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GHD Hair Repairing Angel Tears

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  • Doesn't do much!
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    3 Reviews
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      11.01.2009 21:28



      In a hurry I used my GHD straightners on my fringe which had been sprayed earlier with hair lacquer..the whole of my fringe is now a dry frizz which I have to straighten twice a day..Is there a treatment for this damage as I cannot possibly cut of my fringe


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      10.01.2009 00:03
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to use"


      • "Doesn't do much!"

      Parted with tears at the price!

      I am a huge Ghd straighteners fan. I couldn't wait to get to grips in October with my flashy pink pair I had my heart dead set on and begged for the money so I could get them for my Birthday.

      Now although I love my hair straighteners, I still have to work with them to get great results (which is achievable) and me, well as long as I use good branded products I have never really been fussed what I use in the way of products really.

      However one day bored I decided to watch the dvd that came with my straighteners and on that dvd there was a woman styling her hair and we got told what products she was using to create the looks. Looking at her results I was envious and she made it appear so easy and it was there and then I decided that I would get my hands on some Ghd products and see if I got really amazing results like she did.

      I got my straighteners from a proper Ghd stockist and that's my top tip. I have seen straighteners and the products that really look like Ghd stuff and are really not. So do be careful ordering this stuff online! I personally know that my friends have ordered Ghd stuff and God only knows what they got but it certainly wasn't Ghd hair products and they paid through the nose for rubbish!

      My main issue with my hair is the general condition of it and I realise that if my hair isn't in tip top shape then I won't get optimum results from my straighteners. I have my hair trimmed often but I do suffer with alot of small growing hairs at my crown and they poke up and I always thought they were split ends till recently.
      They're not it's where my hair is of course growing. I do suffer greasy roots which can make my hair appear lank, I have a frizzy, bouncy mid section and my ends split quite easily and go straggly looking. I could have my hair curly if I wanted to spend the time getting it looking that way as my hair wants to be curly more than straight but because of the frizz I have that look is really very hard to achieve so my easiest way of getting my hair looking acceptable if to whack some straighteners through it and even then if I'm not careful (even with Ghd's) my cows lick (fringe) can put in an appearance when least wanted and waves throughout my hair can appear. As I mentioned earlier I do use good quality hair products and I like Toni & Guy and Lee Stafford and stuff like that but my results haven't been the best and I want a better main of hair!

      So I went to my hairdresser and asked her advice about Ghd Products. I thought she'd advise me to get some heat protection spray from Ghd or something like that. Instead she handed me a little box and told me this should cure all ills. I felt a bit disappointed really particularly when I was told it would cost me £12.50 for something so tiny!

      The Packaging:

      The product comes in a green/yellowish oblong box with a gold and white and black sort of block pattern on the right hand side and at the bottom of the box I'm told it is Ghd, Professional, Angel Tears (Salon-Approved Protein Droplets). 'A selective treatment that instantly restores hair's natural shine, supplements and strength' and finally on the bottom of the box I'm told it is a new religion for hair. On the side of the box ingredients are listed and on the back I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use, the size is stated (30ml) and contact details for Jamella Limited are given (the manufacturer of Ghd products).

      The bottle is small and plastic and see through (you can see an orangy coloured liquid through it) and it has a pointy black plastic twist on/off lid which protects a see through thin tube which you get the drops out of. On the front of the bottle I'm told it is Professional, Angel Tears and a bit of information that is on the box I'll tell you about in a second. On the back of the bottle size and contact details for Ghd are once again given. The box and bottle are ok really. Nothing special but they do look functional plain and look like a professional product rather than eye candy.

      A Bit About The Product (According To The Box):

      Ghd Angel Tears is an instantly-absorbing replenishing conditioner that restores the beautiful, healthy look of hair. Used selectively to those parts requiring treatment, these pure liquid protein droplets will boost hair strength and restore it to its former glory. Ideal for all hair types.

      Directions For Use:

      Wash hair with your preferred Ghd shampoo.Apply a small amount of Angel Tears paying special attention to areas in need of revitalising. Work in with a comb and leave a few minutes before drying.

      My Experience With the Product:

      Well I wash my hair with whatever shampoo I like as I don't choose to purchase the Ghd shampoo (still a top brand one though). When I wash my hair I miss out the conditioner this apparently doesn't work on top as a wash in and off conditioner because it can't penetrate through creams etc and this after-all is a conditioner of sorts. So after washing my hair through a couple of times, rinsing it thoroughly, patting it dry and then giving it a gentle comb through (which isn't easy without conditioner!). I then set about applying some of this.

      No amount is recommended and you have to use it where you think hair needs repairing. I have read the fabulous Miss Pinks review on this product and like her I won't apply any to my greasy roots.

      It comes out of the 'dropper' very easily though not too fast so you can control the amount you apply to your hands before you put it on the hair. Consistency wise it isn't all that oily as I was expecting though it does contain oils of course. Smell wise it's quite floral and really pretty in smell and although you can smell it on hands after using it you can't smell it on the hair mixed with your shampoo smell and so little of it is used it doesn't really fragrance the hair and if it does it's so slight that smell is undetectable making this ok for men and women to use if desired.

