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Garnier Fructis Work It Rebound Jelly

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Brand: Garnier / Type: Moulding Products

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    2 Reviews
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      07.03.2010 16:40
      Very helpful



      if you wan choose a better quality one

      I used Garnier Fructis for a while last year so i thought i would write my two cents worth.

      First of all and most importantly it does the job! it allows you to style your hair in any way you wish, whether your hair is longer or shorter whatever style of hair you want this product will allow you to create your wildest fantasy.

      However i have found that this gel does not leave you hair feeling nice. It normally leaves your hair feeling rock hard which is not a nice feeling and often makes your hair feeling dry. It can also leave your hair feeling quite greasy which again is not a nice feeling or a good look.

      One thing I have found with this gel is that a little goes a long way, this means you get better value for money as opposed to some gels that you have to use alot to get the look you want. I also feel that it starts of quite cheap meaning it is probably the most cost effective on the market.


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      24.07.2008 10:22
      Very helpful



      Fructis rebound jelly.

      Fructis Style - Work It!

      Good old Dooyoo, no suggestions getting processed for a while and now, a week from my hols they are starting to come through.

      I have already reviewed two products in this range; Surf Hair, which I use and still like, and Manga head which my son uses. Now it is time for the red topped tub.

      My hair is getting longer and the Surf Hair product has been struggling to keep up, so when I saw this range in Boots on offer at three for £5, I bought a tub each of the usual and a tub of this 'rebound jelly' called 'Work It!'

      It is from Garnier in the same type of plastic tub with screw top as the other Fructis brands, green tub this time, with a red top. Easy to get the jelly out as the tub has a wide top, which I have to say, many hair products do not. Tells you on the tub that this lasts for 12 months when open, though I think it probably lasts for a milennium. Also tells you on the tub that the packaging is recyclable plastic.

      ~~~~The Jelly~~~~
      It is light green, same colour and consitency as that 'slime' that kids used to play with that you could get from joke shops. It feels absolutely horrid when taking it out, sticky and drys quickly on the hands. There is a definite need to wash hands thoroughly after use. It also smells rather unpleasant, sort of chemical based with an acetone tinge and some fruitiness somewhere.

      The list of ingredients seems longer than on the other products in the range with lots of technical names, as well as castor oil and apricot kernel!

      ~~~~~To use~~~~~
      As with the other products in this range you scoop out a bit, 'warm it' between your hands and work it into damp or dry hair. You can keep 'working it' (hence the title) into a firm hold with 'flexible resitance'.

      The effect is not good in my opinion. It dries shiny, which is a no, no for me. and as for flexible, it could not be less flexible. It is so stiff and knotted it took me two hair washes the first time to get it allout. Now that may be becasue I used too much so I gave it another go, only one hair wash, but still took some shifting.

      There is no doubt that whatever style you put your hair in, it will stay that way, but at the expense of your hair ceasing to be hair and becoming a solid birds nest.

      Really, as it dries it seems to pull at the scalp and becomes so rigid it is like having superglue on your head. I could not even sratch my head without feeling the tangle mess pull and hurt.

      ~~~~~~In conclusion~~~~~~
      It is a real shame that this product is so naff, as the other two products in the range are pretty good. Yes it's cheap so by all means give it a try, it might work for you, it did not for me.

      Website: http://www.garnier.co.uk they tell you all about this.


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