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GHD Professional Invigoration Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2004 23:40
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      I?ve never been one for sticking to a certain variety of shampoo even though I have sensitive skin that can sometimes react very badly to new products. Over the years I have found a few products that are kind to my skin and give my hair a pleasant smell and texture, although I can honestly say nothing has ever wowed me completely and made me want to sing from the rooftops and extol its virtues as much as the shampoo I?m reviewing today. I have read about some fabulous hair products yet it always makes me angry that the majority of the really wonderful products can cost anything from £5 to £8. Having two children living at home and another son to support, I could not possibly justify spending this amount of money on a shampoo so have always resigned myself to a life of using normal shampoos from the supermarket shelves. However Lady Luck shone on me recently and I have received a bumper package of ghd hair care products without having to pay a penny. Ghd have long been known for their range of hair straighteners and the company pride themselves on producing hair care products that guarantee the purchaser to achieve wonderful results and have the smoothest silky looking hair ever. After using these for the last week I can honestly say that if I had the money I would never buy anything else for my hair, yet I still fail to see how these products can be so extravagantly priced as they are way beyond the means of the majority of people in the country. Enclosed in my pack of goodies was a bottle of ghd Professional Invigoration Shampoo and over the past week I have fallen in love with this white pump action bottle or miracle working shampoo. After scouring the internet I?ve discovered that the shampoo can be purchased from sites such as www.missgroovy.co.uk for £10.75 or from the ghd site itself at www.ghdhair.com for the same price but with t
      he added extra of a free vent brush. Of course postage and packing will apply from these sites too but I?ve yet to find a high street store selling the products apart from hairdressing wholesalers but you will need to know a hairdresser who can purchase the items for you. When I tell you that a bottle of the shampoo only contains 250ml of product, it?s easy to see what I mean about extortionate prices. Is anyone really going to pay nearly £11 for a bottle of shampoo? The shampoo is presented in a white bottle with some snazzy gold and brown splashes of colour. At first glance the bottle looks to be the same as many of the hair mousse tins and has a black pump action dispenser on the top. Closer inspection reveals that this is no tin, instead the bottle is made squeezable plastic. The smell of the shampoo is not going to win any prizes either. There are no flowery fragrances added to make it smell pleasant and the lightly bronzed shampoo has a rather medicinal aroma to it, similar to the old Lifebuoy soap bars. The consistency is nice enough though, and it?s easy to imagine I?ve bought a tub of honey instead of something to put on my hair as the colouring is the same as runny honey or maple syrup. A word about my hair before we go any further. It?s highlighted ? not excessively so but as hair colouring dries the hair out I always have to use plenty of conditioner as it has a tendency to become fly away if I just use a shampoo. Although I have it cut regularly at six week intervals anyone who has colour on their hair will know the process does dry the hair out and any heated appliance does the same even if it is just a quick blow dry each morning. The first time I used the shampoo I decided to use it without any conditioner to see if it really lived up to its claims of getting rid of any excess hair products in the hair such as gels or waxes while st
      ill leaving it manageable and shiny. As this was the first pump action shampoo I?ve ever used I did have reservations as to how the shampoo would emerge from the bottle. No worries there as a gentle push on the top a couple of times is all that?s needed to dispense a dollop of the brown shampoo onto my hair. The smell still isn?t wonderful although it does smell slightly less harsh when it is massaged into the hair and it does give off a menthol aroma similar to Vicks chest rub. As the instructions advise to shampoo the hair then leave the shampoo to do its business for 2 minutes or so I followed the instructions to the letter and laid back in the bath waiting for the magic to work. The shampoo lathers really well with a pure white froth and a couple of small squirts is more than enough to wash my short hair so the bottle will last a considerable amount of time if it?s only used by myself. I was expecting the lather to be brown because of the colour of the shampoo so was most surprised when it was a virginal white colour and smelled of a chest rub! After leaving the shampoo for two minutes my hair has a softness that it?s never had before as well as smelling gorgeous. Yes I know I?ve said the smell of the shampoo is strange but the menthol smell is quite invigorating and leaves my scalp feeling refreshed after the shampoo has been allowed to rest on my hair for the required amount of time. Not only that but my hair doesn?t feel dry or coarse as it normally does before I smother it with conditioner or an intensive hair pack and it smells and feels deliciously clean. After blow drying my hair feels luxurious. There?s certainly no flyaway ends and it has a fuller appearance as well as being soft and silky to the touch. All this from a couple of squirts of shampoo and no conditioner? I?m impressed enough to have used it this way for the past week but am going to pr
      ogress to the using it in conjunction with the other products in the box, although I really can?t see how the results can be any better. Yes it?s expensive and no I won?t be spending my own money on this in the future but I will definitely be asking for some bottles for Christmas and birthdays in the future. It really is the best shampoo I have ever used and leaves my hair smelling and looking good for up to four days before it needs washing again. If you?re Baroness Rothschild the chances are you can afford to buy this as part of your weekly shopping. I can?t but I?m going to make damn sure this isn?t the one and only bottle I ever have in my bathroom.


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