lovely. It's a very gentle fragrance and has a very very tiny hint of peppermint. It certainly isn't peppermint in abundance as I don't like that smell at all and would hate to go around with peppermint smelling hair. It's just a fresh, clean smell.

        If anything, my hair is more on the dry side, than normal and this shampoo, although for normal hair doesn't dry mine out at all.

        It certainly doesn't make it sleek and shiny as the 'bumph' suggests - only because that is not the nature of my hair but it cleans it well, doesn't tangle it at all and I can sometimes get away with not applying the conditioner if I'm in a rush, which I could never ever do with other shampoos which all made my hair too dry and even frizzier than usual.

        Now that I have worked out that I don't need vast amounts of it to wash my shoulder length hair, I'm not wasting any of it.

        I've had it for 2 months now and have only used a quarter of it, although I have to admit that my hair can only cope with 3 to 4 washes per week.

        ~ About Cobella ~

        Anestis and Beverly Cobella have established the Cobella name as one of the most influential in the hair industry.
        They launched the Cobella collection of hair care and styling ranges in 2003.

        Beverly Cobella whose signature is on the back of each of my products won hairdresser of the year in 2001 &2002.
        They have the Cobella Akqa Spa in Kensington and have an exclusvie salon in Selfridges, London.

        ~ The Cobella Range ~

        The range of hair care and styling ranges is ever expanding and I can't wait to work my way through them all. If you fancy trying a different shampoo in the range I have listed them below:
        Colour Care Shampoo
        Maximum Moisture Shampoo
        Maximum Volume Shampoo

        Worth visiting the website for full details of the range www.cobella.co.uk


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        Light shampoo is designed for every day use or normal hair types /

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