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Daniel Field Smooth & Shine Serum

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Brand: Daniel Field / and Shine Serum / Type: Hair Serum / What it does: Smoothes,

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2011 12:56
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      This review follows on from my previous 2 Daniel Field reviews which tell a tale of my recent trials of 'extremely' dry and straw like hair (resulting from an experiment with henna that conflicted with a particular shampoo) this is the final part of that trilogy. I have an incredibly sensitive scalp and have a terrible time finding styling products that don't cause intense itching and irritation. Having recently had the need to seek out a shampoo and conditioner, that would resolve my problem with dry hair, I decided to purchase a finishing serum from the same store. Daniel Field's website www.danielfieldmailorder.co.uk had a good choice of Organic Mineral based hair products and this included the Smooth and Shine Serum which was quite expensive at £6.25 for 50 ML and not a price that I would normally consider paying, however due to my hair needing intense SOS treatment I figured that this may well be money well spent. This Serum is cruelty free and suitable for vegans which was another reason for my purchase.


      Just to make it clear, as there can be confusion when searching for Daniel Field on the internet, there is more than one website and the one that I ordered from (and had an exceptional experience with) is www.danielfieldmailorder.co.uk. The service is second to none and the products and packaging are high quality. There is a telephone order line as an alternative to buying online. The transaction was smooth and the website easy to navigate. Very impressive.


      The bottle is 50 ML and that is a standard size for this kind of product. A simple and classy design with minimal fuss. You have all that you need to know on the bottle - make, size, product information and how to use. I like that as I can just access what I need to know easily and there isn't really an awful lot of instruction required for a product like this. The lid pulls of easily and then there is a pump that you depress and you dispense one/two squirts into the palm of your hand. Initially I thought that I must have a faulty item because I was pressing the pump and nothing happened. I continued in the hope that the pump just needed to fill with product and was rewarded after approximately 15 squeezes with a splodge of serum. I just let one squirt of the serum out as I wanted to see if that would be adequate without the need for using two each time. Of course this would be more economical. I rubbed the serum between both palms rapidly and the feel of the serum was thick and oily - yet light and it soon spread over my hands. I tipped my head upside down and massaged the serum into my hair, ensuring it coated it all as much as I could. The product is colourless and there is only a very light pleasant fragrance. I was happy about the smell being subtle as this would allow the conditioner fragrance to be noticeable. So far I had not detected any irritation to my scalp and usually I will begin to feel itchy soon after a product coming into contact with it.

      Once the pump is primed with serum you do not have to repeatedly depress the pump. The product is easily dispensed with one press.
      It was very easy to wash the serum off my hands with a small amount of handwash. I dried my hair as normal with a hairdryer and found my hair to be manageable and tangle free (washed with Daniel's shampoo and conditioner). Once dry I could see a shine on the hair and of course it was extremely smooth. There was no residue evident on my hair and the shine was not too much, just enough to achieve a healthy gloss which is what appeals to me. I have found when using the serum that I definitely only need one squirt but I have to advise you that I do use Daniel's fabulous shampoo and conditioner (Magic) so they may have something to do with that. Leaves my hair bouncy and shiny!


      I have been using the serum for a while now and have not had any episodes of itchiness or dandruff. This is impressive because I am so very sensitive to hair products that I can not normally use any styling aids. In the past I have even tried applying styling stuff on my hair whilst avoiding contact with my skin and still have had a terrible time with a reaction. So I am pleased to tell you that I am itchy kitchy free! What a relief!


      Buy from
      Selected Hair Salons that stock Daniel Field
      50 ML

      Suitable for Vegans and cruelty free.


      As a finishing touch and styling aid this product scores a HIGH 5 from me! This serum claims to leave hair shiny and bouncy and in my experience it certainly does. After washing and conditioning with Daniel's excellent shampoo and conditioner my hair felt and smelt great - no dry tangles for me! This serum is applied with ease, it glides on and is a treat to use. Hands are washed free of the oily consistency quickly with a little soap. Drying and styling for a natural and bouncy finish is accomplished and I am left with a healthy, glossy shine that a Red Setter would be proud off! I have stroked a Red Setter and his coat was super soft and so shiny - that is what it feels like when I run my fingers over mine. I have no irritation what so ever! And believe me that is a relief because itchy scalp is not pleasant. This may seem expensive, I thought so myself, but you get exactly what you pay for here - high quality stuff that will last a decent amount of time and add that something special as a finishing touch for your crowning glory. I am incredibly impressed!


      Thank you for reading the final installment of the Daniel Field Journey - oh who am I kidding? There is one last tale to tell and it is one of interest that I am observing at present - Daniel Field's Mineral Hair Colour! Now that is going to make a good read! This review will also be published on CIAO under my username.


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