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Dove Advanced Colour Care Conditioner

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Brand: Dove / Type: Conditioner

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    2 Reviews
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      12.09.2009 13:31
      Very helpful
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      Very good value, try it! :)

      I wash my hair everyday and straighten it too, so along with using strong hair dyes to give me a purple pigment my hair soon dries out and gets in bad condition...

      I picked up this 'Dove Colour Repair Therapy Conditioner' for only about a pound from my local Wilkinson's store a few month ago in the hope it would help soften and hydrate my poor dry dyed hair again. :(

      In a dusky pink bottle with a flip lid placed on the bottom of the 200ml container (recycle please!) it shows an 'Advanced formula' tagline on the front of the bottle and says it specifically designed for 'Coloured hair vulnerable to fading and damage' like mine.

      Dove say they have got a repairing serum in this product to help sort out rough hair that had dried out and has accumulated heat damage like mine.

      Dermatologically tested and fine to use for up to a year after its' been opened this conditioner is made my Unilever.

      The write up on the back says it is a mild pH neutral formula (although it still stings if it gets in your eyes, lol!), and is for frequent use which makes it ideal for people like me who wash their locks often :)

      The milky white and quite runny mixture contains millions of micro particles that are designed to help with severe damage by penetrating into the hairs shafts - this intense conditioner also promises glossy radiant colour and not to weight hair down as well...

      It is simple enough to use, simply shampoo hair as usual and then apply a generous amount coating all the strands if possible then leave for about a minute to absorb properly.

      The smell is really nice and flowery; you can tell its Dove by the pleasant fragrance!

      It rinses off easily and leaves my hair feeling really silky and smooth.

      When I've dried it with the hairdryer it still feels smooth and my hair definitely feels and looks in better condition. I do think this does help to lock colour in and protect it with its advanced serum formula.

      I think this is one of the best cheap in price conditioners I've tried - the results are instant and my hair feels lovely all day. Dove are right as well in that the hair doesn't feel weighed down as some thicker conditioners can do as they are really difficult to rinse off.

      Five stars from me, it's worth every penny and I do love the scent! :)


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        13.07.2009 22:51
        Very helpful



        Brilliance on Doves part!

        I wash my hair every single day. I have to really cos of being a gym junky and I can't think of a thing worse thank possessing smelly, gross hair! Ok stinking body comes close second but even so, rank hair...nooooooo it's my pride and joy and I love my hair! I don't mind dripping of sweat and being a dirty but fit bunny in the gym but after a work out all I want to do (after have a very long cigarette of course lol) is to sort my hair out and get back to being a girly girl...which I am! lol.

        Having bought the matching shampoo to this, I of course bagged the matching conditioner at the same time. I like to use conditioner to finish off my routine, out of habit more these days then anything else and I always like to match up with fragrances so usually I purchase the corresponding one!

        The Packaging....

        200ml dusky pink plastic bottle with a flip top opening lid concealing a small hole to the bottom of it for ease of use of course. In silver and white writing I'm told on the front of the bottle that it is Dove Therapy, Colour Repair Therapy Conditioner With Repairing Serum for coloured hair and there is a small picture of a silver Dove (the branding) on there too. On the back of the bottle I'm told all about the product, ingredients, size and the recycle symbol are all displayed as is the bar-code and contact details for Unilver (the manufacturer of all Dove products) listed. Nice enough, simple to look at and to use bottle.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle....


        Coloured hair vulnerable to fading and damage.

        Dove Solution....

        Colour Repair Therapy Conditioner. The advanced repairing serum in the formulation contains millions of micro particles that help repair the surface damage caused by the colouration process, helping to keep the colour in and the damage out. Gently conditions coloured treated hair leaving it with a glossy radiant colour that lasts without weighing it down.

        Dermatologically tested
        Mild formula
        For frequent use

        Me Using It....

        Well as I mentioned earlier I bought this to use in conjunction with the corresponding shampoo, which is what I do ow on a daily basis. I shampoo my hair a couple of times, make sure it's rinsed and clear of shampoo residue and either splodge some of this white glossy and fairly rich looking white, beautifully smelling fruity creamy/lotion on to damp or wet hair.

        A little of this goes a long way and me I'm heavier handed than I need to be with this product to be totally honest with you cos I love it and so I use the size of about a 10p splodge on my jaw length hair!

        It gently covers hair in a really silky way and it sort of sinks into the hair. I usually leave it on a couple of minutes before rinsing it off and that is very easy ad straightforward to do indeed.


        Soft, supple, hydrated and gorgeous smelling hair! Easy to style, it combats frizz without weighing hair down, makes it incredibly easy to style and doesn't upset my greasy roots or dry split ends one bit!

        Hair really is glossy, looks incredibly healthy and smells beautiful all day long (I get comments after using this!) I have noticed my hair colour isn't fading as fast as usual and this leaves my hair looking shiny and vibrant after using it. What's more you can use this rich conditioner every day without it upsetting the hair etc! All in all it's a great conditioner for those of us who dye our hair and need something deeply conditioning that isn't going to rip the colour out! Superb on every level, I shall definitely buy this again and again!

        I bought my bottle in Sainsbury's priced at £2.29 but do look out for this on offer in and it can be found in all good supermarkets and chemists alike!


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