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David Sebastian Salons Nottingham

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Brand: David Sebastian / Type: Hair Salon /

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    3 Reviews
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      28.06.2012 15:15



      absolutely brilliant! i had half a head of blonde highlights a trim and layers redone on tuesday just gone by one of the trainee's i think she was called courtney only cost me £20 when she had finished my hair was a beautiful colour and really well cut also it has never looked so healthy she even used a toner and gave me loads of really good advice on how to control my hair as its so frizzy and curly she did a better job then any other iv been too i was that happy iv already booked back in again. i would definitely recommend!! :)


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      20.05.2011 15:00



      I went when they had the 50% off first visit. The staff were friendly nice atmosphere but the haircut was leaning from average to okay. I paid £20, so I was happy. I wouldn't be happy though if I had to pay full price.


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      19.04.2011 18:03
      Very helpful



      A fantastic salon in Nottingham

      I'm quite bad when it comes to looking after my hair. Although it has been extremely long for years, it hasn't been in the best of conditions recently. Hairdressers scare me to be quite honest. Once I had a haircut that went terribly wrong and they cut way more off than I asked them to. Ever since then, I am weary about who cuts my hair. After working an insane amount of overtime last month, I decided to treat myself and get it sorted before going on holiday. Since moving to Nottingham, I hadn't had my hair cut so I had to search for somewhere new. David Sebastian Salons was who I ended up picking.

      == Why I chose this salon ==
      After wandering around the city centre for a couple of hours one day, I came across this little salon down King Street. The only real reason I noticed it was due to the poster with the half naked man covering one of the windows. On that poster said that any first time customers would get their first visit half price. Now that is some amazing advertising/ promotion. Considering how it is tucked away down a little street, if you don't already know it is there, chances are, you wont for a long time. Although I wanted to treat myself, I didn't want to pay more than I had to so after going inside and having a look around, I decided to book in for a cut and colour. For half price, I was willing to risk it.

      == Contact information and opening times ==
      19 King St
      NG1 2AY

      0115 947 60 80

      Monday: 10am - 6.30pm
      Tuesday: 9am - 6.30pm
      Wednesday: 9am - 8.30pm
      Thursday: 9am - 8.30pm
      Friday: 9am - 7pm
      Saturday: 8.30am - 7pm
      Sunday: 11am - 5pm


      == My experience ==
      The salon was quiet when I arrived and was greeted immediately. While waiting for my appointment time, I was offered a range of drink and shown to my seat. The young man who greeted me was extremely polite and did everything he could to make me comfortable while I waited, which was only about 5 minutes anyway.

      David, my hairdresser, (and joint owner of the salon) soon came over to sit and have a chat with me about what I was looking for. Although I had initially booked in for a cut and colour, nothing was asked at that time. David went over what I was thinking of having as well as the colour I wanted and showed me the kinds of colours they could offer as well as addressing the cow flick I have in my front parting. I wanted a side fringe and didn't even know if it was possible but David reassured me that he could do exactly what I was looking for so even before I had anything done, I felt very at ease in this salon and that I could trust that I would be looked after there.

      Once I had decided on my colour, David went off to mix it. So I wasn't sat on my own, the young man from before brought me over a menu. This menu was unlike anything I have ever seen before in a salon. Not only do they offer complimentary drinks but also have a range of entertainment to ensure that you are not bored at any time. Customer laptops are available as well as a range of DVDs if you want to watch a film while you wait/ have your colour set. There is also the opportunity to take advantage of a nail bar and give yourself a manicure and of course, the usual of magazines are on offer. No other salon has ever offered me anything like this before and I didn't quite know what to think. It is a fantastic idea though as sitting there with dye on your hair for however long is boring and you cant expect a hairdresser to entertain you for the whole time.

      It didn't take long for David to come back with my colour all ready in pots as well as a lovely, cold, glass of fresh orange juice for me. I have only ever had my hair highlighted before at a hairdresser and never a block colour so I wasn't sure how long it was going to take. The application process was fairly quick, even with my long hair. David was careful not to get any dye on my face or ears, which is how I always end up if I do it myself and he was efficient and thorough while doing this. I was surprised at how quick this part of my visit was. I was expecting to be sitting there a whole lot longer. After my head was covered in bright red gloop, I was left in peace with some magazines as well as a little bowl of sweets. A couple of the staff checked in on me at different stages to make sure that I had everything I needed. Once my hair colouring was over, a girl began to wash it out for me. It was so nice and relaxing to lay back and have this done for quite some time as well as getting a head massage at the same time. I love having my hair washed by other people so this was fantastic for me. I felt truly relaxed and calm after this part of my visit and could have easily stayed there for a long time.

      As I had already spoken about the hairstyle I wanted, David began cutting my hair immediately after it had been brushed through. I have to say, I was terrified when I saw the first snip as a lot of my layers are really short but I needn't have panicked. David talked me through what he was doing at every point and I have never felt so calm about having my hair cut, especially seeing how much was coming off. When the restyle was finished, David showed me how to style my new look and how to keep it looking like he had done it. I know normally, you can never get the same effects as what a hairdresser does but it really did look simple. I had asked for something which would be easy and quick to do in the mornings seeing as I am so busy all of the time.

      When my whole experience was over, I was overjoyed. Before, my hair had been quite lifeless and poker straight but not anymore. Now, it has lots of layers, movement and an amazing bright red colour. I also got the side fringe I wanted and it looks amazing. I really cannot put into words just how much I loved my visit to this salon. Every one of my needs was taken into consideration and I have never been so well looked after. I had an amazing 3 hours there and left with the best hair style I have ever had. I paid £43 so really, it should have cost £86 due to getting my first visit half price but I would happily pay this again. I have not included prices in this review but you can find them all on the website which is under contact information. After showing my friends my new hair style, one of them has actually booked an appointment for themselves. I cannot recommend this salon highly enough and it is the only place I will go in Nottingham now. David and his team are spectacular and really know the meaning of customer service.


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      Address: 19 King St / Nottingham / NG1 2AY / Tel: 0115 947 60 80