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Dove Colour Care

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Brand: Dove / Subcategory: Treatment / Type: Hair Colour / What it does: Protects

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    2 Reviews
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      20.11.2007 19:04
      Very helpful



      A fabulous leave- in treatment

      Recently on a trip to Wilkinson's, browsing and wasting a few hours in town I was looking at hair care products.

      I'm someone who buys stuff for the sake it and my bathroom and bedroom are like a mini Boots chemist.
      I never spend out loads, I look for bargains and shop in pound shops simply cos I have the time on my hands.
      On the shelf there was one bottle of this product left.
      Its called Dove protecting milk colour care for darkened hair.
      Its presented in 200ml recyclable blush pink pump action plastic bottle.
      Nicely presented and of course a cute pink!
      So I bought it, i mean on sale at 50p how could I leave it lonely on the shelf???!!!!

      The Promise....

      Dove Protecting Milk combines moisturising agents with a UV filter to shield your coloured hair against daily demand.


      Put a grape-sized amount of product in your hand.
      massage evenly on towel-dried hair.
      LEAVE IN.
      Wash hands after use.

      Using the product....

      I spied in on my shelf and decided to actually do a proper review on it before washing my hair.
      So I washed my shoulder length jet black ,wavy hair that I straighten and blow dry most days twice with shampoo and followed through with conditioner according to the instructions on the bottles.
      When towel dried I combed through with a wide toothed comb and applied the moisturising cream to my hair as instructed.

      The first thing I noticed was it conditioned my hands amazingly well! It was none sticky which is great.
      Ever tried styling her hair with sticky hands?, not good!
      White liquid, not at all runny but not quite a cream.
      The smell is lovely, kind of soapy like most dove products.
      Very fresh and light, warm and comforting.
      You only need a small amount of product, a little goes a long way and I smoothed in through my hair and then just blow dried on a cool heat.
      The product doesn't make it faster or slower to dry hair it makes no odds to that.
      After blow drying thoroughly I noticed three things.
      How shiny my hair was and how strokably soft it felt it and the aroma!

      I was amazed!

      The draw back of this product....

      It doesn't contain heat protection.
      It doesnt make hair easier to style.


      I will be using it as either a leave-in conditioner to dry natural on days I stay indoors and I will use it prior to using heat spray and other products before going out.

      In conclusion...

      Fantastic no problems with it!
      My hair feels in lovely condition without being weighed down!
      Would recommend it if you have dry, unruly dark hair like mine that lacks shine and softness.
      It's so soft and glossy though that if I want to stick it in a pony tail I'd need a little hairspray to give it some sticking power!
      If you use straightening devices and driers like so many of us do nowadays its a really good pick me up for your stressed out locks!

      Other bits of info....

      Dermatologically tested.
      Leave in (just to clarify) and made especially for frequent use!
      I think this product is usually around £2.99 a bottle but have seen it in Boots on offer, or do like I do and keeps your eyes peeled!

      Website is great, to be found at dove.com


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        08.11.2006 16:47
        Very helpful



        Affordable treatment for your coloured hair...

        Note: This review was first time published on Ciao on 4th October 2006...

        If you use to color your hair, then this review is for you. Today I'll speak about the range of products I use for my hair. But particularly I'll speak about Dove Colour Care; it really changed the "life" of my hair. But first things first :- )

        Blond with tresses, lightened brown or darkened one, blue-black or black to brown - it is clear: you are more beautiful when your hair is beautiful! This is the secret! :- ) the beauty of your hair has its own secrets, a few of them, I will write here today.

        »» How I started to use Dove products? ««

        Well, by trying everything else; this is the only way that makes you at one point to stop looking : -). Maybe I'll be considered crazy by many of you, but me I'm more than crazy when it's about my hair. I used to have a very nice and thick hair, but during the years because was going white (it's a genetic thing I think, my mother's the same, I say this because I have only 23) I had to color it, and as you well know, this kind of paints are destroying the health of the hair. So after intoxicating it with colors, I had to treat it with some "respect", if I wanted to be happy about the way it looks, and to start some treatments to make him healthy and shiny. After trying and looking thru many products (I mean manyyyyy) I said to my self, a bit disappointed that I was not finding the right one, I'll try Dove Colour Care too, after all I lost so much time spending to find something that will please me, I started to loose hair too, so another more product will bring me more lost or something good and very welcomed in my life, making my searching period to end. I was very happy, let's say lucky this time, to realize a change in the way my hair looks. For this change I have to "blame" the full range of Dove Colour Care, because to be fair, you can not use only the shampoo and to get a "wow" result, as many people expects, after all that's why Dove people made the Conditioner Colour Care and the Mask Colour Care. Ok this means you'll spend more, but at least you know for what, and I can assure you, that at the end you'll be very pleased about it.

