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Fudge Hair Varnish

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2 Reviews
  • Better for long hair
  • Good hold
  • Not ideal for short hair
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    2 Reviews
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      02.02.2015 13:47
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Good hold"
      • "Glamourous shine"
      • "Better for long hair"


      • "Not ideal for short hair"

      Almost to good to be true!

      You varnish your nails why not your hair?

      This is an attempt to make your hair look shiny, glossy and lightweight after styling.
      This didn't work very well on short hair as it made it appear greasy but on long hair, which I now have, this makes it look remarkable flyaway and very shiny provding you don't apply to much.

      I thought this would be a spray or liquid but its actually a wax. A light wax. FUDGE was a rating system of 0-15, 0 being the lowest and 15... yep you guessed it:) This is rated as a number 3 for hold, but I personally would say its better than a three.
      If your sick of hairspray causing your hair to be sticky or hard to comb afterwards maybe this is a good alternative simply because the hold is seamless.

      I need to tame flyaway frizz and control the feather cut I had been given especially once the wind attacks in on the tube, I was looking for something that would allow my hair to set back in place. This product has the best hold. I apply a size of a ten pence piece in my hand and worked it through m damp hair but dry is fine as well and immediately styled my hair the way I wanted it. The first thing you'll see is the shine, glamorous is how I'd say my hair felt afterwards, the top of my head had that shine appearance like a halo! First time for everything!
      This also highlighted the layers within my hair style and I really was glad that something I had paid for especially regarding haircuts could visibly be seen. It's the small things!

      Again this is lightly scented and I highly recommend this.


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        15.07.2012 16:46
        Very helpful



        It's a great product

        Fudge hair varnish - £6 for a 75g tub

        I absolutely love this product. It smells all fresh and minty (they also have it in Fudge flavour also great)...

        When the tub arrives it does looks bigger than it actually is. I do find this to be frustrating, as it is bad for the environment. The product has a two layered tub - which I realize is a marketing ploy, but still kind of cheeky...

        I first used the product when I nicked a bit of my boyfriend as I had run out of the usual gloop. It always smelt good on him, and needs must right? The product is now a favourite. It gives my hair really good texture, and for him it holds his hair beautifully in place. (I couldn't get the same effect as I have long hair, and to get spikes like his would need wood glue). According to the website it has a hold factor of 10 / 15.

        The main benefits of this product are that it doesn't slick your hair back or darken it. It also washes out beautifully - it doesn't leave any nasty residue like other hair products can do.

        This does however cause problems in the rain. For me not so much as I go out prepared if I have taken the time to do my hair and take an umbrella - however for my boyfriend you'd think it was the end of the world... Honestly he takes longer to do his hair than I do... he feels that the product washes out in the rain more easily than others. Though he still uses it as the benefits far outweigh the downsides of the product.


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    • Product Details

      Strong Hold Texturising Creme / For Strong hold texture and definition with a mint flavour / Contains special film formers which provide anti-humidity properties to maintain your style for longer / The blend of natural waxes, ceresin and carnauba wax delivers both texture and shine / Hair Shaper Mint also contains hydrolised wheat protein which strengthens and improves the condition of hair whilst styling / It has a strong hold with a semi-matte finish and a refreshing mint fragrance / It is also water soluable, so shampoos out easily /

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