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Creightons Sunshine Blonde Shampoo

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6 Reviews
  • clean hair
  • A little goes a long way
  • use a lot
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    6 Reviews
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      07.06.2015 20:09
      Very helpful


      • "clean hair"


      • "use a lot"

      Swimmer's shampoo

      I bought a tube of this shampoo for blonde hair from Home Bargains mainly with the intention of keeping it in my swimming bag. I hoped the blonde ambition with it would help target the evils of chlorine in the swimming pool.

      In use
      I find I have to use rather a lot of this shampoo to get it to lather up and get my hair to feel clean. This is always done under running water as it is in the shower facilities at the swimming pool. It does smells really nice during washing and afterwards when my hair is dry it has a lovely fresh smell to it thanks to this shampoo!

      Price and packaging
      This was just 99p in Home Bargains, which I thought was a good price. I specifically looked out for a tube which I thought was less likely to leak in my swimming bag as this has happened before and it's not funny.

      My thoughts
      I used this shampoo in conjunction with the matching conditioner from the same range as my hair is horrible to comb through when wet and I do find this conditioner helps a bit with that although I also use a spray afterwards to help with the combing through. The shampoo and conditioner worked well together I thought.

      I liked the shampoo well enough when used together with the conditioner and to be fair they don't break the bank for the price paid.

      Final word
      This is not the best shampoo I have ever used but it really isn't bad!


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      23.05.2015 01:55
      Very helpful


      • "A little goes a long way"
      • "Feels good"


      A very good purchase for blondes

      I am a recent convert to the brand Creightons.
      Recently I have tried several of their products and I have been very impressed with everything that I have tried so far.
      Creightons sunshine blonde shampoo is certainly no exception and once again I feel that I have found a bargain with this brand.

      I bought this product in one of the bargain stores and it cost me 89 pence. I think that is an amazing price for a product as good as this. Usually I will pay one pound for this type and size of shampoo or conditioner. I the shop I was wavering between buying an Argan Oil shampoo or this. The Argan oil was slightly more expensive but I was going to choose it as I had used it before and knew that it was an okay product but then I realised that my other would be purchase was by Creightons and I remembered that I had been impressed with this brand. I thought that I would give this shampoo a try as well.

      Well, I am glad that I did as it didn't let me down.

      The shampoo is in a plastic tube so it's light and ideal to travel with. I would say that it's nicely packaged really.

      This shampoo really does go a long way. I was surprised at how little was needed to obtain a good lather.
      I thought that this shampoo felt as good as many of the more expensive brands of shampoo that are on the market.

      The shampoo cleansed my hair well and I liked the scent of it too.

      After a few shampoos of Creighton's sunshine blonde shampoo I thought that my light hair did look lighter and it felt shiny.

      I will continue using this very good value shampoo.


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      08.01.2014 21:49
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      My hair feels soft, silky and nourished for only £1

      WHAT IS IT?
      Creightons sunshine blonde is a shampoo specially for blonde hair. I first came across this a couple of weeks ago in PoundWorld. I've not seen this shampoo before in any of the supermarkets or other shops so presume it is made specially for discount stores.

      The bottle of shampoo is a bit more like a tube than a bottle really. It is a dull gold colour and I think it looks like it should be quite expensive.

      It has the cap on the bottom, which I really like because it means that even when you're coming to the end of the bottle it is still easy to get the product out.

      As it was only £1 I didn't hold out much hope that it would be the best shampoo ever.

      I squirted out a generous dollop of the shampoo and began to lather it into my wet hair. I was surprised at how well it lathered up. It produced lots of foamy bubbles and felt like quite a rich luxurious shampoo.

      The smell is lovely. It's very feminine but not at al floral. It's a hard smell to describe but to me it's quite a sophisticated fragrance. I really do like it.

      It rinses out really easily, unlike some of the more expensive shampoos that feel quite heavy and seem to cling to your hair and takes a good rinse. This one doesn't seem to do that and easily washes out.

      This shampoo claims to really moisturise and repair any damaged hair.
      It also claims to lighten and enhance blonde hair, natural or dyed.
      So does it actually work?

      After using this shampoo my hair immediately felt very soft and silky. I have been using this shampoo regularly now and it always feels light and not weighed down at all. I feel like it really has helped to repair some of my damaged hair and split ends.

      As for lightening and enhancing blonde tones, I feel that my hair does look slightly lighter and more 'sun kissed' as it claims but I think I'm only noticing because I've been looking for a change. I don't think I would have noticed a difference if I hadn't been looking for one, nor can anyone else notice a difference.

      The short answer is YES! Absolutely!
      I definitely believe this shampoo is just as good as the very expensive shampoos you can buy but for only £1! Bargain!
      As I said, I've only seen it available in PoundWorld so it probably won't be there all the time as products in discount stores seem to come and go. So next time you see some grab it and give it a go!

      Brilliant product for just £1

      5 / 5 stars from me

      Thank you for reading

      xx Mrs K xx


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        16.06.2013 13:16
        Very helpful



        This is very good shampoo and costs only £1

        WHAT IS IT?

        Shampoo that is for blond hair.  It is made by Creightons and is very cheap to buy from places like Poundland and small pharmacy shops.

        WHAT I THINK

        I have not got any problems with my hair but I have got very dark hair that I dye blond so I like buying shampoo and conditioner to help my colour stay natural and fresh.  I do not think that this Sunshine Blond shampoo will preserve my colour but it is good for washing my hair and it makes it feel clean and soft.  

