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GHD Reflection Spray Final Shine

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2 Reviews

Brand: GHD / Styling products / 50mL. / Type: Styling Spray / Subcategory: Styling Products / Contents: 50ml / What it does: Protects

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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2010 11:58
      Very helpful



      Great finish, Great Shine

      GHD professional Reflection Spray Final Shine has now totally replaced the GHD Professional Shine divine range.
      This is a hair product I have been using for approximately 6 months, I had previously been using the shine divine, but this is one I would highly recommend you try.

      Packaged in it's sleek black bottle with the GHD logo on the front and spray dispenser, this is a must have product.

      Reflection spray final shine is used either on styled hair to give a glossy, static and fizz free look and feel, or on slightly damp hair to make combing easier (please be aware thet if you do use this product on damp hair before drying/straightening you will still need to use a heat defense spray). This product does however give UVA protection as with all the Thermodynamics range.

      Although I use this daily I do not follow the exact instuctions on the bottle.
      I actually spray the product into my hand, rub my hands together and then smooth over the middle and ends of my hair, I find that if I use as directed, spraying all over the hair from approx 30cm then I end up with very greasy looking and feeling roots and generally looking just a bit flat topped. Ghd reflection spray can be bought from any GHD retailers/stockists including hairdressers with an RRP of about £12.95 for 50ml, but can be found cheaper on ebay.

      Reflection spray can be used as part of the 4 part GHD recommended process :
      1. Cleanse and Nourish - Using Shampoo's, conditioners and treatments
      2. Protect - Using thermal protectors / heat defense sprays
      3. Style - Using mousse / hairsprays
      4. Finish - Using Waxes / serums / polishes (ie: This product)
      Or can be used on it's own with your other favourite products, as I do.

      My Overall opinion is that this is a great product used very lightly and not anywhere near your roots. It even smells Divine. A little pricey but a little bit does go a long way, and a 50ml bottle can last me about 3 months.

      Have a Good Hair Day....

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review...........


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      22.01.2008 09:33
      Very helpful



      A finishing and shine spray for hair from GHD.

      Some of you will have read my GHD Thermal Protector review which I posted back in December. I ordered this product after reading a review of it on DooYoo direct from the Jason Shankey website and at the time it seemed to make sense to order multiple products as I was paying for postage... I'm sure there was some logical reasoning behind this! The GHD Thermal Protector promised to keep my hair in fantastic condition while styling so it made sense (in my head) to buy the GHD Reflection Spray Final Shine to show off my hair's fantastic condition!

      In the past I've tried many hair shine sprays that all advertise themselves as giving hair superb shine but in reality I've found that very few actually follow through on this claim. The majority of shine sprays that I've tried in the past have given an element of shine to my hair but the overall effect has been to simply make my hair either flat or greasy... not a good look at all! The GHD Reflection Spray Final Shine offers to give "instant radiance to your heat styled hair, leaving style stactic free with a superior shine." It's also ideal for all hair types and contains UVA protection although I would be wary about using it if you have very fine hair.

      The spray comes in a small, dark brown bottle which looks quite classy and expensive. The lid simply pulls on and off the bottle which makes for easy application through a push down pump style dispenser. GHD is displayed in orange on the bottle along with a multicoloured triangle of modern looking art giving an artistic hint to the bottle. It's made of plastic and stands easily on any flat surface. It only contains 50ml of product so it's quite small in height at around 4 inches tall and can be carried around in my handbag which means it can withstand a bit of battering!

      To dispense the product you simply need to press down on the pump and squirt it evenly over your hair. I find it works best if you hold the bottle about 60cm away from your hair as this way the spray won't be concentrated in just one area and instead will cover your hair more evenly. The spray is quite concentrated when it is dispensed hence another reason to hold it quite far from your hair to ensure that you don't end up using half the bottle at a time! The spray itself is a clear liquid and has a gorgeous smell to it, quite strong and fairly sweet but reminiscent of expensive hair salons. It does have a fragrance to it but once it's been on your hair for a couple of minutes it does fade and you only get a hint of it if you actually smell your hair directly.

      The spray is applied as the very last step of your hair care routine, once you've dried and straightened it or whatever you tend to do. It should also be applied after any finishing creams or serums as this if not some creams and serums can decrease the amount of shine the spray provides. My hair is quite thick and just below my shoulders at the moment, as such I find about 4-5 sprays are enough to cover my hair with a subtle amount of product. I'm always wary of over applying and making my hair go greasy which is not something I'd recommend!

      As for the results of this spray... was I presented with sparkly shiny hair? Yes and no! In the light my hair certainly appeared to shine more, I've got dark red highlights at the moment in my dyed brown hair and in the light they certainly shone. Several of my friends commented on how healthy and shiny my hair was looking as well. However in normal daylight there didn't appear to be any visual impact on the shine of my hair. With regards to grease this is a better product than most as it didn't appear to make my hair greasy or flat at all, even after using it twice it still felt and looked fresh. It also doesn't leave any sort of oily film over your hair which can feel quite strange to the touch. The smell was pleasant and relieved the slightly astringent burnt smell that often comes as a result of using hair straighteners.

      So overall I've got nothing but good things to say about this product and it's certainly better than any other shine sprays I've tried in the past. The only downside is the price tag, on the GHD website it retails at £12.95, on Amazon its £12.90 and I bought it from Jason Shankey where it is also £12.95. If you think that you're only getting a 50ml bottle for this price then it is quite an expensive product. I bought mine in mid December and have probably used it on about 10 occasions since then and would say I'm about a third to halfway through the bottle. I'd estimate with twice weekly usage this bottle would probably last about 2-3 months depending on the length of your hair and how much product you actually use each time. I would buy this again but it would only be if I was feeling particularly affluent one week!

      The only worrying thing I've found with this product is the warning that is currently highlighted on the GHD website which states that "Unfortunately due to trace amounts of flammable ingredients contained in this product, we're unable to send it outside mainland UK." Therefore I really wouldn't recommend putting this product on a shelf or in any room of your house where it may result in a hazard!

      Thanks for reading!


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    • Product Details

      Give instant shine to any heat-treated hair, and with the added protection from UV, this is just the shine spray your hair needs /

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