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Daniel Field Natural Colours Watercolours Hair Dye

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Brand: Daniel Field / Type: Hair Colour

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2011 11:44
      Very helpful



      A TREAT!


      I have had an experience or two (well if I'm honest a fair few) lately with both chemical and natural hair colours, the result being that my normally lush hair was left like straw! I had a regular hair colour that I used successfully and the manufacturers changed some of the ingredients which resulted in a significant irritation to my scalp - hence my trialling of other products. Some have been ok but my main gripe is the drying effect of one of them and itchiness caused by most. I have a sensitive scalp so I am difficult to cater for. When I looked into Mr Fields range it was appealing. I was interested in the 'Organic Mineral Watercolours' hair dye which avoids peroxide and ammonia - the less chemicals the better for me. Also Daniel is one of the first hair stylists to develop a range of products that are cruelty free, animal ingredient free and suitable for vegans and this is also important to me. He offers a range of colours but no colour chart as understands that dye may develop into slightly differing shades dependent on hair type, colour and history of dying (if you want help or advice the team are happy to help and there are two phone numbers on the home page of Daniels website). The price looked good at £7.25 for such a quality product (small postage charge applies). This hair colour can also condition the hair and boy did my hair need that.


      From www.danielfieldmailorder.co.uk
      Price £7.25
      Postage £1.75

      Arrived very well packaged in a sturdy brown box along with information about dying grey hair which I found very interesting and helpful. Also a bookmark and full instructions on how to use the hair colour. I also ordered a shampoo and conditioner and hair serum to treat my poor dry locks.


      Just to be clear - I ordered my hair products from www.danielfieldmailorder.co.uk. I have to include this information because there are 2 websites offering Daniel Field products. At first glance because of the logo being so similar I thought they were the same company but if you look around the products there are differences.


      As with any hair colouring session it is advisable to cover the area that you will be working in - the bathroom is my choice so I use old towels to cover the toilet and floor to avoid stains. I wear an old dress so that I avoid spoiling good clothing. I put the information leaflet out on the surface to stand the applicator bottle on to catch any spills or splashes. To prepare the hair colour you will need warm water from the tap. The hair dying kit contains an empty applicator bottle and a vial (small bottle) of intriguing looking powder. I was using shade 56 Chestnut Brown. Also provided is a roomy pair of plastic gloves and a large plastic cap. You run a small amount of warm water into the bottle and then tip all of the contents of the vial into it - swirl a little and then carefully fill up to the 'fill line' marked on the bottle. I ran the tap very slowly as it would be easy to go over the fill line and that would dilute the powder too much. Screw on the top. Then shake for all you are worth for a full minute - count yourself or time with a clock. I found this to be good fun! Then came the impossible task of 'snipping off' the top of the applicator nozzle, this took me what seemed like ages to get off and then it was left rather jagged as I struggled so much to get it off. Maybe it was my scissors? I am not sure but it is something to be aware off.


      The contents of the bottle had become orange coloured foam and the bottle was incredibly light - so light that I was a little concerned about there being enough to cover my shoulder length, thick hair. I decided to concentrate on the most important white hairs at the roots first and then work downwards in long strokes so that at least if I was short the effect would be even highlights. I did not notice any chemical type odour, infact the fragrance was so mild that I really didn't mind it at all - it was pleasant and a welcome change from the strong smells that I have experienced in the past. I noticed that the foam was really light and the consistency thin but it went onto my hair with ease. I didn't have to rub it in to try and spread it as it just seemed to soak in effortlessly. It was obvious that the hair had been covered as it looked damp but unless I looked close to the scalp or near the forehead I didn't notice a lot of the orange colour on the hair. There was no running, trickling or dripping to mention - this was also a welcome relief. I did manage to cover all of my hair, at times I thought it was almost empty and then when I squeezed more came out! I think it is because it is so light that it feels empty. When all the dye was on I covered my hair with the rather large cap, I used three strips of cellotape to secure otherwise it would have been off. You need to keep it tight to avoid the hair drying, it needs to remain moist for the best results.

      You get a choice of differing lengths of times to leave the colour on your hair. This is for the intensity of colour and also in case you need to cover grey/white hairs. Of course I wanted to cover white hairs at the roots and so I needed to leave it on for a duration of forty five minutes. Normally I am uncomfortable when waiting with a dye on my hair as my head begins to itch intensely, the most I experienced with this colour was a slight tickle occasionally and that was it.

      I could see my hair through the cap and it began to look orange - I was not worried though as this can often happen with a colour and does not indicate the finished product normally. Time went on and still no irritation was experienced, no odour and actually it felt light and pleasant. It was like a spa treat more than an itchy hair colour.

      Time was up and I removed the cap - surprisingly there was no colour marks or residue evident? That was a first. I got into the shower and began to rinse off the colour. It came off really easily and I can see how it got it's name because it is like a watercolour coming off your head. It was light, odourless and so simple to remove. Normally I stand for a long time showering a colour off, this was off in minutes! The colour came of my forehead with water and a wipe of my hand - no conditioner was used at any time to deal with staining. The condition of my hair was noticeable immediately - it felt soft and I could easily run my fingers through it. The straw like texture was gone! I could not believe it!

