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Faith In Nature Hair Care

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Brand: Faith In Nature

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    6 Reviews
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      12.10.2010 22:16
      Very helpful



      This is the stuff!

      ~~Hemp and Meadowfoam Shampoo and Conditioner~~

      I like to keep a selection of shampoo's and conditioner's because I think that it is beneficial for my hair to rotate products so that the hair dosn't get used to one particular kind. Also it depends on what kind of treatment I need for my hair and scalp at the time. My hair has become pretty dry recently, on the ends, so that was my main motivation to purchase the above product type from Faith in Nature.

      I am vegan and I like pretty natural products if possible - though the main priority is no testing on animals and no animal ingredients. So you can imagine my delight when I was in the Nutricentre, that is inside my local Tesco, and I came across this shampoo and conditioner.

      I was drawn to this shampoo and conditioner in the first instance out of curiosity because it was buy one get one free! How lucky was that! I really do like a bargain. I know that Hemp is great for moisturising so that was of interest to me. Then on reading the labelling I discovered that this shampoo and conditioner were for damaged hair too. In addition it was clear that this product was Vegan friendly and Cruelty free too - that sold it. I promptly purchased and looked forward to tackling my hair. I was ready to do battle!


      This is a company with experience, over 30 years to be exact! Well that is certainly impressive and a good starting point. This company has won awards for the beauty range, so this is getting better and better. They have a great knowledge of plants and their benefits and are skilled at manufacturing produts, so this sounds like a company that has the capability to produce high quality products to me. They have a goal to produce natural stuff with no synthetic ingredients whilst being mindful of looking after the enviroment, sounding very appealing now. All products are vegetarian and nearly all are vegan, well that just got the thumbs up from me.


      There is a leaping bunny! that makes me smile! Companies can only get the leaping bunny logo if they comply with all of the strict requirements made by the BUAV so well done Faith in Nature as I have faith in your products being cruelty free.

      This company makes products that are suitable for us Vegans and Vegetarians. What an achievement that nearly all of the products are Vegan and all are Vegetarian.

      The company have a Green policy and the environment is important to them, this is good news for all us guys and the planet.

      They say that quality is of great importance and that is reassuring for me as a customer who wishes to have a product that does what it says and well.

      Importantly, I think, this is a UK company!

      This company do not use GM ingredients, that is what I like to hear as I don't want products with GM stuff in it.

      There are no synthetic ingredients and the company use natural preservatives and only pure aromatherapy oils and herbs, this is great to hear as SLS doesn't half make my scalp irritated.

      For more information about Faith in Natures history, brand, factory, products or team you can visit the website at www.faithinnature.co.uk


      Oh yes! Indeed they do and if you are interested you will have a great time browsing the website where they have:

      Hair Care
      Bath and shower gels
      Soaps and hand washes
      Deodrants and wipes
      Household cleaning
      Feminine Hygiene

      I am very impressed actually, I have heard of them and seen odd thing before but I had no idea that they had such a wonderful range of products and I think they are quite reasonably priced for a natural product range.


      The bottle is a very generous size 400ml! It is clear with a clear cap and I love the cute gadget that is on the lid that allows you to keep the lid on whilst squeezing some out. This makes the shampoo and conditioner so easy to use. The bottle is attractive though minimalistic and functional. The labelling is appealing and natural looking, the font is nice and clear. I was impressed with the information displayed as it is clear and understandable. The smell is gorgeous, I was surprised really. The shampoo is a good consistency and lathers quickly. I only needed to lather up once as it was so good and so this will last a good while. The conditioner, well I can tell you this gets a gold star and big thumbs up from me because my dry hair was gone when I used this! Now that is impressive! This conditioner is a good, thick consistency and I only needed a small amount to cover my hair (I have a shortish bob) I left it on for approximately 5 minutes and then rinsed and it came out really easily leaving me with silky smooth hair. Yes, I won the battle then. This stuff is good!

      The product is PH balanced
      Has no parabens and is SLS free
      Fully biodegradable

      Because Hemp is high in fatty acids this product really helps dry/damaged hair and I can testify on that count because mine was really dry. The advantage of the Meadowfoam is that it coats each hair and adds a volumous effect!

      ~~SO HOW MUCH THEN?~~

      Shampoo 400ml £4.70

      Conditioner 400ml £4.70

      As I say I got them buy one get one free but having used this product I would definitely pay the normal price as it has saved my hair.


      I have had a wonderful experience with this product. I really didn't expect the results so quickly. After one wash my hair is dramatically smoother and softer and phew what a relief. Easy to dispense, simple to refasten, large bottle so you get lots, great amount of suds with shampoo provided a good wash, ample conditioning with a small amount with great results. This is a winner, a tip top natural product that is cruelty free and suitable for veggies and vegans. Ticks all the boxes and most importantly it works.

