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Cowshed Saucy Softening Conditioner

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2 Reviews

Brand: Cowshed / Type: Conditioner / Contents: 300ml / Hair type: all hair types / What it does: refreshes, smoothes, detangles

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    2 Reviews
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      27.02.2011 12:42
      Very helpful



      A great conditioner for all hair types, that's natural and chemical free.

      I have used Cowshed products for a while now, after finding small versions of them in a hotel bathroom! I can honestly say that I am very impressed by their products.

      All their products are vegetarian and not tested on animals. They are paraben, petrochemical, and sulphate free. They are also certified organic. The conditioner contains lavender, lemon and evening primrose.

      I have very fine straight hair, that tends to get weighed down and greasy looking by many conditioners. I do need to use a conditioner, as I can't get a comb through my hair if I don't! I also wash my hair nearly every day, so need gentle products that won't dry it out or damage it. The Cowshed conditioner smells gorgeous, a natural, herby kind of smell. It goes into my hair very easily and rinses out without any problems. It doesn't leave any kind of residue and leaves my hair silky, soft, and untangled.

      It is pricier than many other conditioners you find on the market, however I have tried switching to cheaper conditioners and keep comiong back to the Cowshed one. I now have a cupboard full of half finished bottles of conditioner that I will never use, as none of them live up to Cowshed softening contitioner! I really do believe that it is worth the extra money.

      I like that it uses natural organic ingredients, and is free of alot of the chemicals many other products contain. Most of all I love the effect it has on my hair. It leaves my hair shiney and managable. I would highly recommend this product.


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      12.07.2008 12:50
      Very helpful



      a fantastic conditioner which is full of essential oils and vitamin E

      For the past 6 months or so I have been purchasing a wide range of products from the Cowshed range after discovering a advertisement link to their website on a cosmetics website. I had never seen nor heard of Cowshed products before I discovered their website, now I am totally hooked on their products and have tried and tested quite a lot of them. Cowshed manufacture a wide range of bath and beauty products such as shampoos and conditioners, body lotions, moisturisers and candles all of which are fairly reasonably priced. All of the Cowshed products contain the finest natural ingredients and all of their products are hand made. The best thing about their range of products is the fact that they are not tested on animals and their products are suitable for vegetarians to use as they don't contain any animal products. I love the fact that most of the Cowshed products have really quirky and funny names such as Lazy Cow, Curvy Cow etc, I think that this adds the fun element to their products which makes them more appealing to customers. Whenever I am browsing through their website for yet another one of their products to try out I always seem to pick the ones which have the funnier names, and so far I have been extremely pleased with all of my purchases and I have loved every single product which I have bought and tried out.

      As you can see from the picture at the top of this review the bottle of Cow Shed Saucy Cow Conditioner is supplied in a tall cylindrical see through squeezable plastic container which is also recyclable. On the top of the conditioner bottle there is a rather chunky looking black screw on/off lid which you just screw off to dispense the conditioner and screw back on again to close the bottle so as you don't spill the conditioner everywhere. The labelling on the front of the Cowlick Saucy Cow Conditioner is made up entirely of black and white shapes which are of leaves and branches and on the side of the bottle there is black lettering which tells us that the product is in fact a conditioner and the name of the company which is Cowshed. There is also some ingredients and directions for how to use the conditioner which I think is pretty self explanatory, (apply to shampooed hair, leave on for three minutes and rinse off, for best results use after the Cow Shed Cowlick Gentle Shampoo).

      I really like the packaging and the design which is on the label because it has a really simplistic yet elegant look to it. I also like the fact that the conditioner bottle is made from a clear plastic; I prefer to purchase beauty and cleaning products which are sold in see through packaging or bottles because at a glance I can easily see how much of the product is remaining inside the bottles, and you can also see how much of the product you are using at a time. Most of the time when I am trying out a new shampoo, body lotion or shower gel I am really disappointed by the actual consistency of the product because some of them are too thin and runny or they don't smell nice. Sometimes conditioners which I purchase also feel oily and greasy and they sometimes leave your hair feeling the same way after you have used them. But with the Cowshed Saucy Cow Conditioner I was really pleased with everything about it because it did smell nice, and it wasn't too think nor runny.

      The conditioner inside the bottle is a rather thick and creamy substance which has quite a thick consistency, just like the Cowshed Cowlick Shampoo the Conditioner also has a consistency fairly similar to that of the Herbal Essences Conditioner; although I think that the Cowshed Saucy Vow Conditioner is just slightly thicker and creamier in consistency. When I was using the conditioner I found that I had to use two blobs the size of a fifty pence piece to fully cover my hair (with the Cowlick shampoo I only had to use one blob the size of a fifty pence piece). I have really long length hair and with conditioners I always use doublw the amount compared to shampoos, people who have shorter hair than I do wont have to use as much of the Saucy Cow Conditioner. The thick creamy consistency of the conditioner means that it doesn't slip off your hand and ionto the bath water before you get the chance to get it onto your hair which is a good thing because at least none of it gets wasted. The conditioner is really easy to use; Just like any other conditioner all you have to do is apply it to your hair and wash it off; although on the back of the conditioner bottle it states that you should leave it on your hair for a few minutes so as your hair can benefit from the essential oils which help to nourish and protect it. I usually leave conditioner on my hair for about three or four minutes before I wash it off anyway.

