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Denise McAdam Brunette Shampoo

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Brand: Denise McAdam / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      02.05.2009 11:46
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      The last few years I have been using Sunsilk shampoos but lately they have been on offer at Tesco and I just haven't been able to purchase them anywhere. This is when I decided that I was at the end of my Sunsilk and really had to find an alternative. I know there are a lot of different brands now doing specific shampoos to suit whatever hair colour you are. The first I remember was the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette, it is still out but does cost £4.95 a bottle which to me is a lot as I go through shampoo quite quick. There is also the Pantene colour focused shampoos as well but looking at price I came across this shampoo in Tesco by Denise McAdam it reminded me of Sunsilk with its packaging but looked nice and its price was in my range so I thought I'd give it a try.

      I had never heard of Denise McAdam until coming across this product but upon further reading of her, I have found out she is in fact a celebrity hairdresser. She has done hair styling for the likes of Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell which isn't bad and teamed up with Tesco to make a hair care range on a budget price so that everyone could feel what superior hair care was like.

      The packaging of the product is nothing special when on the shelf as it just seems like all the other shampoos targeted at brunettes. All of them seem to have a brownish tint to their packaging; again this tube is a metallic bronze colour and has orange text on the front of it and states that it is specially formulated to enhance all coloured, highlighted or natural brunette hair. Underneath is her name in gold text, it is a very plain design but is quite classy I suppose.

      On the back there is a small description about the range explaining her experience and that the advanced formulas in this range will deliver a salon professional finish. It also states that brunette hair can lose its vibrancy over time due to UV light, pollution, chemical processing and product residue. This range claims it has a shine boosting complex to restore shine, smoothness and silkiness.

      The range lists all of the products on the back; it has macadamia nut oil and cocoa extract. It actually sounds like quite a nice mix. When reading the ingredients I also notice that caramel is used as well, it sounds more like a mix for a chocolate bar but maybe this is the secret.

      So, I lift the lid of my 250ml bottle as I have to buy nice smelling shampoos and if they're not it does slightly put me off. This shampoo has quite a light scent, it smells quite cocoa/coconut like, it is very sweet which is what I like but it does smell great. When squeezing some of the product out it is a light clear bronze almost metallic like liquid it looks almost like clear honey. As for putting it to the test, I put my amount of shampoo in my hand then under water to create more lather and then apply to my hair really rubbing it in so that it cleans right into my hair and really lathers up well.

      The tips from the hairdresser are to distribute the product evenly through wet hair right to the ends from the roots. Then massage it in and rinse thoroughly until water runs clear, it seems straight forward to me and then she recommends using her conditioner as well straight after. The sweet coconut like smell arises in the shower and it hopefully works as well as it smells.

      The back of the package says it is a gentle cleansing and non colour depositing formula removing all residues from the hair. It also says that it enhances the hair colour whether it be colour, natural or highlighted. Lastly, it says that the vibrancy of the colour of your brunette hair will be left with amazing shine.

      So, I get my hair dryer out and start to dry and see if my colour is any different. I would say my hair looks healthy, it has shine as always but does seem a nice rich brown, whether it is the shampoo I am not too sure, it does make my hair smooth but so did my Sunsilk. I think it is a great substitute for my Sunsilk since I can't seem to get any at the minute. It is good if you are looking for a brunette shampoo that smells nice and makes the hair healthy.

      As stated before, this is a Tesco only range, Denise McAdam has created her range specifically for the superstore. This product can be bought in most Tesco stores and cost me only £2.94 which wasn't too bad considering the tube is 250ml so will last me a good little while. You can also buy this online at Tesco.com if you wish as well. Not only does she cater for brunettes but she does a shampoo and conditioner for blondes as well. She then does style & finish spray, smoothing conditioner, heat protection spray, thickening shampoo and conditioner and lastly time defyrejuvenating shampoo and conditioner so it is quite a big range. On the Tesco website if you click the product it will tell you more product information.


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