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Fudge Paintbox Vendetta Red

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Brand: Fudge / Contents: 75ml / Hair type: normal hair / Product line: Fudge Paintbox

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2013 00:26
      Very helpful



      Dye for the strongest of hearts

      I should start by saying that I live in Southern Cyprus and here the market is kind of limited, not many things on for sale, thus choices are limited; for sure you find the brand names, everything well known worldwide is here too, however if you want something more unique you're to face Lady Bad-Luck, or you can do as I do and order things on line just to drive the ones at my local Post Office mad when I lose or packages are delayed.
      Thus my review today, about the new hair dye I started using and added to my must have list of on-line shopping.
      Before Valentine's Day I was browsing cheapsmells.com for a nice "smelly"present for my other half; and while looking at anything else than "smelly"things I remembered I needed to dye my hair and I was in need of something ammonia free. I started to search for the one and only; I'm quite particular about my hair colour, it has to be brunette, but not black, with a hint of red but not on fire, changing shades in the sun but not too traffic light-ishly obvious. I usually use HerbaShine, though the number I use is out of stock everywhere I looked for, for weeks (still is till today) so I could not let my white hair grow more obvious and make me look like I was wearing coloured extensions! I'm 29, but because of genetic laws I took after my mother and had white hair since 19, now looking almost like Mrs. Clauss, though I wear no round spectacles.

      First impressions

      Here's the thing, while searching and reading which was best and why and of course did not have Ammonia, I came across Fudge Paint Box Vendetta Red. Even though it said Red, the tube looks more dark lilac so I did a quick Google search to find pictures with actual dyed hair using this colour and have an idea of what was what. The pictures that came up where more like some Japanese comic book's characters, with very shiny and strident dark burgundy rose. I just blinked, checked again and again different images, turned the laptop sides, picked it up, looked under... I seriously was intrigued, the idea was naughty to say the least. I wanted to try it on, I wanted to feel childish, but I had no idea how it would look on my very very long hair. I guessed it could not look worse than a mass of dark burgundy blood under the sun, in my head imagining I won't be the last person to walk the face of earth like that and neither was I to be the first, only I had to dare and come out of my comfort zone.
      Not to change my mind, I added 2 tubes in my basket along with other product and went straight for check-out not to doubt my sanity any more than I do it daily.

      Reality check

      When I received my package, the first thing I did was to rummage in for my paint boxes and when I had them in my hands was surprised by the small size these recipients were. Shorter than my palm, the actual thing looked like the miniature of an original, though it is the original size; as it is stated on the back of the tube, this is a very strong dye and there's no need of excessive use of it to have fantastic results. It even says this dye it is not for the faintest of hearts. I might agree with this statement if it comes as warning for the blue or yellow colour, but not for this one. Anyway, not to stray from my experience and to move on with the facts as they happened.
      It is a small tube, but it is full of text and it looks cute, you can see the shade of the colour through the plastic and for the words to be visible they are written in white on a silver background. I had a quick look at the instructions and reserved the day for the transformation of my hair. Had it washed (it is required), and set to apply the new colour on.
      If the step by step follow-up says to squeeze the paint into a bowl and after to use a tint brush to spread evenly on your hair, I did exactly as I do every time: had my gloves on, applied some cream on my forehead and started on with the squirting and spreading... Big mistake, please you the one reading this and future buyer do as the instruction instruct, otherwise you'll cry like I did.


      First and foremost, if you go around it the way I did, you'll not have enough dye for the very long hair and second you'll not dye only the hair, but even the scalp and forehead with all the precautions taken afore, cheeks, ears and whatever else your glove touched! Now I truly understand the warning "not for the faintest of hearts", because it is meant only for hair and hair only and nothing else. Well, maybe if you want to change your looks for a good period of time without applying too much make up every day, you can find this as the easy way out (do not try that!)! You see, these are other warnings I had ignored: not to apply dye on my nape (did so), to avoid touching the scalp (it was dark bloody looking like) and the main was to keep it as far as possible from the skin (I was good to play in the 101 dalmatians, just that I had dark burgundy spots).
      Only because I used this dye the way I used any other in the past, I finished the first tube way too quickly and I had no other choice than to open the second one too and continue what was already looking like a painting done by a 2 years old; maybe even a toddler was to do a better job.
      Finally every strand was covered in paint, all I had to do was to wait 30 minutes (on the tube it is said to wait between 15 to 30 minutes, but I always wait longer), meanwhile saving what I could from my face not to be stained.

