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Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo

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Brand: Fudge / Type: Hair Shampoo / What it does: Smoothes, Protects

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    1 Review
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      03.11.2012 13:33
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      An absolutely amazing shampoo which delivers results and is completely worth the few negatives.

      I've recently coloured my hair platinum blonde although I've been continuously struggling with brassy tones at the ends of my hair, they just won't seem to budge! I bought a toner from Boots, 100ml costing £12 and I just found it turned these unwanted yellow shades into unwanted lighter yellow shades which obviously weren't the results I was expecting! I'd been recommended on a few occasions to try a purple shampoo and decided to do a bit of research to find a decent one so I didn't end up with more disappointing results. I opted for the Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo which countless amounts of bleached blonde girls were raving about on the internet.

      I cashed in some Dooyoo miles and headed over to Amazon where I purchased a 300ml bottle of this costing £7.14. Whilst this may seem a little excessive for shampoo if it worked half as well as these reviews I had read claimed it did then I felt it would be worth it. Plus this should be used alternatively with your regular shampoo and I currently only use mine once a week meaning 300ml is going to last rather a long time.

      I'm not sure the picture supplied by Dooyoo is of a different product or if the bottle has just been updated but the shampoo looks rather differet to the picture displayed above. The shampoo comes in a rather lovely looking metallic purple bottle which stands upside down on its white plastic flip top lid and displays the Fudge logo, product name and product information in a mixture of white and silver font. The bottle claims this will remove yellow tones from blonde hair whilst hydrating the hair. On the back are directions for use where it states to keep this on for up to five minutes, being a violet shampoo you can expect to have violet coloured hair if you do exceed this time!

      The actual shampoo is a very, very deep shade of purple, as the purple cancels out the yellow and brassy tones in the hair I'm led to believe that the more purple a shade of toning shampoo the better the results. So, following this rule, this shampoo should be pretty spectacular! I've looked at a few other cheaper toning shampoos and can confirm the colour of the shampoo has been nowhere near as vivid as this one!

      The shampoo is quite runny and, particularly when still quite full, I find this just runs out everywhere and can be quite messy! Fortunately I don't find this stains anywhere and is easy to rinse off the side of the bath and the tiles around it (it really is that messy) nor does it stain my hands so that's good! It lathers up really well and only a small amount is required to cover my just above shoulder length hair. The scent of the shampoo is a little strange and makes me think of play dough with some dodgy fruit scent added to make it smell a bit better. It's not very pleasant but then it's not very strong either and doesn't linger in my hair or anything so I can put up with it. When the time comes to rinse this out this is also easily done and it takes very little effort to so. Plus you get to continue your bath is pretty looking bright purple water!

      The shampoo aspect of the product is effective and, after washing my hair, it does feel clean and manageable and never leaves me feeling as though I need to wash my hair with a regular shampoo as well in order to properly wash it. I must admit I was a little worried the toning aspect would have been the main point of focus and how well this shampoo actually cleaned hair would be forgotten about, fortunately it hasn't been and I'd be perfectly happy to use this without the purple colour just to wash and clean my hair. I also find it be quite hydrating as promised. My hair, although improving with the amount of product I'm currently using, is still quite dry and brittle and this does have a slight hydrating effect on it. Nothing wonderful but still noticeable. As good as this is though, how well it works at removing brassy tones is obviously still the main thing!

      The first time I used this shampoo I was in for a bit of shock. I kept this on for roughly three minutes before rinsing off as I was really scared this would turn my hair purple and I'm pretty sure my manager would have something to say about that the next day at work! It did, however, turn my hair purple despite how cautious I was of it doing just that! The top few inches of my hair were already white blonde and it just gets a little more brassy towards the ends and these brassy ends is where the shampoo worked really well. After one application the brassiness in the ends of my hair had almost completely gone which did really impress me. The problem was that my roots which were already bright blonde were the parts which went purple and frankly it looked ridiculous! Had all my hair turned out this colour I personally would have quite liked it (even if work didn't) but the fact I had a bit of a half and half situation going on made it look awful.

      The good news is this purple washed out really easily. I just washed my hair again using normal shampoo and it was completely gone so there's no need to worry if this does happen! After I'd gotten the purple out I was able to assess the colour of my hair properly. The shampoo had reduced the brassiness significantly but not completely. In some areas my hair was white blonde down to the very tips but there were still the odd few patches which had a more yellow colour to them, although much more subtle than before.

      I decided to use the shampoo again the next day, this time using a mirror and purely concentrating on the areas which still needed a little toning. I left it on for the full five minutes this time safe in the knowledge that any purple hair colouring could be easily and quickly washed out again. These areas were, again, left a lilac colour so I popped some more regular shampoo on along with some conditioner and, just as before, this was removed straight away, phew!

      After drying my hair after the second application I have to admit I was really very impressed, amazed really! I've completely ruined my hair and had to have most of it cut off because all of this time I'd been sticking harmful chemical hair dyes on my head in get rid of the yellow tone and take it to white blonde when the whole time I could have just been using this stuff instead! After this second wash the entire of my hair was left white, not a single bit of yellow or orange or any other colour for that matter to be seen. The change was so dramatic a few people asked if I had bleached it again!

      The initial results were brilliant, much better than I was ever expecting from a shampoo. The long term results in terms of up keep are pretty good too! Now I've managed to get my hair all one colour when I leave this on all my hair turns a light lilac colour which I really like and, if I'm not at work, it's not unusual to see me walking around with lilac hair (well, it's something a little different)! As this colour comes out so easily I don't have to worry about times when this shade of hair isn't appreciated as I can just get rid of it as and when I please (in fact there should be shampoos in other colours which offer the same colouring results if you ask me).

      Using this regularly will leave your a silver shade of blonde which is what I'm currently going for as I quite like this colour too! I apply this once a week to maintain the silver shade and it works really well. I've found that using this less frequently will just keep the white blonde shade, once a fortnight allows me to achieve this result. Basically, you can achieve three different hair colours easily just by changing how often you use this shampoo, it's pretty good if you like experimenting.
      Of course you may just want to keep this and only use it when you feel your hair is getting a little brassy in colour again which I have no doubt in my mind would also work brilliantly.

      So it's a little pricey, extremely messy and, unless you wash it off immediately, will almost certainly turn your hair purple. Regardless I still 100% recommend this to anyone who needs to get rid of brassy tones in blonde hair and I wish so much I had bought this before putting so much blonde dye on my hair and causing such dryness, damaged ends and brittleness! Not only does the shampoo not damage my hair like dyes do but it's also worked 100x times better. The bottle lasts for ages due to not having to apply it every time I wash my hair and should my hair go an unwanted purple colour it's a simple case of washing again with regular shampoo to remove this. I absolutely love this shampoo and it's definitely one of my 'miracle finds'. The results are worth the easily removed mess and the price!


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      Body Builder gives hair extra life and volume / Its dual volumising system pumps up the hair for added body and bounce leaving it feeling soft and silky smooth / It lifts and removes excess oil from the scalp and repels, whilst protecting from thermal, UV and environmental damage /

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