      ~~FINAL WORDS~~

      I shall keep this short - fabulous and impressive shampoo and conditioner. Great remedy for dry/damaged hair.

      Thank you for reading


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        01.01.2010 12:52
        Very helpful



        Highly recommended

        This review is for the Faith in Nature Lavender and Geranium shampoo.

        Every so often I go through phases of wanting to use all natural beauty products, generally after reading some scary newspaper or magazine article about the effects that chemicals can have on people, disrupting our hormones and staying in our bodies for ages.

        I bought this Faith in Nature shampoo because it has no parabens or SLES (which is sodium lauryl ether sulphate, which some people say is a carcinogen, although this is controversial). It's also fully biodegradable and contains no artifical preservatives or colours. In addition, it's completely vegan and not tested on animals.

        This shampoo comes in a lovely bottle that's decorated with a large photograph of some pretty lavender flowers. To use it, you just pop open the top and pour a bit onto your hands, then shampoo. You do need to use a bit more of this shampoo than you would another shampoo because it doesn't lather very well unless you use a lot of it. This is probably due to the absence of SLES which is a foaming agent. Still, if you use enough (probably 1 1/2 times as much as regular shampoo) you can get a very good lather out of it.

        The smell of this product is absolutely divine. I find the scent of lavender so relaxing and calming, and this shampoo smells like you're rolling around in a field of lavender. Knowing it's all natural makes it especially satisfying. I can't smell the geraniums as strongly but they are there in the background to add a bit of interest, and they add to the overall feeling of calm I get when using this shampoo. It says on the bottle that it is soothing and I certainly agree with that. I also love the way the scent does stay on my hair even after conditioning and rinsing.

        This particular shampoo is meant for normal to dry hair. My hair is very dry and I would say this shampoo is slightly too harsh to use on my hair every single day, but if you only wash your hair every other day or less then this would be absolutely ideal.

        This shampoo is sold in health food shops and costs around £3.99 for a 400ml bottle. This is not much more expensive than supermarket brands and I think it's well worth it for this price.


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          16.10.2009 18:15
          Very helpful



          Great product, great price, rubbish packaging

          *****This is a review for Faith in Nature Aloe Vera Conditioner*****

          I have been using this conditioner for about a year now, occasionally I switch to another brand but I always switch back, for a very simple reason - its brilliant value for money. Natural products tend to be quite expensive, and often mail order, (so you pay p&p too) but this is only £3.99 and can be purchased from Oxfam shops and most health food shops, as well as from various websites.

          It's also very effective, keeping my hair soft and shiny, which is a challenge, as I straighten my hair a lot, and swim in a chlorinated pool regularly too. It has quite a thin consistency, and I seem to use a little more than I normally would. It has a lovely fresh scent, which is quite unisex. I have noticed that my naturally dark blonde hair also looks a little brighter since I have been using it, I think this may be as it isn't full of silicone like 'normal' conditioners. The silicone is used to make hair shiny, but can also build up and make it dull.

          It's not tested on animals (and has the BUVA leaping bunny logo) and is vegan.

          The packaging is a bit dull, a plain plastic bottle and a green label, which I think does the product a disservice, as it really is wonderful stuff, and deserves packaging that shows it off more. The other problem I have with the packaging is the cap, which you have to slide up to create the dispensing hole, this is really difficult to do if you're already in the shower and your hands are wet and covered with soap.

          But that's really a minor quibble compared to how much I like this product, and its good value for money.


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          21.06.2009 20:29
          Very helpful



          A great product that can easily compete with mainstream brands

          I began using the Faith in Nature hair products when I was pregnant, as I was looking for something that would be natural, paraben-free etc etc. and so protect my precious unborn child from unnecessary chemicals. A year on I am still a loyal user of these products and in fact on the occasions when I have used alternative brands (some much more expensive than Faith in Nature) I have been less than impressed with the results. So far I have tried the Aloe Vera and Rosemary shampoo and conditioners and both have left my hair feeling really clean and shiny. The Aloe Vera smells a bit nicer (when I first used the Rosemary one, my husband's reaction was "mmm, roast lamb") but I see from their website (www.faithinnature.co.uk) that there are lots of other exciting varieties available, from Neem & Propolis (???) to Chocolate! The packaging was updated recently and I am more than happy to have these products on display in my bathroom. Also the design of the lid makes it really easy to open the bottles with wet hands, as I have come across some designs that are hopeless. The 400ml bottles seem to last for ages and for an organic and ethically produced product I think these are very reasonably priced. The only downside to this product is that it can be difficult to source.