        It does not make many bubbles in my hair but I do not care about that as long as a shampoo will make my hair clean.  It does not remove styling products properly and that is a pity but it was so cheap that I did not think it would do that, I use a powder product that removes styling products because I use many strong products on my hair so that even expensive shampoo does not always remove it all.  I do not have fault for this Creightons shampoo for not being effective at residue removal.

        My hair feels soft when I use this shampoo, I have to use conditioner after but I do not use the Creightons conditioner because it is not effective for my hair.  This shampoo makes it a little bit dry but that is why I use conditioner.  I wash my hair every day and I think this shampoo keeps my hair looking clean for long enough but I do not think I would be daring enough to use it if I knew I was not going to have time to wash it the next day because I think 2 days would be too long to wait after I had used this shampoo.


        This costs only £1 and I think it is value, even though it is not a very special shampoo I like it very much. 

        4 Dooyoo Stars. 


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        11.06.2013 20:57
        Very helpful



        A great idea for people with blonde hair - helps lock in the colour

        =Creightons Sunshine Blonde Shampoo=

        I treated myself last year and had my hair highlighted it was a holiday treat whilst in Wales. Realising that I had not packed any conditioner, I called at Home Bargains on route back to the caravan and I saw this Creightons Sunshine Blonde Shampoo for £1. Sold to the lady with the highlights.

        =Product Description=
        The product comes in a 250ml tube, the tube is a gold coloured plastic, and the tube stands on its flip lid, very handy for in the shower.

        =Product Claims=
        Creightons claims that "it rehydrates, softens and smoothes dry or damaged blonde hair". After having highlights I find that they dry my hair out, so any added help is appreciated.

        On the reverse of the bottle, there is general information, which includes the ingredients, how to use, allergy warnings, and that the shampoo has a 12 month shelf life from opening.

        =The shampoo=
        I don't really know what I was expecting, but when I opened the tube and squeezed, the shampoo was clear in colour, no real smell to it, it was a bit sticky compared to other shampoos, it was neither runny or thick, just average.

        =The Use=
        I did find that I only needed a little bit of the shampoo as it lathered well, rinsed out easily, and I then followed with the matching conditioner.

        =After 2 weeks=
        I popped back to Home Bargains and I brought another couple of tubes of the shampoo and the conditioner.

        I was really impressed this was the best £1 that I ever spent in shampoo, even a month later my hair looked as good as when I walked out of the hairdressers, the blonde hairs was bright, nourished, no split ends, and generally in really good condition.

        =Would I recommend=
        I would highly recommend this shampoo, I thought it was excellent value, certainly would hold its own against other more expensive products, and kept my highlights in tip top condition.


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        10.04.2013 12:30
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great for blonde hair

        I have been buying Creightons Sunshine Blonde Shampoo on and off for around six months now, I first spotted it in Poundland but have also bought it in B&M and Home and Bargain always priced at £1. It tends to come and go, so I tend to stock up when it is available. I have never seen it in any supermarkets or chemists, so I assume it is primarily sold in discount style stores. 

        The product comes in a 250ml "gold" plastic tube which stands on its flip lid. The front of the tube gives the brand name and logo along with the product name. This shampoo is for both natural and colour - treated hair and Creightons claim it  "re hydrates, softens and smoothes dry or damaged blonde hair". I think the tube looks rather classy and by looking at it you wouldn't expect to it to be priced at just £1, in fact it looks rather similar in style to some of the higher priced products.

        The back of the bottle gives general information including ingredients list, directions for use and  warnings. Once opened the product should be used within twelve months.

        The shampoo itself is clear in colour and of a sticky consistency, which is neither too runny or thick. It has a rather generic generic clean shampoo smell, which is rather unoffensive but a little boring too. It has a nice longevity and can still be smelt on the hair for quite sometime after washing.

        Only a small amount is needed to create a nice amount of lather which feels rather luxuries on the hair, it washes the hair well and washes out easily. I always follow with the matching conditioner.

        Unfortunately my hair had become quite damaged as I put it through a lot, I colour it, I straighten it, I style it, so decent hair care products are essential to keeping my hair looking good. I need the shampoo I use to do more than just clean, I need it to protect my hair and keep my colour lasting as long as possible. Creightons claim that this shampoo will help protect hair from styling, chemical and environmental damage, using pro - vitamin B5 to combat dryness and improve the hairs elasticity and resilience. It also promises to be gentle on blonde hair and keep the colour looking bright and vibrant.

        Creightons sunshine blonde leaves my hair soft, shiny and looking and feeling well nourished. Some shampoos leave me with fluffy ends, Creightons tames them. My blonde hair looks bright and the colour is certainly prolonged. Hair is less prone to breakages and those dreaded split - ends, it feels stronger.

        As mentioned earlier, this is a product that I buy fairly regularly and the reason for this is obvious, because I love it! Over the years I have used countless amounts of shampoos that promise to keep my coloured blonde locks looking bright and in a brilliant condition but most tend to fall a little short. I have found that high brand salon style products work brilliantly but unfortunately my budget doesn't always stretch enough to purchase them. In my opinion Creightons Sunshine Blonde gives the same results as some of the more expensive brands and at just a fraction of the cost.

        * These results are based on using Creightons Sunshine Blonde Intensive Care Shampoo alongside the matching conditioner. I have also reviewed the conditioner for those interested.

        * Creightons also make a Beautiful Brunette shampoo which may be of some interest to others.


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