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Dove Intensive Repair Regenerating Mask

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Brand: Dove / Subcategory: Treatment / Type: Hair Mask / What it does: Repairs,

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    4 Reviews
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      14.12.2014 14:28
      Very helpful



      A great hair mask!

      I got this Dove Intensive Repair Regenerating Hair Mask in a gift set about a year ago.

      I love to use hair masks and was excited to try this out.

      It comes in a large white tub with the product name on the side and the Dove logo on top of the lid.

      ~ In use ~
      The first thing I noticed about the product is the lovely scent.
      It is a fruity scent and it reminds me of strawberry and banana milk bottle sweets, which I used to buy although I’m not sure I would say it smells like either strawberry or banana; maybe the two combined. It is a lovely, pleasant, sweet smell.
      The product is white in colour and it is very thick and it feels luxurious.
      To get the product out of the tub you just have to scoop it up with your fingers and massage it through your hair. You don’t need a lot of the product to get a good coverage. It feels creamy and smooth on my hair.
      I leave it on my hair for a few minutes before I rinse it out. It is very easy to rinse. It just rinses out like a normal conditioner.
      It leaves my hair feeling soft, smooth and conditioned. My hair feels a lot more manageable and less tangled after using this hair mask.
      I wouldn’t honestly say that I think that this hair mask has helped repair any damaged hair, but I would say that it has probably helped to prevent further damage to my hair, but I think most conditioners do this.
      I have enjoyed using this conditioning mask and I would repurchase it. It is good quality and it feels luxurious and it does as good a job as any other conditioning product.
      The scent is unique and really appealing and it is something that makes me prefer this to other hair masks I have used.


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      01.05.2013 22:15
      Very helpful



      An amazing priced product for a fab hair repair mask.

      =Dove Hair Mask=

      Dove is one of the products that I like to use on mine and my families hair, and every couple of weeks I like to give mine and my daughters hair a treat in the form of a hair mask.

      =The Packaging=
      The mask comes in a white sturdy tub, it is a cross between a triangle but with a curved edge. The name is clearly displayed on the tub.

      =To use=

      Once you have washed your hair, open the tub by twisting the lid of the tub, you then scoop a generous amount of cream from the tub, the cream is a white cream. Although the cream is rich is not runny. So when you have the cream in your hands it is non drip.
      The consistency feels really soft, there is a slight perfume smell to the mask but this is not over powering.

      =In your hair=
      I usually start off at the root of the hair and work down to the ends and just gently massage through it through as I am going, with my daughters hair being long, I separate hers and do it in sections.

      I personally prefer to apply a little at a time as it is easy to go back for more cream than trying to soak your hair in the first place.

      =Let the magic work=
      Once I have the cream in my hair I can really feel it softening in hair, it is recommended that you leave the mask on for 3 to 5 minutes, I usually pop a shower cap over it, then I get the rest of my shower. I usually leave it on for 5 minutes.

      =Rinse out=
      This is easy to rinse out, I find it takes about 30 seconds on my hair, which is short, and on my daughters (which is half way down her back), that takes about a minute, she is a fidget!

      =Towel Dried=
      I can immediately feel the difference with my hair, it is really soft and easy to brush and makes styling very easy, whether that is dry from damp or pop the hairdryer through it,

      =The Product Claims=
      The product claims to help repair the protein in the hair and to boost its resistance to damage, also to deeply nourish hair to leave it soft and up to 10 times more resilient to future damage,

      =My Overall Verdict=
      This made an incredible difference to mine and my daughters hair, and especially in my daughters case, the difference is literally a 100% improvement. Even if you just use this once a week, or once a fortnight the difference in immediate and long lasting on your hair.
      =The Important Information - Money=
      I was extremely surprised to find that the tub was not a lot more expensive than what I expected it to be, the tub is 200ml and I paid about £3 for it, I popped it in the shopping trolley so did not look at the pence.

      Compared to the price that you pay for an individual tube of oil, this is amazing and should be in everyone's bathroom cupboard.


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      25.04.2013 09:00
      Very helpful



      Leaves hair well nourished.

      Dove is one of my favourite brands and I like to work my way through them since the brand do produce lots of items. I usually either buy one I haven't bought before or one I like quite a lot. This one I spotted on special offer so thought I would give it a go since I like to treat my hair a couple of times a week to keep it looking as nice as possible and in a good condition.

      The mask comes inside a white very sturdy plastic tub which is kind of triangle shape but with a curved edge and looks quite attractive for a tub in my opinion. The name is clearly on the tub, so can easily be spotted on a shelf.