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          13.05.2009 11:31
          Very helpful



          Great product, it does what is says, the website is great for info to make you buy the right product

          ********This review is for the Seaweed Shampoo and Conditioner*********

          My hairdresser always advises me to use shampoo and conditioner, and then when it runs out to use another one, to never use the same because your hair and scalp get used to it.

          So that is what I do, I buy a shampoo and conditioner, use it then move on to the next. I also get my hair coloured quite regularly and I have suffered with a dry scalp for a while, but lately it was getting itchy too.

          I work with a women who is of the hippy variety and she always has some natural remedy up her sleeve (for everything) so I asked her what would be good for my scalp.

          She said 'faith in nature' and proceeded to look up the website and show me the different varieties of shampoo and conditioner they do. I was very pleased as each shampoo and conditioner had a write up of what it was best used for.

          I settled on the seaweed one, so I ordered the shampoo and conditioner, at £3.90 each bottle I thought I'd give it a go, so I did, each bottle holds 400ml and are quite environmentally friendly, as the ingredients include:
          Aqua (water from the Lake District)
          ammonium laureth sulphate*
          sodium chloride** (sea salt)
          ascophyllum nodosum** (seaweed)
          citrus limonum* (lemon)
          citrus aurantifolia* (lime)
          cananga odorata* (ylang ylang)
          melaleuca alternifolia*
          polysorbate 20*
          sodium citrate*
          * vegetable origin ** organic ° from essential oils
          Faith in nature pride themselves on offering pH balanced products that are fully biodegradable and have no artificial preservatives or colours.

          The directions state to massage in to scalp and rinse and repeat, I found it hard to lather up, the shampoo just seemed too runny, there was not much substance to it, and at first most of it slide off my hand.

          I finally got some shampoo on to my hair but it didn't seem to do much, so I rinsed, I then put some more on my hand and massaged it in again, this time it lathered up better and I made sure I really massaged in the itchy and dry areas.

          I then rinsed again and put the conditioner on my palm, again it is quite runny, (and therefore I think you use more) and put it on my head, it didn't seem to spread like most conditioners, so I put a bit more on.

          I left the conditioner for about 3 minutes then rinsed. My hair did feel better but I thought I'd see real results when it was dry.

          I left my hair to dry naturally and it felt ok. My scalp felt cleaner and less itchy, but was this psychological, I decided to keep using the shampoo and conditioner and review it in 5 washes time.

          Since then I have used it 8 times, and I would definitely say I'm pleased with the results, although it doesn't give your hair that really glossy shine like all those shampoo's with loads of chemicals it HAS got rid of my itchy scalp, completely! And even better the dry scalp has also gone, I was very dry towards the front of my head, and you could see my scalp by my forehead which looked dry and sore, now nothing, just normal!!

          The website also tells you where your local stockist is, which is helpful. It has a lot of information on it and tells you what is suitable for whatever is your problem. I think I might try the chocolate shampoo and conditioner next!


          It's worth it and it's helping the environment.


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            13.03.2009 17:49
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Great if you're concerned about the environment and your own health.

            I have tried both the Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner in Aloe Vera. I chose these products because I am concerned about both the affect of chemicals on the environment and myself. Faith in Nature products contain naturally sourced ingredients, no artifical colours or perfumes,no parabens or SLES (which has been linked to cancers amongst other illnesses) and they're not tested on animals. Faith In Nature is a brand that produces many environmentally friendly tolietries. They also produce a branch of household products and ingredients under the name Clear Spring which I also use, and am impressed with. You can visit their website www.faithinnature.co.uk for a full list of items they produce and where you can buy them from.

            The shampoo and conditioner were £3.50 each, you can buy them in most health food stores, organic shops and some Sainsburys and some Waitroses. The smell was lovely and left a nice clean and not overpowering smell on my hair. My hair was soft and manageable afterwards. It didn't leave it with a deep conditioned feeling, but perhaps you could use the conditioner on the hair for longer and that might have that affect.

            The labelling is clear and it explains all its organic credentials and ingredients. The range also comes in other flavours (?) lavender and geranium, seaweed, chocolate and rosemary.

            The bottles cap was a slightly annoying design, the conditioner inparticular was a bit difficult to get out the bottle as the hole was small and the conditioner thick but this wasn't a reason not to buy the product again.

            I would use this range all the time if it were not for the price as it isn't the cheapest on the market but it is one of the cheaper eco-brands. I believe though that from some stores or mail order you can purchase in bulk, which may make it more affordable.


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