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Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner

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3 Reviews

Brand: Dove / Type: Conditioner / What it does: Nourishes

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    3 Reviews
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      05.03.2013 12:14
      Very helpful



      This is very good conditioner apart from the smell

      WHAT IS IT?

      Conditioner from Dove.


      Wash your hair as normal and then apply the conditioner. Leave it on the hair for a minute to soak in and then rinse off.


      I like this conditioner very much and think it is effective on my hair. It has got a nice texture and even though it has been made with oil it is not greasy feeling. It is quite thin and the conditioner spreads through my hair very easy so I do not need to use very much to condition all of my long hair.

      I do not like the smell of this conditioner because I think it is a bit sour and not as creamy smelling as other hair products that are made by Dove, I do not like the way the smell lingers on my hair either and sometimes after I have used this conditioner I use a specific hair spray that I know the smell will mask it.

      The conditioner rinses out easy and after my hair is very soft with no knots in it. It can be brushed easy and the Dove conditioner does not make my hair hard to style. I like how shiny my hair looks after I have used this conditioner and also how healthy it looks and feels.


      This Nourishing Oil Conditioner from Dove costs £1.79 for a bottle and I think that is very good value because of it being an effective conditioner.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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      23.12.2012 17:58
      Very helpful



      A lovely conditioner which will protect and care for your hair

      I have been blonde now for quite a few months and of course with any hair colour it has taken its toll on my hair and although it is healthy (according to my hairdresser!) I still use products that will protect and look after my hair. I'm quite happy to try most brands and for me as long as the product works well on my hair then I am happy.

      One conditioner I have been using at least twice a week since having my hair re-coloured a few weeks ago is the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner. I picked up both the conditioner and the shampoo back in October whilst they were on offer in Boots. Dove as we all know is quite a reputable brand and the products I have used mainly skincare have been great and I've read quite a lot of positive reviews so thought they were worth trying.

      == The Conditioner ==

      Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner is part of the Nourishing Oil product range by Dove and it features a wonderful blend of natural almond, argan and coconut oils which are rich in vitamins E and F and are also non-greasy and easily absorbed by the hair to nourish each strand from root to tip. Dove's promise is that it will leave you with "beautifully smooth, soft, shiny hair".

      Dove do advise that the Nourishing Oil range is ideal for dry, damaged and frizzy hair types and that it will smooth the hair up to 100% of roughness and control frizz. This is of course all dependant on how frizzy/damaged/rough your hair is and I personally use the conditioner to help keep my blonde hair soft and supple and not straw like as some blonde hair can be prone to this.

      == Packaging ==

      The conditioner comes in a tall almost rectangular bottle with a flip top cap and is a very pale gold/beige metallic colour. It features the Dove logo together with product name as well as an image of a gold droplet which is meant to represent an essential oil. On the back of the bottle there is information about the conditioner as well as how to use it. Of course there is also a list of ingredients together with contact information for Dove.

      == In Use ==

      The conditioner is a lovely almond cream type colour and is incredibly soft and silky when you first squeeze it out of the bottle. It has a gorgeous creamy aroma which has an almost nutty hue to it which I find quite lovely. One thing that did concern me initially was because it was filled with essential oils I did wonder whether there would be a slight greasy feel to the conditioner but there wasn't at all.

      Applying this conditioner is no different to any other conditioner and I simply apply to wet hair after thoroughly shampooing my hair. My hair is shoulder length and isn't the thickest but not fine either and I find that an amount about the size of a 50p piece (being generous of course!) easily goes through the whole of my hair and can be massaged in with ease. Because of the decent consistency the conditioner tends to stay put rather than drip.

      I tend to leave the conditioner on for a good few minutes as I find that it leaves my hair a lot more manageable and of course my theory is the longer it is on the more it is actually doing your hair good and with all the essential oils I am therefore hoping my hair is being nourished. I find that the conditioner rinses off incredibly easily and doesn't take long at all for it to be completely washed from your hair regardless as to how long you leave it on.

      I always blow dry my hair and I find that this is where I can tell a difference in my hair whether the product I have used is decent enough to help keep my hair soft and manageable as my hair naturally is quite wavy and can be prone to frizz. However, this conditioner manages to keep my hair soft and is easily styled whilst blowdrying and doesn't have that horrible frizz it can have. My hair feels incredibly soft and silky and even more so when I have straightened my hair and it looks lovely and healthy with a nice blonde sheen.

