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Garnier Olia

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4 Reviews
  • Hair feels great
  • Good colour choices
  • Fiddly to put together
  • A lot of faffing before you can start the dye process
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    4 Reviews
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      23.01.2015 21:44
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to apply"
      • "Hair feels great"
      • "Good colour choices"


      • "Fiddly to put together"

      A great nourishing oil based permanent hair dye!

      In the attempt to save more money for the future and getting a house of my own – I’ve put off going to the hairdressers to get my hair dyed so I’ve decided to put it back to a more normal and manageable colour. However with all the choice out there I really struggled to pick a colour and brand.

      I’m a big fan of Garnier, I know they are very suitable for me I use their deodorant and I’ve used the Olia brand in the past and really liked it. Last time I used it was straight onto my red hair – however this time the circumstances were a little different!

      Garnier Olia comes in a good range of different colours, and the box comes with a circle that can be popped out to use as a stand for your bottle. It’s a right faff getting the developing crème and the colour into it because they come separately – so you have to put them in together and get them mixed but don’t leave it too long otherwise when you take the top off it will start coming out of the top!

      Other than that though it’s a quick process applying the hair dye to be honest, you just find that when you get to the end of the bottle as it gets empty it’s hard work to get any out so I feel like you do waste a big amount unfortunately! The applicator nozzle is really easy to get to specific places – can’t really complain to be honest!

      If you’re going to try and cover a colour that is similar to the dye then you’ll be ok with the same or similar shade and only one box if you’ve got shoulder length hair. Now if you’re trying to change the colour, get two boxes and a shade darker than you think you need – as I’ve had the issue of trying to go from red to brown, the iced chocolate I started with didn’t cover properly. So I had to try again, but with blond you’d be ok to go brown as it’s easier to cover than a very potent red.

      Half an hour on for a full head cover, and it’ll wash out quite easily with warm water and with the conditioner on your hair will feel lovely and soft, really nicely replenished and hopefully the colour you were trying to achieve.

      These are £6 a box in Boots at the moment and on offer for two for £11 in Asda and Tesco too, so you can pick them up with your weekly shop without breaking the bank!


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        19.11.2014 13:36
        Very helpful


        • "Very easy to spread through the hair"
        • "Good range of shades"
        • "Gives an even and tonal colour"


        • "A lot of faffing before you can start the dye process"
        • "Shade is darker than expected"

        Oil In Your Hair Dye?!

        I dye my hair regularly, more so since the first dreaded blondes started to appear (I refuse to use the word grey...) and have therefore tried loads of different dyes due to the fact that I'm totally NOT brand loyal when it comes to stuff like this and tend to buy whatever is on offer and available in the shade I'm after.

        I used a box of Olia a couple of days ago (shade 6.35 - Light Chocolate) and chose this shade as I'm considering going back to blonde soonish and thought it would be a good idea to bring my hair up to a lighter shade myself before taking the plunge. Olia impressed me in the shop as it will make dark hair lighter (not all permanents do) and also promised me 'A new way to colour'.

        The only new way about it in my opinion is the fact that it's so much faffing before I started, I know Olia claim to be using an 'oil technique' in their colours but that's not really obvious to me as a layman and I can't say I can really see much difference in the condition of my hair when using this over another hair dye.

        Before you get going you have to empty two tubes into a separate 'bulb' then shake them together - bloomin' nuisance! Other hair dyes you add one tube to another so why on earth Olia have added this extra step I don't know - I actually ended up adding some of the after-dye conditioner to the developer as I got myself all mixed up looking at three similarly designed tubes, thank goodness the bulb has a wide enough top for me to scoop the conditioner back out when I realised my mistake!

        Applying the dye is easy enough, it reminds me of a milky coloured ointment and spreads beautifully and easily through my hair - I've recently had my very long hair cut to shoulder length and there was more than enough dye in the bulb to cover every single strand, which is great as before the cut I had to use two boxes every time I did a home dye job. Rinsing is equally easy but be careful to rinse it all out properly as the dye is very lightly coloured and you could be forgiven for thinking it's all out when it's not (and then you'll end up staining your towel and clothes).

        The end result is nice enough - the colour is darker than I was expecting based on the swatch printed on the box but it's even and reasonably tonal when dry, I'd recommend using the supplied conditioner as that made my hair wonderfully soft (and made me wish I hadn't wasted half of it by accidentally squeezing it into the developer!).


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        26.01.2014 11:59
        Very helpful



        A great hair dye, so long as you dont mind a slightly darker result than you had hoped

        I normally get my hair professionally highlighted, but after being let down by my hairdresser, I decided that I would take matters into my own hands. I have used the Olia dues in the past, with good results, so I decided I would give this one another try. In fact, my profile pic was after I last used Olia, and my hair was so healthy and shiny looking. I also liked the idea that this dye isn't as harsh as some on the market, as my hair is quite dry and damaged. It contains plant oils, and has no ammonia, unlike some other brands on the market.. I chose the golden ash blonde shade, as my highlights are a platinum blonde colour, and I thought it would be light without being too bright.

        Garnier claim that Olia leaves hair 35% softer & 17% shinier without using harsh chemicals to achieve a good colour. The developer contains mineral oil and also sunflower, camellia, passion flower and white meadowfoam oil to help nourish and protect hair during colouring. Oils can penetrate the hair shaft, so in theory the results achieved by this dye should be better than some other brands of colourants.

