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Dead Sea Products Mineral Care Mud Hair Mask

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Brand: Dead Sea Products / Subcategory: Treatment / Type: Hair Mask / Subcategory: Hair Treatment

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2008 16:57
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      A mud mask from the Dead Sea

      I think due to the number of products I use on my hair to get it just right causes half the problems I seem to encounter with my dry scalp, that and having a lot of hair on my head. The problem for me is that I like poker straight hair and that means using my hair straighteners, sometimes on a daily basis and in order to be able to do that I have to use heat protection spray of some variety in order to protect my hair.

      Every once in a while I come across a new product which catches my attention and I nearly always end up buying it, particularly lotions and potions in a healthy and beauty section of any shop. With that in mind, I am a big fan of Dead Sea products and have been since a work colleague brought me a whole load of things back from Israel to use because like me she suffers with dry skin in patches and used to swear by all these products, anyway she converted me and whenever she goes to Israel I put my order in.

      This time on her trip she added a treatment to the collection which came in the form of a hair mud mask. I am no stranger to hair masks because I do use extra conditioning treatments once every few weeks to maintain my locks and condition my scalp, but I have never tried a mud mask before and I did read in an article that they were really good. The description on the box that comes with this hair mud mask is "An extraordinary two-fold mask treatment pampers your hair shafts while it works to invigorate the scalp. Based on Dead Sea mud with its renowned stimulating effect, it nourishes and conditions hair using natural oils, herbal proteins, and other ingredients that activate hair growth, and visibly improve sheen and texture." Which is exactly what I was in need of and as it came as part of a package which contained body lotion, bath crème, foot cream and hand lotion the combined cost was £23 but on its own it does retail at around £7 for 200ml.

      The Dead Sea itself is rich in many minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium to name but a few and for many years it has been believed that these minerals together have helped to relieve irritation and itching caused by skin complaints like eczema and psoriasis, whilst at the same time stimulating blood circulation and skin cell rejuvenation. Along with these minerals it is felt that the natural mud and salts nourish, cleanse and detoxify the body therefore leaving it looking and feeling healthy and beautiful.

      To use this hair mask you need to ensure your hair is unwashed and to that extent it is quite similar to a pre-wash treatment that some people might be more familiar with. The mud mask comes in a tube which is not to dissimilar to a tube of hand cream and once you have removed the screw off lid you simply squeeze it very gently until the cream appears on the palm of your hand and what you should notice it that the cream is a brown in colour although not the mud colour I was expecting which would have been a lot darker. Once you have a small blob on the palm of your hand you apply it quite liberally to your hair from root to tip and as you apply it, massage it into your scalp for a few minutes to ensure it works exactly where you want it to and then leave it on your hair for approximately 10 minutes. Once I have covered my hair with the mud mask I put an old shower cap over my head to stop the mud being transferred onto any of my clothes or furniture and then put a towel over the top of the cap because the heat which is created from doing this works really well. To rinse the mud from your hair you need to use lukewarm water and it does wash out really easy, the one off-putting thing being the colour of the water which is a really murky brown colour and it looks really dirty, but once the mud has been washed from your hair you shampoo and condition as you would normally.

      There are two main ingredients are maris limus which is the Dead Sea mud and the mud itself acts a detoxifier which nourishes the skin of your scalp and draws out impurities. The final main ingredient is maris sal which is sea salt which is renowned for its natural healing properties because it is full of natural minerals which work together in this instance as an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and other impurities from your hair and scalp to leave it soft and smooth and incredibly shiney. There is a whole host of other ingredients to be found within this mud mask but given they are have chemical names I don't recognise I haven't mentioned them.

      After using this mud mask on my hair I was really impressed, my hair was instantly softer and much shinier and it was much easier to style and brush once I had let my hair dry. The smell of the Dead Sea mud mask also lingered on my hair for a few days after using which really impressed me and it is really hard to describe the smell but it is quite sweet and does remind me of the Sea. The one initial reason I looked forward to using this mud mask was because it promised to invigorate the scalp and since using this twice a week for the last six weeks my scalp has never been so healthy and my hairdresser even mentioned to me just last week what good condition my scalp was in, when usually at this time of the year it would become quite dry and having a healthy scalp means that my hair has remained in a healthy shiney way and I haven't felt the need to buy any other product.

      This mud mask is also hypo-allergenic which is good news for those people who have sensitive skin because it contains nothing which could cause irritation and I myself have sensitive skin and find it really good.

      This tube has lasted me over 6 weeks and having used it twice a week for that entire period of time there is just under half of the tube left. My hair is now just past my shoulders and is considered to be of be of medium length, so I think this is really good value for money and I wouldn't change using this product to anything else.

      For more information about this product the website address is
      http://www.deadseacosmetic.com/mud-hair-mask.html and it is also available online through Amazon.


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