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Feria Color Booster

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Brand: Feria / Type: Hair Colour / What it does: brightens,

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    2 Reviews
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      08.10.2009 21:13
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      Would work great if you had a lighter shade of hair colour-not for us dark brunettes

      I have dyed my hair so many times, I really have lost count. I use to go to the hairdressers and get it done when I got it cut and still do sometimes but it's so much cheaper for me to do it myself.

      I have really long thick dark brown hair so I always buy 2 packets of hair dye, I am also quite limited to the colours I can choose due to my hair being nearly black but sometimes I still try my luck like I did today, and well this is what happened.

      I purchased P37 Plum Power it's a very bright and vibrant plum, On the back of the box it shows what hair colours it is suitable for, for example if you have light blonde hair its not recommended, but anything light brown to black is suitable, with myself having dark brown hair and looking at the colour result looking quite bright I gave it a shot


      The contents come in a little cardboard box, you get some latex gloves which are good quality better then those thin plastic ones that you get in some hair dyes, and you also get a large instruction sheet which gives you straight forward steps of what to do.

      The first is to wet your hair without washing, then you pop the gloves on and pour the colorant and this small bright colorant into the mixture, give it a good shake and pop the top off! Then you just lather it into your hair making sure that you cover it all as best as you can. I would recommend getting 2 if you have a lot of hair like myself as you want an even coverage.

      You then wait for 30 minutes, I would recommend piling all your hair on top of your head and also having an old towel you don't mind getting dyed. Place this around your shoulders. I found the mixture to be very runny compared to most. I also didn't like having to wet my hair beforehand as most days dyes just go on dry hair but this one didn't!

      After 30 minutes of sitting and waiting I was literally dying (excuse the pun) of wanting to wash this off, my head felt horrible, itchy and the smell was not very pleasant either.


      I gave my hair a real good rinse, using the gloves I had from the 2nd packet (as I always have to buy 2 packets) and it took ages, at least 10 minutes of being arched over the bath, waiting for the water to rinse clear, in the end I gave up and looked back at the instructions where it told me that strong colours might not rinse clear.

      What did I think of the results? Pretty bad to be honest, I was not that surprised my hair is nearly black so sticking any dye on it is going to be hard work, I have a few lighter bits as in the past I have had highlights and then used a semi permanent colour to cover them, as I don't really like having highlights but tend to get them from time to time just to break my boring colour up.

      Also my hair felt horrible afterwards, it does not feel like its very conditioning like some other brands I have used, You also get this shampoo that's included and you are meant to use it twice after washing the dye off, You are meant to also keep using it to keep the colour in your hair for longer. I also had to put on some of my Elvive Conditioner it was so knotty it felt awful.

      After Drying my hair and styling, There was a nice shine there although a little boring and dull, not the result I expected so I think they should look at dark brunets dying there hair this colour as it does not work!

      ***My Verdict***

      I really feel if you have light brown or medium brown hair this colour will work fabulous on you, but dark brunettes it does not make much of a difference, there is a slight tint there but mainly at the root.

      They offer lots of different shades, I was going to get the blue/black and think I will get this next time, I don't tend to go for a certain brand just the colour that I want to go for.

      You can pick these up in Boots, Superdrug Etc and I got mine in Asda for £5 so not a bad price for a hair dye.

      This is a permanent hair colour that does not wash out. So if you are looking for something temporary I would not go for this as it will take ages to grow out especially if you have light hair, but if you are dark hair like me its pretty much invisible anyway


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        18.09.2008 18:06
        Very helpful



        Good hair colourant for bold, bright colours.

        I have used both the black and red colours in the feria colour booster range. I found that after using the product my hair was very soft and felt in good condition. My hair was also very shiny after using the product however this effect was not too long lasting. The actual colour result itself was very vibrant and powerful, so this is probably not a good hair dye to go for if you're after the natural look. The colours are quite strong and bold.

        The disadvantage of the product was that it had an incredibly strong smell when it was on my hair. I left the product on for 20-30 minutes, and I had to go outside at one point because the smell at one point was so strong. The smell was a very chemically, ammonia like smell. Therefore I would not recommend this product to anyone with any sensitivities in the lungs or throat area.

        Overall I was very happy with the colour result, it was very bold and vibrant which is what I was after. As I said before I wouldn't recommend it if you're after the natural look as I expect that even the more natural colours come out very bold and bright. I didn't find the product rubbed off on the pillow, but do keep your hair off the furniture when it's wet for the first few washes.


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