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Dove Nourishing Oil Care

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Brand: Dove / Type: Conditioner / Subcategory: Oil / What it does: Nourishes

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    2 Reviews
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      28.08.2012 00:55
      Very helpful



      Amazing conditioner, give it a go!!

      This conditioner has to be one of the best I have ever tried and cannot recommend it enough!

      I originally bought this conditioner from Superdrug about a week for a measly £1.29 as many Dove products were better than half price (and still are at the moment!). I was tempted by the express treatment conditioner, which is the one which comes in a squeezy tube which is apparently more concentrated and suitable for everyday use. However, the reviews on MUA looked very positively on the usual conditioner and gave a much lower rating for the express treatment which swayed my decision.

      My first thoughts was that the 200ml bottle was a little small on the small side for an average conditioner which usually comes in at around 250ml, 400ml, 500ml or 1000ml (Tresemme I'm looking at you). It also seemed odd to me as the shampoo was 250ml and usually shampoos and conditioners contain the same amount of product? I could imagine this being annoying when running out of conditioner just before finishing the shampoo! Having such thick, long hair I usually buy larger bottles as it just works out much easier than popping into town every weekend to buy a new one. Aside from the smaller size, I really liked the packaging. It's very sleek, a sort of long triangular bottle gold detail on the lid and label. The label boasts nourishing weightless oils which revive dry, rough and frizzy hair.

      The directions are pretty simple. In the style of the average conditioner, slop it on your hair (massage conditioner through hair), prance around in the shower for an extra few minutes (1-3) and then rinse it out. Job done! Personally with all my conditioners, and especially with the oils in this one, I usually steer clear of my roots altogether, leaving about a 4-5 inch gap from scalp and focus on applying to the rest of my hair. I also always rinse out my conditioner using the coldest water I can stand as this seals off the hair shaft and leaves it much glossier.

      This conditioner is thicker than usual conditioners and a sort of yellowy cream colour. It absorbs quite quickly but it's thick consistency means that only a little is actually needed. It smells absolutely divine, probably the best smelling conditioner I've ever used... better than herbal essences! I found the intensive repair regenerating mask also has a very similar smell and texture to this.

      Dove claims that this nourishing oils conditioner paired with the same shampoo can smooth up to 100% of roughness & frizz. I'm always suspicious of the "up to" part of claims, however. Ever gone to a sale that says "up to 70% off" and found one thing at 70% and the rest at 10? This is the same sort of idea. However, I do agree that my hair was much smoother so maybe the claim is my accurate than I first suspected. It really does "revive dry, rough and frizzy hair" so I am quite impressed that this has stuck to it's claims!

      The ingredients in this conditioner were one the things that really excited me about using it. It is said to contain argan, coconut and almond oil, which most hair fanatics know are some of the best oils for hair care (especially coconut which is one of the few oils for hair that can penetrate the hair shaft). These oils are rich in vitamins E and F so this conditioner really should nourish the hair. Reading through the ingredients list, I am also pleased to say that the oils included are actually quite high up on the list which suggests a good concentration of them in the conditioner. On the down side however, I couldn't help but notice that dimethicone is the third highest ingredient on the list. This is a common silicone used in hair products which are known to coat the hair and can be difficult to remove. It gives the appearance of shinier hair in the short term, but in the long run can built up resulting in lank, heavy, greasy hair. To be fair though, many people don't mind silicones, and my hair personally, being so thick, doesn't really get too weighed down by them. Providing that a clarifying shampoo is used every week or two, silicones shouldn't really be a problem.

      Overall, I have to say this really is a fabulous conditioner. It left my hair in wonderful condition, super soft and silky, as well as gorgeous smelling. It is a treat to use and I'm very happy with the results. The oils contained are naturally very nourishing so with long term use I'm confident hair will definitely be healthier and benefit a lot. In regards to the silicones in the product, I don't think these are a big deal if you clarify your hair often or unless you have super fine hair. On top of that, I haven't felt any build up whatsoever, and never seen a review mentioning it as a problem. I really, really enjoyed using this conditioner and cannot recommend it enough. Everyone give it a go!! At a few quid on promotion, why not?

      Thank you for reading :)


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      15.03.2012 10:13
      Very helpful



      A nice treatment and conditioner that I will use again

      A couple of weeks ago a new freebie from Dove dropped through my letter box, it was a nice sized tube of their new nourishing oil care conditioner. I got a nice 50ml tube so plenty to give it a good try. Dove make a lot of claims about this product claiming their unique nourishing care system will smooth rough and frizzy hair and nourish your hair like never before.

      The tube my conditioner came in is quite attractive for this type of product, the colours are mainly cream with gold so it has quite a glamorous look. The front of the tube shows the Dove logo and informs the customer that this is a nourishing oil conditioner that contains weightless nutri-oils. It also claims to give "advanced care & repair for beautiful hair"

      The back of the tube give lots of information such as ingredients and the directions for use. The back of the tube also tells the customer that this is the next generation of conditioner which contains a ribbon of treatment within it, presumably the oil.

      The conditioner has a very nice fresh smell, quite fruity rather than floral, I actually thought it had a slight almond smell but the ingredients only list nut free oils. On squeezing the conditioner into my hand I could clearly see the oil within the conditioner, while the conditioner is white the oil is a yellow/golden colour and does actually run through the conditioner like a ribbon. Now in the instructions for use Dove recommend massaging this in your hair, leave for 1 minuet and rinse out, they say nothing about mixing the conditioner and oil together, but personally I did this as I wanted the oil to be evenly distributed through the conditioner.

      I followed the instructions and massaged the conditioner into my hair after shampooing, left for 1 minuet and then rinsed. The product rinsed easily from my hair leaving it feeling smooth and tangle free. My hair brushed through easily and I dried and styled my hair as normal. By now the smell of the conditioner had disappeared but this suited me fine, I prefer my hair to smell of my perfume rather than hair products.

      After drying and straightening my hair I have to say I was impressed. I'm always a little dubious about oil treatments as some I have tried have left my hair greasy and lank but this certainly wasn't the case with this one. My hair felt clean, soft and light. It was smooth and shiny and looked lovely, the ends of my hair which suffer heat damage the most felt really soft. I usually wash my hair 3 or 4 times a week and I found my hair looked and felt nice from one wash through to the next.

      I will certainly buy this again, its available from most supermarkets and high street chemists where it s selling for £2.65 in Superdrug for a 200ml tube and £2.39 for the same size at Tesco. If you are looking for an oil treatment for your hair then I would definitely recommend trying this conditioner from Dove.


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