      I looked at my roots and they appeared to be well covered, the colour looked pretty even too. After shampooing and conditioning my hair with Daniels products I dried it. It was very easy to manage and was soft and silky. On close inspection I discovered that all white hair was covered (mine is very difficult to cover in certain areas) and the colour was even throughout the hair. The shade was lovely and the condition of my hair is like I have been to the hairdressers. I am very pleased.

      I need to add that I used Daniel Field's Plant Remoisturising Shampoo, Magic Conditioner and Smooth and Shine Serum following the colouring session. Reviews for each of these can be found under my username.

      I am not ending here - I shall monitor what happens over the next few weeks and then report further.

      WEEK ONE

      Colour remains lovely all over the full head of hair, root area is completely covered but appears a slightly lighter shade - though it is not greatly noticeable and I am not finding it a problem. When washing the hair a slight amount of colour is visible in the water that runs of whilst under the shower, however I have experienced this with other hair colours too and am used to seeing that. Condition remains lovely and silky smooth, the hair has a healthy 'body' with it and the straw like texture was not felt during washing or when dried. Very pleased up to now.

      WEEK TWO

      The colour at the root area is definitely a lighter shade than the rest of the hair - of course I am making regular and very close observations. No one else in the family has noticed and if I just look in the mirror as I normally would (without picking) I would not really notice either. It just looks like an odd highlight here and there and to be honest what I like about that is that when the roots and white hair do grow it will not be as noticeable as it previously was. My hair remains moisturised and in great condition with a healthy shine. I am really happy with it even though the root area is lighter, it really does not bother me - and I am a really fussy girl where my regrowth is concerned.


      I cannot see any root regrowth yet and my hair grows quickly - I normally have to colour it every five to six weeks. So all that is visible at present is whatever the Daniel Field hair colour has covered. The hair is still in a healthy and shiny condition (I do use fantastic shampoo, conditioner and serum by Daniel Field too). There is no damage evident and I am very happy with the texture. No one else has noticed, even when I point out the parting on top of my head, but I can see that the colour is definitely lighter there, it is not white hair. It is as though any white hairs have been coloured a shade or two lighter and they look similar to if you had highlights in your hair. This looks natural and I actually quite like it, I also don't feel as bothered about my roots coming through as I really don't think that they are going to be as noticeable with the lighter tones that will hopefully blend in? I have certainly not been put off using this colour as it is a treat to use and the results are something that I can live happily.


      I will be most likely colouring my hair again next week as the roots are beginning to appear and I am happier keeping on top of them. So the weekly diary will end after week four for that reason. I am sticking to Daniel Field Watercolour Hair Colour as I have been incredibly happy with the whole experience. The final week for me has seen more lightening at the roots but I really am examining this area closely - I have attempted to photograph the roots to depict the lighter shade but it is not visible on the picture. All white hair remains covered which makes a huge difference for me as I can live with a highlighted outcome easily. The hair remains in super condition and the colour has rich depth. I actually like the highlighted area.


      When you look on Daniel Field's website you are given three options with the colour. On wet hair the colour is a wash in and wash out alternative. On towel dried damp hair the colour is semi permanent and will last around 6 - 8 washes. These two options will not cover grey/white hair like the third option which is what I chose and that is to apply the colour to completely clean dry hair - this is a permanent colour. I have been very happy with this treatment. The application was easy, once the tip was removed (only a very minor niggle), there was no irritation either whilst colouring or afterwards when dry. The odour was not overpowering and the experience was more like a spa treat. Effortless to wash out and much like a watercolour to look at, no staining to my skin and no reactions noted. I shampooed and conditioned with Daniel's range of hair care and the condition of my hair was beautiful and healthy - this is what I really liked most. After drying with a hairdryer I was delighted with the results - rich, shiny and healthy. All white hair covered. The colour looks natural and even though after a few washes the root area looked lighter, this was a natural highlights appearance and actually I am very happy with it. I am going to be ordering my next bottle soon and at £7.25 I think this is an great price for such a luxury and quality product. I have had a very positive experience and give the colour 4 stars - I have had to drop one star due to the root area lightening after a few washes but as I say I have really scrutinised my root area and other people have not noticed as I have.


      Thanks to Daniel's range my hair is now in a consistently healthy condition and my new regime will be the Plant Remoisturising Shampoo, Magic Conditioner, Smooth and Shine Styling Serum and Watercolours Hair Colour (Daniel recommends using the Watercolour Hair Colour once a month to keep your hair in great condition). I think that by using all of these products my hair will remain in good condition.


      If you are interested in reading my other Daniel Field hair product reviews then you can access them by clicking on my username at the top of this review.


      Unless I pop back to update then this will be the last Daniel Field review. I have thoroughly enjoyed trialling these products and writing the reviews and hope you enjoyed reading them too. Thanks for coming with me on my journey with Daniel. The review will be published on CIAO under my username and lots of photographs are available including the finished colour application on my hair.


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