      I use about 4 drops on my shoulder length hair. This amount depends of course on the length and thickness of the hair and where you want to apply it. I gently rub it through my hands slightly and then gently run through my mid section and pay particular attention to my ends and add more if I feel I need it. I then comb it through (missing my roots out) and wait a few minutes before styling my hair and using my hairdryer before my straighteners. It so isn't greasy that I don't even have to wash my hands after using it.


      Well hair doesn't look no different really. It feels smooth enough and there is a definite healthy, natural shine to the hair which is satin smooth and it doesn't feel so fluffy but it still appears it. It is not a frizz buster, it doesn't straighten hair but hair isn't sticky or lifeless after using it either (if you make sure don't use too much of the product of course) and it does look healthy enough but the difference is subtle.

      >Does It Repair Hair? I don't think so. I mean again I agree with Miss Pink (her review) that this may help to prevent further damage to hair in the long run but I don't think it is a fixing all problems product.

      Is It Worth The Money: Not to me no. I don't hate it and I don't think it's entirely useless but it does so very little and you have to be fairly intelligent to use it (mistakes can be made if your not wise) that me, well I'd rather use a good conditioner. This is a high price for what it is and for that price I expect more from it.


      It's ok but I found that it didn't deliver me all that much really and even if it was half the price of what it is I wouldn't buy it above other treatments I can buy on the high street. Your simply paying for the name and through the nose. The good thing about this though is you can use other styling products with it to achieve your requirements without a heavier build up as after all it really is a leave in conditioner.

      It can be bought from all Ghd stockists and online but do shop around for it to get yourself a decent deal.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        18.09.2008 12:32
        Very helpful



        great for dry damaged, brittle and split hair..........

        My hair is my main asset and I do everything I can to have it looking nice and healthy, after a very bad experience at the hairdressers with a full head of bleached highlights, I have really started to take care of my hair.

        I still blowdry and straighten my hair daily, I have tried not to but it just has to be done. I always buy good hair products to try and prevent my hair from further damage, because I just couldn't live without the hair straighteners.

        The lasted edition to my collection is the GHD angel tears, I am saying latest as I am only just starting to use it but I think it has been around for a long while. The grape vine also tells me that these are going to be discontinued in the near future and replaced by the GHD rescue drops.

        I am under the understanding that both products are exactly the same, but these angel tears were brought out as part of a limited edition promotion.


        Angel tears is basically a protein keratin that is used to restore the hairs structure, as hair is made from protein keratin this just gives you that bit more protein, to keep your hair in its natural state and looking and actually being nice and healthy.

        The product is instantly absorbed into the hair to replace and protein that has been lost by excessive heat abuse, leaving your hair in the best possible condition.

        GHD products have always smelt fantastic, but this product is not in the same league as the rest of the products in the smell department. I find it smells strange the only way I can possibly describe it, is that it smell bland with a gingerish aroma. It is a good job you only need a few drops otherwise you wouldn't dream of putting this into you mane.

        This is a product that can be used on all hair types, I would recommend you try it if you suffer from split ends, as this is the first sign that your hair is lacking in this essential protein Keratin.

        This little plastic bottle basically looks like eye drops and has the same sort of dropping spout, to allow you to only get small amounts of the product at a time. This is great as I am very heavy handed and I would use far too much if it didn't let out one drop at a time.


        This is a very small bottle and at 12.70 for a small 30ml bottle you can easily be put of by the excessive price tag, but as you only need one or two drops for each application this is very reasonable.

        I feel that this product will last about two of three months so the price is not too bad.

        This has become very hard to get hold of now, but some GHD salons may still have this in stock, if you log on to www.ghdhair.co.uk they will advise you on where to look for the your nearest GHD stockiest.

        I personally bought mine online from www.jasonshankey.co.uk when I purchased my new IV irons, a 30ml bottle cost me 12.70 but as I spent so much I got free postage. So remember you will have postage costs on orders under 100.00.


        This is so simple to use apply a few drops to washed towel dried hair, work the liquid through the hairs mid length and ends. You can apply it to the roots if you think it needs it but in my experience I wouldn't bother as it turned my hair greasy really quickly.

        Once you are happy that the product has been worked through your hair, you just style as normal and hay presto your done.

        MY OPINION

        I don't think this would repair really damaged hair, but it would prevent further damage and give your hair the best possible change against those dreaded straighteners and curling tongs.

        At first you will not see much difference but the more you use it the more you will notice your hair is frizz free and it seems to get that extra bit of shine. If like me your hair fuzzes at the first sniff of rain, then this will work for you it seems to have defused the wild hair on damp days.

        I really like the fact that if I notice those dreaded split ends I have these angel tears to rescue me, my split ends instantly improve and prevent them from splitting further. This way I can still go to the hairdressers every twelve weeks instead of every time I notice these ends, other wise I would be visiting every few weeks, so in the long run this will save me lots of pennies.

        If you have split dry hair, then this liquid protein keratin will give your hair instant shine, strength and softness.


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