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Goldwell Duel Senses Rich Repair Shampoo

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Brand: Goldwell / Type: Hair Shampoo / Hair type: damaged hair / What it does: Repairs, Enriches, Nourishes

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    1 Review
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      07.07.2009 03:33
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      Works really well if you use all products as instructed, in the same session.

      Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair.

      OK. So I am lucky when it comes to hair care- I seem to have picked up some great bargains so far this year, and one line I really want to recommend is called Rich Repair and is by Goldwell who are a salon brand (this means you wont find it in Boots or Tesco's etc, just on the internet and in salons- and of course, on flee-bay). Or if you're lucky like me, you spot it free with a 6 months magazine subscription for £6. (Sorry folks, the offers over now.)

      I am going to review the set as a group here as I never did try them one at a time, and I don't really tend to think hair products mix well across the brands anyway- but that's my own understanding, others are open to disagree!
      I have done a little research and found that the range can be purchased, full size being 250mls from around £7 up to £14 which is expensive, but worth it, personally? It works better the John Frieda and Aussies hair masque which had been some of my previous favourites. The set is designed to repair damaged hair.

      The set I have contains a shampoo, a conditioner and a conditioning masque- now here's where a whole new world opened up to me- the treatment masque is NOT a conditioner- its used after the shampoo, but before the conditioner. You leave it in for a bit, but its not for using by itself as it wont actually condition your hair like a conditioner does, it will add proteins and stuff instead, its a bit like a vitamin pill, you take it with food to make it work, not instead of food as it wont work or wont work as well. I didn't know that- the result was extra strong Barbie hair- strong where it hadn't been, smooth like it hadn't been, but NOT soft and NOT easily brushed- learn from my mistakes, don't' make them!

      The shampoo appears to look like any other shampoo; a just off white iridescent type gel/thick liquid and smells like a non descript shampoo. It lathers really well, I have shoulder length hair and I am able to get away with a blob the size of a 50p coin when sitting in my hand. It rinses out quickly and also very well.

      The hair masque follows next. Once the shampoo has been rinsed out, I scoop out double the amount that I would have put in of shampoo. The tub it comes in says to leave it in for 60 seconds, but I do think the longer you leave it in, the better the result for repairing damaged hair. It is a thickened smooth custard look, a yellower white which blends into hair easily and smells quite sweet and similar to the non descript shampoo smell. It also rinses out easily after the 60 seconds plus.

      The conditioner instructions also suggest leaving in for 60 seconds, which I have done and also have not done- it does make a slight difference to there being fewer tangles in your hair so I would recommend leaving the stuff in while you shave/clean/read! Just as before, it rinses out well.
      After towel drying my hair, it does feel slightly easier to brush then previous products- where I would have had to use serum.

      The only real let down is that it doesn't protect my hair from heat damage- if I don't use heat to dry my hair (say for example I let it dry naturally) it dries wavy and not too frizzy, nothing ground breaking on the looks department though, my hair has never ever looked good when naturally dried! But if I blow dry it, it does still go very frizzy and I should also add, if you have coloured hair, it wont strip the colour as quickly as some products seem to (Tigi Headshot- which otherwise is a good product, Mop and Bodyshop all drain colour) But it did drain my colour to some extent- I should add, it does not at all say anywhere it is designed for coloured hair which is probably why it did my brightly coloured hair no favours, but for me it is a down point, though unfair for me to actually mark them down on. (So I won't). But I will mark them down on not being able to reduce the frizz caused by the hot hair driers as a protection formula would have been better.

      But I can say that if you don't heat dry your hair, its not as frizzy and even if you chose to, afterwards, my hair felt very very soft and smooth and was very much easier to take care of as it just didn't seem to tangle as much. It also seemed a lot stronger- 6 months before I used this product, I had my hair lightened 3 times on one day to make it closer to blonde (sort of strawberry blonde/Jennifer Antison (Rachel) in Friends was the result, prior to that it had been much darker, sort of pillar-box red) so were talking a bit of a jump and my hair suffered as a result and became easily broken with a hair brush. After using the above products for just a month, my hair was noticeably better and felt much smoother.

      If only it dealt with the frizz of blow drying/straightness, it would have been the full 5 stars from me!


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      Helps nourish and repair dry, damaged or stressed hair /

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