      == Overall ==

      I really do like this conditioner and tend to use it once a week as I find that it does keep my blonde hair looking in great condition and I am pretty sure that is down to the essential oils in the formula. My hair is left incredibly smooth and soft and definitely not straw like whatsoever! And best of all my blonde colour doesn't dull whatsoever as it really does care and protect your hair.

      A definite recommendation from me especially if you do suffer with dry/damaged/frizzy hair as this does help calm it down a little whilst repairing it. A lovely conditioner which will leave its gorgeous creamy quite delectable aroma on your hair for hours after styling which is great. I can't find fault with this conditioner at all and can easily give it 5 stars.

      == Product Information ==

      Brand: Dove
      Price: £2.65 (Superdrug Dec 2012)
      Size: 200ml
      Availability: Supermarkets, pharmacies etc


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      01.12.2012 18:04
      Very helpful



      A very affordable and high quality conditioner from the Dove range

      I'm a huge fan of Dove products, particularly those from their hair and hand care ranges. As well as being very affordable, I find they nearly always live up to their claims with their high quality results. I consider my hair to be my pride and glory, so there is absolutely no point in me buying cheap products, as they simply do not deliver the results that I desire and I do not want "bad hair days!" My just below shoulder length naturally curly hair colour treated hair is thick with the ends being prone to dryness and split ends, so I always purchase products that have been specifically designed for my hair type. Whilst I've tried and tested quite a few of the brand's products I particularly like their Nourishing Oil Care range, as the products are intended for those people suffering with dry, rough and frizzy hair. I regularly use all of the products within the range with this review discussing the conditioner.

      The Dove hair care range is very appealing to the eye and despite the products being very affordable the packaging is very luxurious with the familiar curvy shaped white sturdy plastic bottles. The Nourishing Oil Care range offers touches of gold and a point I favour with this brand is that they do not feel the need to clutter their packaging with never ending marketing text. We are presented with 200 ml of conditioner with the bottle sitting on an easy to open and close flip top lid. Whilst I do not display any of my hair care toiletries in the bathroom, as I prefer to store them neatly in a lidded wicker basket, the bottle is able to be stored firmly on a shelf.

      All of the Dove products that I've used offer robust hinges on the lids, which is a necessity as far as I'm concerned, as I simply cannot bear bottles that lose their lids. The good consistency pearly white conditioner is easily dispensed and similar to that of the other products within the same range it offers a stunning aroma, which I would describe as delicately floral. I'm a real fan of argan oil after my hair stylist's recommendation some time ago and this is another reason why I favour the Nourishing Oil Care range, as the miracle ingredient can be found in all of the products.

      Its delicate scent perfectly compliments the floral making the conditioner a feminine fragrance and I find that only a small amount is needed for my hair. My only very slight grumble is that the conditioner contains coconut, which is a fragrance that I cannot bear following an over indulgence with Malibu many years ago! In addition, the conditioner contains a blend of almond oils, which are rich in vitamin F and assist in smoothing and conditioning the hair. With such an impressive list of ingredients I was sure the product would be top quality and enable me to maintain the excellent condition of my crowning glory. The conditioner is easily applied and spread to the hair and I am able to comb it through with my fingers whereas poor quality conditioners will cause my fingers to be greeted with a mass of knots and tangles.

      It is recommended that the conditioner be left on the hair for 1 - 3 minutes, but I always choose the latter, as I want to obtain the best results from my hair products. It is easily rinsed away and the improved texture of my hair is immediately noticeable, as it is smooth to the touch, which fully convinces me that the quality ingredients have fully nourished my locks. There is no sticky residue and despite the conditioner containing oil, there is no greasiness remaining in the hair. I am able to blow dry and style my hair as normal and what I love about this conditioner, which I would describe as fairly intensive, is that it leaves my hair feeling extremely lightweight. I like my hair to offer a healthy natural shine and as the conditioner has the ability to smooth the hair, this is easily achieved.

      In order to obtain maximum results from all of my hair products I always use matching shampoos and conditioners, so prior to using this conditioner I used the shampoo from the same range. I also favour more intensive conditioners, which I use on a weekly basis and I can highly recommended the thick creamy conditioner from the Nourishing Oil Care range, which can be found in a tube. As previously stated, I am prone to dryness on the tips of my hair, but with regular use of quality conditioners I am able to keep this problem at bay.

      Due to the reasons discussed above, I can highly recommend this conditioner, which generally retails at around £2.44 for a 200 ml bottle. However, the Dove range is frequently on offer in stores such as Tesco and Boots, which is when I stock up on my supplies.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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