      The lid can easily be twisted on and off. Inside the tub it is a white cream which is quite rich and not a runny consistency. It doesn't drip from the tub when scooping it out etc. It feels incredibly soft and it has a smooth texture to it and feels creamy.

      It has a really nice fragrance to it, has a very nice perfume fragrance to it and smells divine. The scent isn't too overpowering and just the correct amount of scent for a hair mask. I can also detect a slight sweet scent too with this mask but I can mostly detect a perfume scent.

      It is really easy to use. First you need to wash your hair with your favourite shampoo, then scoop a generous amount of the cream from the tub and gently massage it into your hair. I have long hair at the moment and so I just scoop a small amount of cream from the tub, then I rub it between my fingers and then I just then gently massage it into my hair starting from the ends of my hair working my way up towards the root area. I do apply a little at a time because I find that way I am not apply too much of the cream on just one area of my hair and find I can cover my hair evenly with the cream. I get a more even coverage applying a little at a time. If you have shorter hair you may find you need to just apply it once to cover your whole head of hair but for my long hair I just find it much easier to use it the way I do for a better coverage.

      Once the cream is on the hair, I can immediately feel it is softening it perfectly and it is working its magic. I find it doesn't drip from my hair. Once on the hair it has to be left for around 3 to 5 minutes, I usually leave it for the full 5 minutes but somewhere in between these minutes would be fine too but I do colour my hair, so I like to leave it longer on my hair and find it works far better for my coloured hair.

      After the minutes have lapsed, I just rinse it from my hair. It is very easy to rinse from the hair in no time at all and just maybe 30 seconds or so longer than when rinsing a hair conditioner from the hair.

      I find when I am rinsing it, I can definitely feel how soft my hair feels and it feels really nice. Once towelled dry, I can easily brush it and style it in the usual way. I find my hair doesn't feel lank or too heavy. It just feels extremely soft and shiny. Very well conditioned and manageable.

      It claims to help repair protein in the hair and to boost its resistance to damage. Also to deeply nourish damaged hair to leave it soft and up to 10 times more resilient against future damage. I find it does nourish my hair perfectly, leaves it very well nourished too. Find my hair feels less dry at the ends and it doesn't leave my roots feeling oily or greasy. When I blow dry my hair I don't get that greasy feeling at the back of my hair when I part it, like I do with some other brands of hair masks. Sometimes I get that greasy feeling at the back of my hair when it feels like I haven't rinsed it thoroughly from my hair when I actually have. With this mask I don't get that feeling at all.

      I don't have many split ends because I have my hair regularly trimmed. The few that I may have don't even really appear when I treat my hair with this mask. So all good. I think if you do have a few split ends, this mask would most certainly help the appearance be less apparent until you can have your hair trimmed at the hairdressers.

      The quality of this mask is excellent, it works a treat for helping my hair remain as nice as possible and in a good condition. My hair flows freely and when I touch it, I can most certainly feel how soft it is and how shiny an appearance it becomes using this hair mask around twice a week.

      The tub size is 200ml and I paid just £2.29 for it on special offer from Tesco. It is well worth the price I paid and I also think it is a good value price even for the full price in my opinion because it does work a treat for deep conditioning the hair. It is super value for money and a worthwhile purchase.

      I think it is suitable for both sexes to use and not just for women, even though it has a perfume fragrance. I think it is ideal for teenagers to begin taking care of their hair and helping it feel a lot more treated and in a better condition. Men do need to take care of their hair too and the mask would be more than suitable for males to treat their hair too. I think it would definitely help their hair feel far better and help make it look more healthy too with a good shine to it. So any men reading my review don't be put off by the perfume fragrance because the mask will work well with just a nice scent to the hair.

      I highly recommend it if you have damaged hair or just want to give it a good boost for deep conditioning it and also nourishing it. I will most definitely buy this one again in the future because once again, Dove haven't let me down once again.

      I give this hair mask 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        10.11.2011 22:22
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A Great Repairing Hair Mask That Works.

        Over the past couple of months I have noticed how my hair has become really quite weak. I have it up in a bun a lot to keep it out of my face and I know this is having a negative effect. My hair is long and fine, meaning it gets tangles easily. Even after using detangling combs and brushes it is still usual to have a small handful of hair come out after brushing. Because of this I specifically set out to buy a conditioner or treatment that would help my hair get a bit stronger and hopefully help it de-tangle.
        I also suffer from greasy hair so quite often hair masks and oils are too heavy for my hair and make it limp. Often it looks like it hasn't even been washed! So I thought this process would be trial and error. On my first trip on this mission I came across the Dove Intensive Repair Regenerating Mask. It was new out so I thought it was worth a try.

