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Dove Therapy Balance Conditioner

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Brand: Dove / Type: Conditioner

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2010 10:27
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      A light conditioner for normal hair.

      I have thick, long hair which has a few highlights on the crown. The bleached parts tend to be dry at the ends but the underside and back of my hair I'd describe as being normal condition. I find that sometimes, especially in the summer, that using my regular conditioner for dry and damaged hair tends to make my hair too thick and heavy making my hair feel a bit uncomfortable and 'coated' so I tried this Dove Therapy Balance Therapy conditioner for a lighter, summer style.

      The product comes in a tearshaped 200ml sized bottle with it's flip lid sitting on the bottom. It's a nice design and easy to grip and dispense but the shape of my bottle tends to buckle and distort after a few squeezes. This doesn't cause any real problems though. The flip lid is tight and secure but it is easy to flick open with your fingertips, even when they are wet.

      There is some product information on the back of the bottle which includes information about who this product is aimed at, how the conditioner works, full ingredients and brand contact information. This conditioner is aimed at those with "normal, naturally balanced hair" which is exposed to the harmful effects of the environment such as traffic fumes, weather conditions etc. The conditioner contains a special serum which protects the hair from anything that might cause the hair to dry out or become damaged in any way. The brand claim this conditioner does not weigh the hair down and leaves hair "healthy and beautiful". The conditioner is dermatologically tested so it won't irritate the skin on the scalp. It also has a neutral ph which means it's a very mild formula. It is designed for frequent use.

      The conditioner is white, thick and waxy. It has a very mild, sweet but creamy fragrance which reminds me of those milk chews you get in mix-up bags! I would describe the scent as being suitable for both male and females but girly girls might like a bit of a stronger perfume. The conditioner is much more stiff and putty-like than my regular conditioner, but it is easy to work through damp hair. When I massage this onto my hair it doesn't feel particularly soft and smooth in my fingers or over my hair, rather more the conditioner seems to sink into the hair shafts and coat each hair like a waterproof layer. I don't feel that I need to use a lot of conditioner as it seems to be so readily absorbed into the hair.

      I find the conditioner easy to rinse out although whilst rinsing my hair doesn't feel as soft and full as it usually does, it's more like half-cooked spaghetti strands! It's not a pleasant washing experience! Likewise, after having towel dried my hair it is rather tatty and ragged up into knots. I find my hair very difficult to style at this stage and this is a let down as hair is most fragile when it's wet. My hair does not seem to be soft or sleek and needs to be carefully styled and smoothed to end up in a decent condition when fully dry.

      Once my hair is dry I'm reasonably pleased with the result of the conditioner although I feel my own post conditioning efforts may have a lot to do with the end result. My hair is light and swings well. It feels soft but sleek and it doesn't feel clogged up or coated with the product and my hair feels clean for a few days after washing. My scalp is clean and non itchy. The most dry parts of my hair DO need an extra serum or protective milk applied when hair is fully dry at the tips as this conditioner just isn't nourishing enough to deal with already damaged hair. The fragrance of the conditioner disappears from my hair when dry which is a negative. Overall I quite like the effect this conditioner achieves as far as the ultimate result of how my hair looks and feels but it takes a lot of extra care to manage my tatty damp hair after use and for this reason I probably won't be buying it again.

      See the product range and find out more at the website:



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