        In the pack you get
        Developer cream
        A teardrop shaped applicator bottle, with a tapered tip
        Colourant cream
        Multi application conditioner
        Black gloves

        This is very similar to any colourants that I have used in the past. It is essential to do a patch test aprox 48 hours before using this product. To do the skin test, take a cotton bud and apply around 1 - 2 cm (about the size of a 1p piece) to behind your ear. Apply a few top coats, letting the developer dry between each application. Leave the area for 48 hours, without washing it, touching it or covering it. If there is no reaction after 48 hours, proceed with the application of the colourant. This test must be done before each application, even if you have had no reactions in the past, as skin or the formulas of the colourant can change and cause reactions, which are fatal in the worst case scenarios.

        Once you have done the patch test, the next state is to apply the colourant. The chunky bottles makes this easy to use, even if you're not the most supple handed. There is a handy perforated area in the box, which you push out, so you can set the applicator in this while you mix the ingredients together. This means there is less chance of knocking over the applicator and spilling the contents. Once you have mixed all the items together, shake the applicator, and then break off the top of the applicator bottle. Mine immediately shot out into my hand, so best to beware of shooting liquids. I was also very impressed with the gloves that I got in the box, they felt like 'proper' disposable gloves, not the flimsy easily torn gloves that I have got with other colourants.

        Using the nib, I started by applying this to my roots, rubbing it in, and then moving into the areas that don't need as much concentration of colour. I find it easier to squeeze the product onto my hands and applying it that way, but you can also use the applicator for a more precise application.

        The first thing that I noticed about this colourant was the lack of smell. Unlike some which have left me hardly able to breathe because of the ammonia, I couldn't smell anything (although I didn't actually take the time to sniff my hair!). It is fairly liquid and easy to apply as well, and doesn't get blocked in the applicator nib.

        Leaving my hair for the 30 minutes that the instructions advised, I then washed my hair and applied the conditioner. I usually take a small drop of shampoo and rub it through my hair when rinsing it - that way I'm sure I have washed all the colourant out. It does say in the instructions to keep your gloves on, so that you will be wearing your gloves to rinse the colourant out - I didn't and as soon as the water hit my hair I understood that instruction - once mixed with water, the colourant takes on a slimy sticky consistency, although it is easily washed out. I did also find that once the colourant was washed out, my hair felt more manageable than usual - and I almost thought I didn't need to use the conditioner. I did apply the conditioner though, and left it for around 2 minutes before washing it out. The conditioner is a generous 54ml, and there is enough for around 3 - 4 applications, even for my long hair

        Blow drying my hair, I was amazed at the texture of my hair. While not perfectly soft, it seemed a lot softer than I have seen it in months, and the colour, although slightly darker than I was hoping for, is an even even colour, with lots of shine. My hair looks healthy and shiny, and I am very happy with the results of this hair colourant. It did take an application of violet shampoo to bring out the best in this colour, but for the price I paid and the results I got, I would recommend this hair colourant.

        Reading reviews online, this seems to get a lot of negative reviews, but personally, although it's not as light a result as I would have liked, it seems to have left my hair looking and feeling better than it has in months, and not many colourants do that. Personally, I'd rather have hair a shade darker, and be able to style and manage it without it looking and feeling like straw.

        This hair colourant is available from all good chemists for around £7, which I think is a fair price for a decent enough colourant. Even though the colour isn't quite as bright as I would have hoped, it has made a positive difference on the condition of my hair, and that was half the battle for me! I would definitely recommend this, just don't expect the results on the box (although that never happens me anyway!).


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          06.10.2013 13:57
          Very helpful



          Colour with plant power

          I had my hair dyed brown in June, I am naturally blonde and I always had highlights which had left my hair a bit worse for wear. Since I went brown my hair is in great condition but the colour I had was semi permanent and kept fading back to medium blonde and my roots were showing.

          I had been using Loreal Casting Creme as I haven't the time to go to the salon and if I can save money all the better but this colour is again semi permanent.

          I have never used home hair dyes before and I bought this because it was permanent and because it was on offer for £6 in Tesco.

          Garnier have a wide variety of shades I was undecided between number 6 light brown or 5 brown so after looking at the result chart on the box I picked brown.

          The dye comes in a box which has perforations in it to push the bottle through during the colouring process. In the box you get gloves, instructions, conditioner, a mixing bottle, the colour and the developing cream.

          The box tells me that Olia is the first plant oil powered formula containing 60% plant oils. It has no ammonia. This day also covers greys.

          You are recommended to carry out a patch test.

          You use this on dry hair. The instructions advise you to mix the formula and then immediately remove the cap on the bottle and apply. If you have coloured your hair in the last 8 weeks as I have you need to apply to the roots and massage in before leaving for 20 minutes.

          The gloves are awful in this box, they remind me of the gloves from a garage and are ill fitting. The colour doesn't smell potent and is quite pleasant. It is easy to apply as the applicator is precise.

          Once you have waited 20 minuted you then apply the rest of the colour and massage in before leaving another 10 minutes.

          Once the 30 minute time has passed you then need to wet your hair and massage thoroughly before rinsing with warm water until it runs clear.

          I did make a huge mess in my bath rinsing this off and it seemed to take forever. The colour is quite thick and non drip so this could be why. Once it was rinsed I applied the conditioner as directed and left for 5 minutes before rinsing again.

          After drying my hair I checked the colour and was pleased to say it was even and there were no patchy bits. My hair looked really shiny and glossy.

          I would recommend this colour it gave me great results my hair looks shiny, glossy and I can't tell the difference between this and the salon colour despite my hairdresser telling me a salon brown always looks better.

          I would buy this again.


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        • Product Details

          Colors: Olia 5.0 Brown, Olia 10.0 Very Light Blonde, Olia 3.0 Soft Black, Olia 4.0 Dark Brown, Olia 4.6 Deep Red, Olia 6.0 Light Brown, Olia 6.60 Intense Red, Olia 9.0 Light Blonde

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