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Duchy Rose & Mandarin Shampoo

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Brand: Duchy Originals / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      30.10.2009 22:45
      Very helpful



      A n overpriced and pretty useless shampoo!

      Review of Duchy Originals shampoo.

      I am reviewing the Rose and Mandarin version of the shampoo, I understand that there are several different fragrances in the range, but this review will concentrate on Rose and Mandarin only.

      I was given a bottle of this shampoo recently by my daughter. She had bought it, tried it and disliked it, so passed it on to poor old Mum!

      The Product

      "A rich, nourishing Shampoo made with organic Rose and organic Mandarin Essential oils" is the strap line on the bottle. Sounds good!

      The shampoo is presented in a rather old fashioned, clear plastic bottle, this is rectangular in shape with a black lid. The lid has a small indentation which you need to push down in order to access the shampoo. The bottle contains 200ml of pale yellowy coloured shampoo. The shampoo is a self adjusting formula for all hair types.

      The front label bears the Prince of Wales crest , a small picture of a yellow rose and a slice of mandarin on a cream background with the wording in a black font. The front label also informs the user that the product contains no sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulphate.

      The reverse label carries the ingredient list, which is surprisingly long for an organic product, directions for use, usage warnings, manufacturer information and a little about the Price of Wales Trust and the Duchy Originals range of products.

      The Duchy Originals group was created in 1990 by HRH Prince of Wales whose belief in the advantages organic farming and husbandry to food production led to the Duchy Originals concept. All profits from the sale of Duchy Originals products are donated to the Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation, so the purchase benefits others.


      The shampoo was produced for the Duchy Original range by Daniel Galvin Junior Hair Clinic, Queenborough, Kent, following the guidelines set out by the Duchy Originals group. The product has not been tested on animals and contains no genetically modified or artificial ingredients.
      Fragrance and Use

      The fragrance of the shampoo is rather strange. The top note of the scent is predominately rose, light and delicate. There is also a hint of coconut and at first it smells very pleasant. However, I can then detect an under note of a slightly spicy scent, I cannot put my finger on this, it is not altogether nice! The best way I can describe it is a ginger/cheap mixed spice sort of fragrance. I cannot detect mandarin or citrus in the scent at all.

      Directions for use are, as with all shampoos, wet the hair, massage product into scalp, rinse, repeat if necessary, avoiding contact with the eyes.

      As mentioned earlier in the review, the lid of the shampoo bottle has an indentation which you need to press down to access the shampoo, this is fiddly and quite hard to do when standing in the shower with wet hands. You need to give the plastic bottle a good old squeeze to actually get any shampoo out of the small dispensing slot. Not a very practical design!

      I live in a very hard water area of the UK. Producing a lather with any shampoo, shower gel, foam bath etc can be problematic here in south east Kent. Duchy Originals shampoo produced virtually no lather at all! Now, whether this was the fault of the hard water or the product, I wouldn't like to state categorically.

      After a lather-less shampoo, my hair felt clean, soft and fresh, but no more than that. The fragrance did not last on my hair and it certainly wasn't especially shiny or manageable.

      I have 'normal' hair which I generally wash every other day, so it wasn't that I had filthy hair or that I have an oily scalp, I really didn't feel that this shampoo was up to the job.

      Cost and Availability

      The price of the 200ml Rose and Mandarin shampoo is around £4-£5. It is available from various online stores such as www.biggreensmile.com (where it costs £4.95 + P&P) , from specialist organic stores, or try Waitrose or Budgen supermarkets who also stock some 'Duchy' items. The Duchy Originals website does have a 'where to buy' link:- www.duchyoriginals.com

      I would suggest anyone interested in trying this product does a search via a price comparison website before purchasing.

      My Thoughts and Conclusion

      To be honest I was not impressed at the results. As a consumer who usually buys budget ranges, to try a shampoo that costs almost a fiver was a bit of a treat, the reality was that I may as well have been using a supermarket own brand. A tad disappointing!

      Had I bought this shampoo for myself, I would be very disappointed. It is a let down and I can quite see why my daughter gave it away! To be perfectly blunt, it was just not up to the job of washing my not very dirty hair!

      Interestingly, the Duchy Originals Rose & Mandarin Shampoo was named as Best Shampoo for the fourth year running in the Natural Hair & Beauty Magazine Awards 2008!

      I wonder, is it a treasonable offence to say I dislike Prince Charles' shampoo???

      To conclude, I will not be buying Duchy Originals Rose and Mandarin shampoo and do not feel that I can recommend it to others.

      Thank you for reading.

      ©brittle906 October 2009

      N.B. My reviews may be found on other review sites under the same user name, brittle1906.


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