      When I was washing the conditioner off my haor I found that it took me slightly longer to get all traces of it off; mainly due to the fact that it is quite think and creamy in consistency. After I had washed all of the conditioner out of my hair it felt really soft and smooth, when I was brushing my hair before I blow dried it I didn't have any tangles or knots what so ever which is pretty unusual as I always have tangles in my hair after I have conditioned it and towel dried it; but the Saucy Cow Conditioner left my haor really soft and sleek feeling. After my haor was blow dired it had a gorgeous shine to it and no frizz what so ever; my hair also felt a lot lighter and had more volume compared to what it was usually like if I used herbal essences Shampoo and Conditioner so I was really pleased witht teh results from the Saucy Cow Conditioner.

      The smell from the Conditioner is identical to that of the Cowshed Cowlick Shampoo although the conditioner has a slightly subtler aroma which has a slightly creamier aroma; it has a really fresh vibrant fruity floral fragrance which I absolutely love. Like the shampoo the conditioner also has pure essential oils in it, the essential oils which ar ein the conditioner are that of Lemon, lavender, rosemary and calendula. The most prominent smell from the conditioner is that of the Lemon because it has a really sharp fresh scent which smells really natural and not at all synthetic. I think that the sweet crisp aroma from the Calendula also complimented the scent of the Lemon perfectly because it sort of balanced the scent out by adding a sweet nature to it. The scent of the Lavender and Rosemary are very subtle and delicate and are mostly overpowered and masked by the scent of the Lemon and Calendula, although you can slightly detect the scent of the Lavender and Rosemary lingering on your hair after you have washed it.

      I also noticed that the smell from the conditioner lightly fragranced the bathroom for a short time after I washed my hair. The aroma from the cinditioner fragranced my hair too and the aroma from it was quite long-lasting which left my hair smelling lovely and fresh for quite sometime. I would say that the scent from the conditioner lingered in my hair for 24 hours or so after I had washed and conditioned it. When my hair is dried after using the shampoo and conditioner it feels and looks extremely shiny and healthy and feels really soft and smooth because of the conditioner. Since I have used the Cowshed Cowlick Shampoo and Cowshed Saucy Cow Conditioner I haven't had any dry flaky scalp not has it given me any dandruff or an itchy scalp. The conditoner is really kind and gentle to my hair and scalp.

      The Essential Oils which are in the Conditioner also have some added benefits which help keep your hair and scalp in great condition. The essential oils have the following properties ~

      Lemon ~ Lemon essential oil is great for those whom suffer from greasy or oily hair or greasy oily skin. Lemon Essential oil contains antiseptic properties and it is described as being a naturally revitalising and uplifting essential oil

      Lavender ~ Lavender essential oil is most probably best known for its relaxing, soothing and calming properties which helps to ease tired and aching muscles. Just like the Lemon Essential oil the Lavender essential oil also has some antiseptic properties as well.

      Rosemary ~ Rosemary Essential oil works well with lavender because they both help to ease and sooth tired and aching muscles. Rosemary is described as being a naturally stimulating essential oil, Rosemary also helps to add a healthy shine to your hair.

      Calendula ~ Calendula Essential Oil again is a naturally soothing essential oil, Calendula is also known for its antiseptic and antifungal properties and it helps to clear up dry, flaky, itchy, inflamed skin.

      The conditioner also has the added benefit of having Vitamin E in it which is an antioxindant which helps to protect your skin from some of the signs of premature ageing. Vitamin E also helps to keep your hair and scalp on tip top condition as it helps to strengthn and add shine to your hair.

      I am extremely pleased with the results from the Cowshed Cowlick Gentle Shampoo and Cowshed Saucy Cow Conditoner and I cannot pick out any faults whatsoever with the products or the condition they leave my hair and scalp in. I think that this shampoo and conditioner are excellent and they are fairly reasonably priced, you can purchase the Cowlick shampoo in two different sized bottles which are a 100ml and a 300ml although I think that the 300ml bottle is better value for money as it only costs a few pounds more for a larger bottle. The Saucy Cow Conditioner is slightly more expensive to buy than the Cowlick Shampoo and the conditioner is only available to purchase in the larger 300ml bottle. A 300ml bottle of the conditioner costs £15.

      If you like the sound of this conditioner then you can purchase it online from www.cowshedonline.com at the price of £15 for a 300ml bottle. You can also purchase it online or in store from John Lewis or Harvey Nichols as well s various other online websites although the price will differ depending on where you purchase it from.

      There are also various Cowshed stockists in the UK which stock a wide range of the Cowshed products. To see if there is a Cowshed Store or Stockist in your area have a look at the following list which can be found here http://www.cowshedonline.com/store_locations.html

      More information regarding Cowshed or any of their products can be obtained by visiting their website or alternatively by ~
      Telephone ~ 020 7534 0871 (Phone lines are open Monday - Friday 9am - 5.30pm)
      Address ~
      31 Foubert's Place
      W1F 7QG

      All of the products in the Cowshed range all contain natural essential oils, none of their products or ingredients have been tested on animals and they are suitable for people who are vegetarian and have sensitive skin types. There is also a children's Cowshed range of products available to purchase and this range is entitled Baby Cow and all of the Baby Cow products can be found on there website.

      © Butterfly-Wings

      ~~~~Review written by me and also posted on Ciao~~~~


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    • Product Details

      Cowshed Saucy Cow Softening Conditioner 300ml / Saucy Cow Softening Conditioner detangles and adds shine to your hair / Essential oils of lavender and lemon refreshes whilst evening primrose oil helps to protect the hair / leaving it silky smooth / Suitable

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