        Now I realize that I did a good thing looking, and looking, and... until I found what my hair needed, because today I'm not the only one who is happy, even my hair is, its smiling to me (this is how I say all the time :- ) ) by the way its shining.

        But too much talk will get you bored, so I will start presenting you these little secrets I discovered during my searches.

        »» About Dove Colour Care ««

        Colour Care comes in two categories: Colour Care Shampoo for Lightened hair & Colour Care Shampoo for Darkened hair.
        This to ranges makes everybody happy, because anyone could buy to use it, mine is for darkened hair, because my color is blue-black.

        *** The Shampoo Colour Care ***

        This shampoo is made especially for the colored hair. Comes to complete the tone you have chosen to "wear" making your hair soft and silky. Because the shampoo contains ¼ hydrating cream, all dove range it's based on this, makes you feel the difference from the first time you used it, the hair is like silken made of, sliding between your fingers. When you start to apply the shampoo you have to have in minded these following base rules:
        1) wetting your hair very well
        2) applying as much shampoo as needed (depends how long is your hair)
        3) get all the hair in the top of your head and massage it slowly, don't rush it
        4) once the foam started to become thick, leave the hair to take a break in it at least for 1 minute(I'll recommend 3)
        5) rinse out the foam until the hair is clean and you don't feel it foamy

        I wrote this rules here, not because I want to offend someone or showing that they don't know how to use a shampoo, just because is very important how you follow the steps and to keep in mind how this product will give the best results. After all we like to have only excellent results :- ) And as we all know, the shampoo is taking care of your hair from the bottom to the top, the bottom here being the hair thread root.

        After the shampoo, and all the steps following the shampooing, is very welcomed to use the Colour Care conditioner.

        *** The Conditioner Colour Care ***

        This indeed, will make your hair more relaxed. I think everyone knows what a conditioner is for, but I would like to mention about this too:
        - The role of the conditioner is to make the hair more smooth and easy to work with, to be less painful (for some women) to brush it and to feel it more lax.
        Now that I mentioned this too, I'll continue with "how to apply" for that exceptional result to be noticed.
        You'll apply the conditioner on your hair, massage it first, until will cover all of it, after you spread it you'll let your hair to feed at least for one minute. (2 minutes will not harm him). Once again you rinse your hair until you don't feel any trace of conditioner.

        *** The Colour Care Mask ***

        If you want you can apply after the mask, that will complete Dove range, but this is only if your hair is really damaged from the color and you feel it really dry. If so, the same rule, like the conditioners will be kept in mind, only that you have to leave it 3 minutes and rinse-off.

        Once you used these products, fallowing all the steps, you'll start to feel the difference. What can be nicer, than to feel your hair, well not to feel it, because will become so light and so lax that will have the impression your head is not in his place(joke) what I mean is that you'll start to have a perfect healthy hair, without tangling any more and starting to shine in its beauty.

        *** The package ***

        Dove Colour Care Shampoo comes in a pinkie-lavender colored bottle, with the silver bird on it (the actual mark sign of dove products). Has 250ml shampoo, pink color, as the package is. On the back of the bottle they are some instruction of how to use it and what kind of results you'll get after washing your hair with it. It's very easy to handle while you are in the shower (or bathtub).
        The same package style has the conditioner too; the only difference is that the lid of the bottle is up-side-down, sits on it.
        If you bought the mask too, that one is coming in a pot, but the same, has 250ml.

        *** Price ***

        Dove Colour Care range it is very wide, this means you can choose everything that you need for your hair, from the shampoo, till the protection milk...but if you want to buy only the 3 principal products I described than you'll not pay more than £14, and I think it is a great deal...because the results are amazing...
        And if you want to buy the protection milk and the Dove Colour Care Spray you can get to pay between £22 and £24, and you can find this products in supermarkets, pharmacies and beauty shops....

        *** My advice ***

        As I said at the beginning, you can not use only the shampoo if you want the very best, but being a product range for every pocket, with such a great result, I think it worth to be given a try. Only if you have a greasy hair, but in the same time you color it, you can use only the Shampoo Colour Care and a mask for greasy hair, that dove has it too. Why I like so much dove? Because till now made me happy, gave me all I needed for my hair; even when I recommended to some friends of mine, the same answers and results I heard. So, why not you too, use this product? Give it a try, and you'll make your hair "smile". My hair is "happy" now for almost one year; this is the period, since I'm using Dove Colour Care, and I'll continue to do so.

        Thank you for reading this review, and maybe will help you too for the future.



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