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Daniel Field Magic Conditioner

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Brand: Daniel Field / Type: Conditioner

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    1 Review
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      14.07.2011 19:58
      Very helpful





      This review follows on from the story of my 'bad hair day' experience that I began with in the Daniel Field Plant Re moisturising Shampoo review. Due to my hair being frazzled, by what seems to be a reaction between a shampoo and some henna that I had used to colour my hair, I needed some wonder product to rescue my hair and restore some much needed moisture. Happily I had an immediate positive outcome with the shampoo and now looked forward to applying the Daniel Field 'MAGIC' conditioner. I had purchased this because of the promising name and because it was advertised as a conditioner that had protein and strengthening capabilities specifically for damaged or chemically treated hair - that will do me!


      I am often loyal to a brand or seller if the whole experience is good. That means the whole journey - from browsing the website/shop to longevity and benefits of the particular product. This company gets 5 Stars for everything from me. The website www.danielfieldmailorder.co.uk (there is another website that is very similar and it can be confusing) is user friendly and easily navigated - lots of choice and payment is straight forward. There is a telephone order line too. Delivery is prompt and the package is high quality with all lids secured. And; cruelty free/suitable for vegans. Very impressed.


      Being the same size as the shampoo bottle at 250 ML I did have the same concerns as to how economical this product would be. This conditioner is £6.50 per bottle and I hoped that I was going to get what I paid for.


      Following shampoo and rinse, which left my hair in such a wonderful condition, I allowed my hair to dry a little before depressing the push top lid on this streamline and simple bottle of conditioner. I like this design, the dispenser allows you to pour with some control - so no unruly squirts that send your expensive hair stuff shooting across the bathroom. Oh my goodness - what an experience I had when the lid opened. The fragrance that greeted me was amazing - once again like the shampoo I can't detect the exact scent but I would say almond was included and it was a smell sensation that delighted my senses. I was delayed in applying the conditioner because I was awestruck by the smell! I eventually dispensed a good 50p size blob of this high quality and luxuriously creamy product into the palm of my hand. I rubbed my hands together and then distributed it all over my hair. The conditioner smoothed onto my damp hair with ease and I allowed it to sit there for 3 minutes or so. It was not a chore to wait. I did not experience any irritation to my sensitive scalp - quite the opposite as I felt a lovely cooling sensation and enjoyed the aroma that is stronger than the shampoo's delicate fragrance but not sickly or overpowering. It smells CLEAN - it is like Daniel found the organic mineral ingredients to produce a fresh whiff! The time came to wash the creamy delight off my hair. This was simple to do, it came off very quickly and when I smoothed my hand over my hair, to push excess water from my face, I was optimistic and excited about the results. Starting at the crown of my head a did the wet finger test and pushed the fingers through my hair - like a hot knife through butter! Need I say more? It felt super soft and smelt sensational!


      I styled my hair whilst using a hairdryer. All the time I could smell the fragrance and it made the task all the more enjoyable. My brush went straight through my hair and was not stopped by tangles or knots. My hair was manageable and easy to style and once finished the final outcome was that I had my lush locks back! Gosh was I pleased about that! My hair looked healthy, shiny and was tangle free. It was super soft to touch and no signs, or feeling, of a rough straw texture to be found. These results were from day one of using Daniel's shampoo and conditioner and my hair remains the same after using the product again and again! I have had no dandruff or irritation which I am delighted about. This really is Magic! I was not expecting such good results, I thought I would still have a roughness to my hair but I cannot find any evidence of this at all. Now that is Magic!


      Daniel Field products are available from:
      Selected Salons.

      250 ML

      Cruelty Free and suitable for Vegans


      This product is named appropriately. The capability to nourish and enrich my fried and messy locks is amazing - my hair really was in a desperate state. I think that with this conditioner you are definitely getting what you pay for - excellent service and a transformation of my hair from dry to moisturised and healthy. The bottle is not the biggest and may initially appear to be poor value for money - but that is not the case in my experience as a little goes a very long way and to have achieved what it has done for me it is worth every penny. It is easy to dispense and you have a good amount of control, the conditioner is super creamy and spreads effortlessly onto the hair. The fragrance is absolutely gorgeous and lasts for a long time - I can often detect it when I am doing an activity and my hair swishes about my face. I have a very sensitive scalp and have not had any irritation or dandruff since using this product. My hair is now back to its former glory and I have no doubt that this conditioner is going to be my regular choice from now on. It is called Magic for a reason - it really does work as if by magic!

      I'II BE BACK!

      Well that is all for now folks but fear not - I will be back! I also bought and have been using Daniel's Smooth and Shine Serum - the finishing touch! Look out for that one soon. This review will be published on CIAO under my username.


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