      After results

      30 minutes waiting done, washing and drying done, treatment combed in my hair, was time for the light test. Took my mirror out on the balcony and had a look. Ignoring the very visible stained face, neck, ears my hair had a great colour! Was so pleased about that I squealed like a newborn! Not a very powerful colour effect to stand out like a cartoon character, but not too tame either. It was a perfect result and I really was surprised in more than a pleasant way, because when I saw that I was burgundy painted all over I thought it would be an entire disaster. It was all worth it and I know now for next time, that warnings are to be followed sometimes and ignorance would be punished when thinking you know best.

      The Fudge Paint Box

      This line of hair colour is ammonia free and peroxide free. Colours available are as follows:

      Goldfinger - 75ml
      Hot Chilli - 75ml
      Red Corvette - 75ml
      Cherry Bomb - 75ml
      Vendetta Red - 75ml
      Raspberry Beret - 75ml
      Blueberry Hill - 75ml
      Purple Haze - 75ml
      Blue Velvet - 75ml
      Blue Hawaii - 75ml
      Pink Moon - 75ml
      Pretty Flamingo - 75ml
      Clockwork Orange - 75ml
      Electric Blue-75ml
      Green Envy-75ml

      The price I paid for one tube was Euro 7,22 from cheapsmells.com.
      http://www.fudgehair.co.uk/ has it on offer for Euro 7,90
      www.amazon.co.uk has it for £6.75

      Reasonable price for the amount and of course the end result. And it doesn't harm your hair the way the usual with ammonia dyes do.

      Overall experience

      It was a lesson that I learned using this paint colour, that I should take care before changing my hair colour, second I should read instructions carefully and third was: coming out of my comfort zone was a positive thing to do. I love the paint itself as it doesn't smell as strong as many brands do, doesn't make you feel faint from all the chemicals. The hair after washing doesn't feel heavy or stuffy, the fingers just slide through and it feels refreshed and shiny.
      There are now 3 weeks since I dyed my hair and I'm just satisfied to still see that my hair kept the same shine to it, the colour doesn't show yet any signs of fading which is more than I can ask for. I can still hope that it will keep like this for another 3 weeks. On the tube it does say that the colour will hold on between 15 and 30 washings, until now it proved to be as advertised, so thumbs up.

      I would recommend it, and not only because I think it is one of the best hair dye I ever used, but for the funky and daring colours this line has. Maybe I won't ever use Metallic Blue, but you never know if some of my own screws will come loose and I'll just want to be the bad version of Tinker Bell.

      Great product to be tried at least once by the ones that dye their hair and want a change, radical or mild one and of course like this kind of colour; and for the price that it is sold it really does what it says. Go funky with your hair and you might love the new you!

      Of course even this paint comes out with the allergic reaction warning and that you should try it first on a patch of your skin to make sure you won't have any problems with it for at least 24 hours and then to go ahead with it. As you can see this is another warning I ignored, because this is how I am, taking risks to feel brave I went full on ahead and had my dye battle and came out the winner.

      Thank you for reading and I hope you'll feel pleased with this product as I am.


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    • Product Details

      Not for the faint hearted this Fudge Paint Box colour will transform your look in an instant! It provides vibrant dramatic results on pre lightened hair or more subtle tones on natural hair / Directions Shampoo your hair and towel dry Wearing gloves squeeze Fudge Paintbox into a bowl Using a tint brush apply Fudge Paintbox evenly to your hair being careful not the stain the scalp Keep the colour away from your skin at the hairline and nape Comb the colour through your hair using a wide tooth comb Comb until it becomes frothy (lighter shades will require more combing) Let the colour process for between 15 30 minutes A plastic cap of cling wrap will help processing Rinse your hair thoroughly away from your face using warm water until all residue has been removed and the water runs clear Shampoo and condition as normal

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