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Goody Ouchless Thick Elastics Hair Bands

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Brand: Goody / Type: Hair Accessories

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    1 Review
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      26.06.2013 13:20
      Very helpful



      A good quality pain free pony tail brand

      Note: Dooyoo has inadvertently used an image of another brand of hair band stocked by Boots. I have requested that the image be changed.

      Although I try to keep my hair in good condition I'm not one to spend a lot of time styling my hair, especially for work, and nine times out of ten I'll grab a band and wear a pony tail. I've been using the same pony tail bands from Boots for years now and tend to reach for them instinctively but recently I spotted these 'no metal elastics' called 'Ouchless' from American brand 'Goody' and, despite them being much more expensive than the Boots own product, I decided to give them a try.

      These bands differ from most others in that the circle of rubber is not joined by metal: instead the link is made almost invisibly with a tiny piece of plastic - you can feel the join but hardly see it. Although that little metal link seems insignificant it can damage your hair and some people are allergic to metals so a hair band that gives at least the same benefits as a conventional one but doesn't have that metal clip has got to be worth a try.

      I bought a pack of 27 bands which come slotted over a piece of card. When I buy the Boots pony tail bands they are on a loop of plastic thread which needs to be cut to release the bands and once you've done that they are all loose. With this cardboard packaging from Goody, you can take one band and leave the rest on the card which is brilliant for me because I have a tendency to lose hair bands. The Goody website shows that the company makes many different kinds of hair bands and other hair tying items in a lot of different colours. My local branch of Boots stocks only a small selection of them but as one of them is the plain pony tail band - my usual choice - I can't really complain.

      The rubber is covered in a soft black material which doesn't appear to get worn with use; it seems to be more gentle on my hair than the bands I've used previously and when I remove the band from a pony tail I no longer find any hair twisted round the band.

      Size wise these match up to the boots product, just under two inches in diameter. I need to twist them a couple of times to secure my pony tail but the elastic is easy to manipulate. After a couple of weeks of continual use the first band I tried is still going strong and the elastic hasn't yet gone saggy. Although the join in the band looks like it could be weak it is still strong and certainly doesn't look like it could easily break: I did offer one band up for sacrifice and asked Himself to test how strong it is and we concluded that even after a good attempt to snap it, this bands says strong. Other brands I have tried can be a bit hit and and miss with the odd band snapping within days or the band becoming saggy and loose necessitating further twists. These Goody bands make my pony tail feel secure and once secured as tightly as I want, I don't find that hair falls out of it.

      I paid £3.49 for a pack of 27 bands which I initially thought was expensive but given that these bands appear to be very tough they are actually much better value than what I was previously buying. (Don't forget to swipe your Advantage card if you're buying from Boots.)

      As well as these black bands, Boots also stocks the 'Rock Star' pack which contains 24 bands in different colours (some are patterned) for £3.49, a pack of 24 'Cheetah' elastics which are a mixture of the rounds bands that I have (in brown and black) and some flat bands with a leopard print pattern and a pack of ten thick elastics of the type I bought) for £2.19. Boots also stocks some of the other Goody products such as grips and clips.


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