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Denise McAdam Blonde Colour Glaze Conditioner

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Brand: Denise McAdam / Type: Conditioner

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    1 Review
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      10.12.2012 18:32
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      A nice enough conditioner meant to help keep blonde hair blonde

      Denise McAdam Blonde Colour Glaze conditioner

      Now I had no idea about this brand before I picked up this small tube of conditioner. I grabbed it as it was on a 'specials' shelf in Tesco one day. Even at the 'special' price it was about £3.70 so not a cheap buy but I thought I'd give it a try.

      Denise McAdam is apparently one of the first celebrity hairdressers but as I am not in the market for this standard of hair dressing i am not in the know as to who is the hairstylist of the moment. She is according to her website "the first female 'celebrity' hairdresser in the UK, and honoured stylist to the royals."

      Here famous clients include, Grace Kelly, Joan Collins, Princess Dianna, Jane Seymour, Kylie Minogue, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, And then the men David mellor, Mark Wright, Rod Stewart and Michael Ball to name a few from the list.

      So here I was hoping that a little of the star dust would be include in her products and that when i used this my hair would sparkle with celebrity!
      This particular product is exclusively created for Tesco by the lady herself. I am not naive enough to believe that, it just has her name on it and has be 'created' by lesser beings in some lab somewhere i would think.

      This comes in a small upsidedown tube so that the lid is on the bottom making it easy to always get the product out. The tube is dull gold and does look quite classy with her name on the front in a bright gold. The name of the product is on the top of the front in brown colours. On the back you have in very small writing a bit about the product and why she created it, the ingredients and how to use it. The tube contains a miserly 75ml.

      This is aimed at those of us with blonde hair or dyed blonde hair. The idea behind this product is that this will slow down the damage to your colour that comes from UV rays and styling products returning the hair to its former shine and colour. It does this by conditioning with a 'special formula which enhances colour and silkens blonde hair' at the same time 'renewing colour tones' by adding a honey blonde colour so hair is left ' silky and smooth with intense shine.'
      When i read this I thought I had found the answer to all my hair problems in one tube and couldn't wait to test it out.

      HOW TO USE
      The suggestion is that you start by washing your hair with the matching shampoo made by the company but as I didn't have this I used my current shampoo which varies from time to time. After washing and rinsing out your hair, remove excess moisture so you could towel it dry a little at this stage. I just rubbed mine with a dry flannel to get out the excess.
      Squeeze a little of the product, the same amount as you would usually use in a conditioner and make sure it is evenly distributed through the hair. Leave it on for at least three minutes. But I do it for five minutes to get full benefit and then lie back and enjoy a relaxing rest in the bath.
      Once the time is up then rinse your hair thoroughly and dry and style as normal.

      I used this about once a week so every couple to third of wash. It comes out of the tube easily and is quite thick, almost like a tooth paste. I spread it through my hair and ensured it was evenly spread. The cream is a mix of cream and gold in colour and has a slightly fruity smell which is very pleasant.

      After rinsing my hair out it does feel nice and soft but I have to say that the colour is not remarkably noticeable and nor is the shine. I have yet to find a product that will really make my hair shine as it is so course and curly. My hair was just as easy to dry and style as usual after using a good conditioner and it did smell nice and cleanly sweet and slightly fruity.

      I can't say I was wowed by this as it is expensive and full of unnatural stuff . The list of ingredients reads like a chemistry experiment and there is no hint that this might be trying to be eco to the world or your hair. The product doesn't claim to be natural so I can't really criticise it for that but I am trying to choose products that are making an effort now.

      This product once opened should be used within 12 months. Not much danger of it lasting that long given the size of the tube. I saw it was on the Tesco discount shelf again last week at a similarly high price. Actually it is £3.88 on the website so it obviously wasn't discount by much, they just wanted to get rid I suspect and I was the sucker for buying it. Tesco very kindly work out that 100ml of this would cost £%.17 so making comparison with normal sized conditioners easier.

      You have probably guessed the answer. It was nice and I had no problems with it but I do think it is expensive and that I can get just as good conditioners for less so I was not tempted by seeing it on that shelf again. I looked more carefully at the price and once bitten as they say...

      This was a nice enough conditioner but nothing special and I didn't notice any significant help with my blondness . My hair was not noticeably shinier either. In fact it wasn't a lot different from any other conditioner I have used so I would prefer to choose a product that had less chemical ingredients and was a bit friendlier to the environment and a lot cheaper usually.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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    • Product Details

      Conditioner for those with blonde colour treated hair

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