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Garnier Fructis Crystal Resist Volume Hair Spray

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Brand: Garnier / Spray / Type: Hair Spray / What it does: volumizeses / Product line: Garnier Fructis

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2012 13:00
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      A poor hairspray

      I don't use hairspray that much in fact my last can of hair spray lasted me a whole two years! However, since having my daughter 18 months ago I noticed that I had short bits of hair around my hair line which my hairdresser pointed out was 'baby hair'. Hair that can grow when you've had a baby. Which all being well is quite sweet however when they are two short when you put your hair up and they stick out its not the desired look I was going for!

      I don't always wear my hair down as sometimes it is just easier to put up in a 'chic' bun or pony tail especially at work when I just find having long hair can just be a bit of a nuisance! Since discovering this 'baby hair' I was in desperate need for hair spray and having just run out of my last can of hair spray about two months ago I went into my local Morrisons in search of a new hair spray. I am not brand loyal and I will try anything once and in the end I opted for the Garnier Fructis Style Crystal Resist Hairspray.

      I bought the Garnier Fructis Style Crystal Resist Hairspray partly because it was reduced and I felt a bit be-grudged to spend over £3 on a hairspray especially as I think most hairsprays over that amount are not actually worth it and the fact that I don't use it on a daily basis. And the other reason was the fact that it dries instantly I hate a sticky hairspray or one that leaves the hair with a typical hairspray finish where the hair stiffens completely. I have never used any product from the Garnier Fructis range before however I have used plenty of other Garnier products and have always been happy with the results.

      The Garnier Fructis Style Crystal Resist Hairspray is one of a number of hairsprays in the Garnier Fructis range but the difference with this hairspray is that it is enriched with crystal mineral extract which apparently helps to keep the style for up to 24 hours. It also promises to give a brilliant shine and finish. As well as helping to protect your hair style against humidity and wind therefore leaving a 'crystal shine'. Garnier Fructis also state that the 'ultra fine micro-diffusion' is the part that helps the hairspray dry instantly which will leave a perfect finish. So it certainly has quite a few promises to deliver and to be honest I was quite dubious simply because I haven't yet found a hair spray which can survive the wind, especially as I now use it when I am riding and being at the yard with the horses!

      The hairspray comes in a black aerosol can with a green plastic top and of course there is the Garnier Fructis green logo on the front together with images of large diamonds which I am guessing are meant to be crystals as well as the product name. On the back of the can there is as you would expect the ingredients list as well as the warnings which are all standard for this type of product. There is also a bit of information on the product itself basically what the hairspray can offer. I really do like the design of the aerosol can and on the shelf it does seem to look a lot nicer than the standard metallic coloured hairsprays.

      Despite its nicely designed aerosol can what is it like to use...To use you do simply need to hold the can a certain distance away from your hair and simply press down on the plastic cap and the hairspray comes out in a fine mist. What I first noticed was the smell of the hairspray as although not particularly strong it was quite distinct and noticeable. It was quite a sweet almost fruity aroma but it certainly had the smell of hairspray. However, I do find it quite a sickly smell which I don't find very pleasant which is a good job when I only use a small amount at any one time in my well ventilated bathroom!

      However, despite it claiming that it dries instantly I find this to be a little white lie as when I have sprayed it onto my hair I have noticed that it does feel rather sticky to the touch and although after a few minutes this disappears I don't like the stickiness that it leaves and although it does give quite a natural finish as it doesn't really look like you've applied hairspray it does make the hair feel a little stiff which with a hairspray you expect it to do. Fortunately as I only apply such a small amount I shouldn't really be complaining but I don't like the smell and I don't like the stickiness it leaves to begin with. Other than that the hairspray does give quite a nice finish but it doesn't give a wonderful shine that it promises but then I am only really using the hairspray on my hair line which I guess it would be hard to see a shine there!

      So apart from the horrid sickly smell the hairspray has and the fact that it can make your hair a little sticky to begin with can it survive the wind (of course I can't test against humidty!). Keeping my horses on very flat land in Lincolnshire means there is wind and plenty of it so the hairspray was really put to the absolute test. So did it survive? Not at all, my hair was released from the grip of the hairspray incredibly easily and I ended up looking like I'd gone through a hedge backwards, the hairspray lost all of its control within about half an hour let alone the 24 hour hold it claims to have! I wasn't at all surprised but maybe Garnier Fructis should specify was type of wind and at what speed the wind needs to be at for this hairspray to work!

      However, when not in the wind and sat in my nice warm office the hairspray does actually do its job and keeps my 'baby hair' in place but again this won't last for the full 24 hours, not that I've stayed up to make sure but after around 6 hours I do notice it starting to wear off and by the time I get in around 6pm ish the hairspray has all but worn off so it certainly doesn't last the full 24 hours but maybe I just don't apply enough as I literally have a light covering as I don't plaster my hair in hairspray.

      Overall, not a hairspray I would buy again nor is it one I'd recommend. I will be continuing to use it simply to use it up as I don't want to waste it as much as I don't like it for work purposes it does the job and thankfully the sickly aroma doesn't last as soon as you've sprayed it on, the aroma disappears. In my opinion this is a poor product which doesn't deliver what it promises and I don't think I would consider a different one in the Garnier Fructis range (I do remember hearing bad reviews on its shampoos and conditioners). I give the product 1 star which is simply because it does for the office.

      ~ Useless Info ~

      Brand: Garnier Fructis
      Availability: Supermarkets, pharmacies and online
      Price: £2.69 (Boots - Apr 2012)


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