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Dove Respect & Balance Conditioner

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2 Reviews

Brand: Dove / Type: Conditioner

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    2 Reviews
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      19.06.2011 13:06
      Very helpful



      Good conditioner, leaves hair feeling soft, silky and manageable.

      Dove respect and conditioner.....for normal hair.

      I like a lot of the Dove products, and am always up to try different things. This is a conditioner for your hair, and I really do love the smell it has, fresh and springlike, and very pleasing to my nose.

      This comes in a hard plastic bottle, shaped like an oval, it has a opening at the bottom with a pull down cap that opens from the bottom, so that you can stand this upright with the opening at the bottom, so that the conditioner does run down to the bottom, this makes it much easier to pour out of the opening, well actually a little squeeze of the bottle and it comes out of a tiny little hole, easily. On the front of the bottle there is a sweet little picture of a dove in silver, it says Dove in Black and Conditioner, Respect and Balance in blue.

      The bottle I purchased is for normal hair. It is for frequent use, and it gently conditioners your hair respecting its natural balance, without weighing it down. It states that this Conditioner will make your hair easy to detangle, and after I have tried this i do find that my hairbrush glides through my hair which is quite long easily, so the detangle claim is certainly right. I also love the way it makes my hair feel, soft and manageable and smells really lovely.

      I love the Dove range of products this conditioner itself feels soft and has a light milky feel, and look to it. After washing my hair and applying this conditioner, I brush through my hair and leave it on for a few minutes, I tend to do this with all my conditioners as it give the product a few minutes to soak into my hair and the roots, also gives my head of hair a little pampering, which with having long hair it so needs.

      My hair does get exposed to a lot, with the eliments, wind and rain and it is so nice to have a product that I feel really does penetrate into my hair, leaving it soft and manageable, which is a bonus.

      Dermatologically Tested:

      With this mild-formula - skin neutral ph for frequent hair.

      There is a uk phone free number written on the bottom of the bottle so you can ring for any help and advice that you may require with this product. This bottle was brought as a present in a basket full of items I received for Christmas from my son, but I do know on looking online that this conditioner is no more than £2.50p to purchase at Sainsbury,s Supermarket. My little two year old grandaughter has a mass of curly hair, (bit like shirley temple) and I found that using this conditioner on her hair, made a usually difficult job of untangling her curly locks easy.

      I love the smell, and the feel that this product leaves my hair soft, and flyaway and actually makes my hair feel softer for days. I do like this conditioner, I know that they also do do a conditioner for coloured hair as well. I found that I didnt have to use too much of this product to get good results. Just a small amount of this brushed through my hair, made it feel really great.

      I tend to change my products from time to time, as I do believe that your hair does get used to one product, so like to change it from time to time. I do like Dove and enjoy the results it had one my hair.

      Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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      06.07.2007 21:33
      Very helpful



      A milky strong smelling conditoner

      This is another one of those products that was gathering dust on my bathroom shelf and was told to use by the other half because he was running out of room for all his manly toiletries, you know the ones that look like women’s ones but the packaging is blue! (And he calls me gullible!)
      I had actually received this product for free a while ago to test and give my opinion and to be honest I only used it a couple of times and then it was left to gather dust because I think I found something more shiny to play with! (Yes I am easily distracted!) As I had run out of my favourite conditioner I decided to go back to this one and actually finish the bottle.


      Dove is a Unilever product and was first launched in America in the 1950’s it started with the cleansing bar that was actually developed to treat burn victims during the war. It wasn’t released as a beauty bar until 1957 when it was reformulated and renamed the “Original Dove Beauty bar”. This soap was aimed at people for dry and sensitive skin, and in 1970 was tested by dermatologists which proved it was milder than 17 of the leading soaps at the time.
      Dove came to the UK 12 years ago and became famous for its bath time products and body washes. In 2000 dove started branching out into to deodorants, hair care and body moisturisers, in 2004 came the firming range (and not a moment to soon for me anyway!) Dove is now running the campaign for real beauty, let’s be honest you must have been living on the moon if you haven’t seen the adverts basically they are using real women of all shapes and sizes for their advertising instead of stick thin models.


      This is sort of shaped like a teardrop and is the usual Dove colours of white with blue writing and the familiar Dove logo in gold. It states that it is for normal hair and frequent use, it also has the usual flip top lid that you stand the product up on and always gets a bit messy.


      Pamper your hair with the light, milky texture of Dove respect & balance conditioner. Containing moisturising ingredients that gently condition your hair, it respects your natural moisture balance without weighing it down. Your hair is full of life, easy to comb and beautifully soft. Make bad hair days a thing of the past!


      Now I am starting to remember why I only used this a couple of times and believe it or not it’s because of the smell! I started using it around the start of the hay fever season when my nose is exceptionally sensitive to strong fragrances and this really does tickle your smelling senses! It does smell like the older Dove products but a lot stronger and it really seemed to make me sneeze.

      The conditioner itself is not very thick and more like a lotion than a cream and is pure white in colour it does feel quite milky and soft. Applying is easy enough but be careful that you don’t put too much at a time as it can just slide off the head and will make your hair feel very greasy. It’s the same to use as most conditioners you just work into the hair and then rinse off, when this was on my hair it did feel quite moisturising but my hair also felt a little bit slimy.

      Rinsing was easy enough all though at times I did feel that I had to rinse a bit more as I didn’t feel I had got it all out. The best bit I must say was brushing it really did make the hair soft and my brush didn’t encounter any knots, as I have shoulder length hair knots can sometimes cause me grief but I have to say that this conditioner did make short work of them. After drying I was pleased with the over condition of my hair it did have a bit of a shine and wasn’t fly away and the scent seemed to last for a while but I must admit I did feel the overall product was missing something it just seemed a bit bland and forgettable really except for the smell!

      There is quite a long list of ingredients with long names that I couldn’t even say let alone spell! Also the writing is so tiny I would need a microscope to read them

      As I got this as a freebie I had to look the price up and it seems to be around £1.95 for a 200ml bottle depending on where you shop. Also a lot of shops have special offers on Dove products all the time.

      So would I buy this again?

      To be honest no, I mean it is a nice milky conditioner but I still find the scent a bit overpowering and I have used other conditioners that deliver better results all over but at least that’s one bottle less on the shelf!

      Property of madmum71 & lisa8871


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