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Denman Thermoceramic Medium Self Grip Rollers

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Brand: Denman / Type: Hair rollers / What it does: Smoothes,

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    1 Review
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      21.10.2011 15:17
      Very helpful



      A self-grip roller with a thermoceramic core that will add lasting volume to your hairstyle

      I first noticed these rollers while reading a positive review by katyc on Dooyoo, and although that review was for the Extra Large size - which would not be suitable for me - I was intrigued enough to investigate further, and discovered that the rollers come in a range of sizes.

      Because my hair is short and grey, and it lacks the thickness and strength it once had, the two main features I look for in my haircare and styling products are volume and shine. If I simply 'wash and go', my hair has no volume, and I haven't cared for the Joan of Arc flat hair look since I was about six. I tend to use shampoos that will either highlight (not literally) my grey hair, or that will add volume to it (or both). When styling my hair, I use a volumising mousse and I always blow-dry using either a ghd ceramic brush or Boots Mini Hot Curls Brush.

      I eventually decided to purchase two packs of the Medium size Denman rollers (this size comes with 6 rollers to a pack), and was pleased to discover that 12 rollers is enough for me to add lift to the crown of my hair (I need extra help here as I have a double crown, and when left to its own devices my hair simply will not behave itself), as well as some lift down the sides and all down the back of my hair.

      Each pack comes in a cellophane pocket, with a cardboard 'top' stapled to it. The top bears the Denman logo, and has an illustration of a roller and its core. It also has an explanation of how these rollers work, as well as full instructions for use. The front of the card says that you should 'Heat with a hairdryer and allow to cool for stronger, longer-lasting curls', and explains that there is no need for clips or pins with these self-grip rollers.

      The Instructions on the reverse of the card say that you should mist your hair (dry or damp) with styling spray, and then comb a section of hair up so that you can wrap the ends around the roller - and then wind the roller down to your scalp until it 'sits' on the roots of your hair. You then repeat the process until you have all your rollers in place, and it is suggested that you re-mist your hair if it begins to dry out before you have finished. You are then supposed to heat your hair with a diffuser attachment, but I just give each roller a short blast using the nozzle of my hairdryer. Leave the rollers in place until they are perfectly cool and then unwind and remove them carefully, starting at the nape of your neck and moving upwards. The Instructions then state: 'If you require a tousled finish, brush through with a Denman Vent Brush. For a smoother look, use a Denman bristle brush.'. Because my hair is short, I use my fingers instead, sweeping them through until I am happy with my style.

      I find that these rollers grip my hair easily, rather like Boots own Vented rollers, but with the added benefit of the thermoceramic core. During the blow-drying process, this core acts rather like a heated roller, in that it warms the hair to a level where it will keep the curl. After applying mousse and drying my hair until it is only slightly damp, I then use a long-tailed comb to section off a piece of hair, then curl the roller into the roots, and carry on this process until I have added lift to the sections of my hair that require it. Then I use my hairdryer to add extra heat to the rollers, and leave them to cool in my hair. If I am getting ready to go out, I will generally use this time to put my make-up on. Once the rollers have cooled down, and the hair has had enough time to 'set', I gently release each roller so that the curl stays in its place. After removing all the rollers, I use my fingers to style my hair, and then apply hairspray.

      The rollers can also be used on wetter hair, but I do not like to try to style my hair this way, as it can stretch and damage the hair. So I am basically using them as a top-up to the blow-drying process. I used to do this with Boots Vented rollers, and was happy enough with the results. However, the Denman Thermoceramic Rollers provide extra heat, and that in turn provides the extra volume that I desire.

      The rollers come in a variety of sizes, and the number of rollers in a pack will depend on the size of the roller. I bought mine from Boots, who stock some sizes, but all sizes are currently available from Amazon with free delivery. The rollers are also available from other outlets, including John Lewis.

      The packs are:

      Small, 8 rollers, Amazon £3.50, Boots £3.57
      Medium, 6 rollers, Amazon £3.50, Boots £3.57
      Large, 5 rollers, Amazon £2.95
      XL, 4 rollers, Amazon £2.95
      XXL, 3 rollers, Amazon £2.95, Boots £3.01

      I have seen a couple of reviews where the other reviewers were not as happy with these rollers as I am, but they work very well for me, and I am delighted to have had the recommendation from katyc, and because of my own experience with these Thermoceramic Self-Grip Rollers, I am happy to give them five stars.

      (This review is also on Ciao, under the same user name.)


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    • Product Details

      An easy way to add volume and movement to you hair without the need for clips and pins / Denman Thermoceramic Self-Grip Rollers feature: A ceramic coated layer of aluminum to improve heat retention and distribution; Metallic silver self-grip thread to smooth the hair and add shine /

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