        ** Dove Intensive Repair Regenerating Mask **

        This intensive mask is supposed to give deep repair for damaged hair. It contains their patented Fibre Actives which is apparently supposed to reconstruct the hair from within and help to strength the hair by giving it added protein.

        This mask is promises to leave my hair strong, soft and up to 10 times more resilient against future damage. Especially from combing. All in all it sounds perfect for what I am looking for!
        I like the fact that this mask comes in a tub, I just find it more appealing than a bottle and it doesn't slip off the side of the bath after I have used it! It is quite a nice shaped tub, almost a bell shape! It just adds to the professional look of the mask. I already know that Dove is well known reliable brand but at times can look a little old fashioned. In this case the tub looks simple and modern.

        It cost me £3.99 for a 200ml tub. Quite expensive but it really did sound perfect for my needs. If I was to buy it again I would look for offers or buy it online via cash back websites because spending that much on a hair mask is quite a lot of money. But if it worked then it would be £3.99 well spent.

        **Instructions **

        The directions on the bottom of the tub are as follow - Massage a generous amount on freshly cleansed hair. Leave for 3-5 minutes for best results. Rinses out easily.
        Simple! Basically it works just like a normal hair condition but this one is supposed to be more intense!

        **What Was It Like To Use?**

        When I first opened the tub I was greeted by a smooth white pearlescent cream. It is a bit thicker than normal conditioner which explains why it doesn't come in a bottle. I scooped some up with my fingers remembering to apply a generous amount. I didn't use too much, literally a dollop, about two tablespoons... well roughly... that's the best I can describe it! I have quite long hair, so if yours was shorter you may not need as much.

        It was really silky applying it on to the hair and it didn't run out like normal condition does. I used it while in the shower and after just washing my hair. So finished off my scrubbing while I let it sink in for a few minutes. I was careful not to apply it straight to the crown of my head as this is where conditioners and masks usually make my hair limp and flat. Especially as this mask was quite thick. The mask had a really nice fragrance. Quite creamy and fresh but nothing soapy or overpowering. I liked that this seemed to so far be a simple product with nothing fancy or overbearing.

        As soon as I rinsed my hair, I could immediately feel how much softer my hair was. Running it under the water was almost like stroking a piece of satin. It was lovely. I could run my fingers through my hair and feel it detangle under the water. I knew this was a good sign. If it feels like that while being rinsed then it should feel great once it is dry. But the proof is in the pudding.

        Combing my hair when it is wet is usually a nightmare and this is the key occasion when my hair comes out. I still used my detangling brush as always and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to brush. It was almost easy. A bit of my hair still came out, but I couldn't expect miracles on my first use. My hair felt really clean but the hardest challenge was not yet over.

        After drying my hair with the hairdryer this is usually the toughest challenge as my hair completely knots itself back up again, and as I said before, if a product is too heavy them even after washing it looks greasy. So after I gave it a blast with the hair dryer I attempted to brush it again. Surprisingly once again, it brushed out pretty easily. Plus the big thing for me, my hair looked and felt clean fresh and full of life. Good Stuff! So on first use this ticked all the boxes and gave me an instant improvement in the strength, look and feel of my hair.

        After using the mask about twice a week for the past 5 weeks I can honestly say that this is good stuff. I still have plenty left in the tub and because it is flat it evens itself back out ready for the next scoop. Not like in a bottle where it get stuck to the bottom.

        My hair is looking very healthy and a bit fuller compared to before. The big difference is the amount of hair that comes out now when I brush it. Compared to the handful before, now there are just a few hairs which is normal and occasionally a few more if my hair has been up all day. But I can actually see that my hair is being damaged less from the brushing and in turn looking and feeling healthier.


        I would recommend this for anyone who usually uses a hair conditioner. It made my hair easy to brush, stronger and a lot healthier. It basically worked the same as a normal hair conditioner but was a lot friendlier to my fine hair. It also did what it promised and rather than just being a quick de-tangle it actually made my hair stronger over time.

        I have noticed that it isn't a long term fix; it will be a product that I will keep using. I went 2 or 3 washes without using it and notices by the 3rd wash my hair was starting to break slightly. Not a lot but I could see that even though my hair was stronger, it wouldn't take much for it to become fragile again.

        I know the hair mask is quite purse pulling at £3.99 but it really is worth it. I have got about 1 quarter of the tub left after about 12 uses plus my mum has also used it a few times. It really strengthens the hair and smells great.

        My mission is complete and quicker then what I thought. Although knowing me it won't take long before I find another promising product and give that a go!

        100% Recommended.


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