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Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins

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3 Reviews
  • Hold hair really well
  • Long lasting
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    3 Reviews
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      20.06.2015 19:24


      • "Easy to remove"
      • "Easy to use "
      • "Good for thick or curly hair"
      • Painless
      • "Hold hair really well"
      • "Long lasting"


      Easy to use, and really do keep hair in place

      All I can say is that I truly love Goody Spin Pins.

      I bought a packet of 2 for less than £6 over a year ago from Boots. And while this may seem expensive, I have used this same pair of pins at least 5 out of 7 days a week ever since I bought them. They're still in great condition.

      For my day to day activities, going to work, at the gym and around the house, I prefer to have my long curly hair up and out of the way. My preferred hair style is a quick and easy bun. And with these pins it has never been easier. Just twist my hair in to a bun and screw one pin in from one side, and another pin on the other side so that the pins cross over each other. I advise keeping the pins as close to your scalp as possible. Just 2 pins for my waist length curly hair, and my bun remains in place no matter what I do, until I remove the pins myself. And the pins screw out so easily too. No hair gets pulled out. There is no tugging, or tangles or battling at the end of the day.

      Even after an intense workout at the gym, my hair will not have moved at all.

      I would recommend the Goody Spin Pins to anyone who is looking for a fast way to put their hair up and keep it up. No fuss.


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      23.01.2012 14:15
      Very helpful



      A fantastic product - highly recommended! :)

      Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins (dark hair shade)

      I have been looking for a product like this for a while, and now the brand goody is available to buy in boots. This brand is an American brand, which is not very widely available in the uk but it is now available in boots - so I have now purchased a few of their products, including these.

      - What is a spin pin?

      A spin pin is a metal coil which is about 6cm in length. This product does look a little strange and like some kind of medieval torture device but it is a great product. It looks like a spring and it is a bobble/hair tie substitute - you can use this product instead of a bobble when putting your hair up into a bun. It is metal and rigid so it does not move and you just twist it into your bun and it will hold your hair in place securely without bobbles or hair pins/clips!

      - About the product

      You get two spin pins in each pack (I think you should get more in a pack but you do only get two) and you can get them in a couple of colours, to match your hair colour. I have the dark hair spin pins, as I have dark brown hair and this shade will also work well for black hair as well I think. This product is fairly new and I have only seen these products in boots but they are also available in asda I believe. Each pack contains some instructions and ways in which you can use the spin pins - such as a soft spin, side soft spin and a double spin.

      - Using the spin pins

      I bought these a couple of days ago and I have used them everyday since I bought them - although I was not sure about buying them as my hair is quite long (down to the small of my back) and it is fairly thick and I didn't think these would hold my hair. I bought them anyway, as using bobbles to put my hair up into a bun is a nightmare as they never stay in place and they always leave a kink/line in my hair. Firstly I just brush through my hair as I find it helps the spin pins to twist through my hair easier if my hair is smooth and tangle free. I then start to twist my hair into a bun, which is not as easy as it sounds with my hair as it is again fairly thick and long. Once my hair is in a bun shape I just hold the bun in place with one hand and take one of the spin pins. I find that the shade for dark hair is a really good match for my hair colour and it blends in really well with my hair so it you can not see any part of the spin pin when it is in place. I position the spin pin over the excess section of hair that is loose and not secured and I just twist the pin into the bun - it is that simple. You just twist the spin pin into your bun until it is all the way through your bun. I then take the second spin pin and twist it through the another side of my bun to make it fully secure - you may only need one spin pin, it depends on how long your hair is and also how thick your hair is. I use two spin pins every time I put my hair up into a bun and they keep my hair in a bun well - the spin pins do not fall out, they are not visible as they are inside the bun, they match my hair colour well and my bun stays in place even if I jump/run around! I had some doubts about purchasing this product but I now really like these spin pins, I thought that they might hurt when I twist them into my hair but they do not hurt, they don't really pull on my hair and they are also really easy to remove. To remove the spin pins you just locate them in your bun and twist them so they they slide out easily - this only take a few seconds. I like the look these spin pins give, as they are basically invisible when they are in my bun, it makes my bun looks chic and effortless - a look which bobbles do not give in my opinion.

      - Overall positives

      Overall, I really like these spin pins as they do not hurt when I twist them into my bun, they match my hair colour well and they are hidden in the bun so they are not visible. They hold my hair in a bun really well and the bun feels really secure too - which is surprising as I didn't think the two spin pins would hold all of my hair, but they do. The spin pins are very easy and quick to use and they are easy to remove. They do not create a kink/line in my hair like bobbles/hair ties do, so I can keep my hair in a bun all day and then I can take the spin pins out and my hair will be wavy and line free.

      - Overall negatives

      The only negative points I have about this product is that they are a little bit expensive. They are priced at £4.99 and you only get two in a pack, which is not good if like me you are very good at loosing hair pins and bobbles.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this pack of two from a large boots store and as far as I am aware they are only available in large boots stores - you can not buy them from boots.com. I think they are also available in asda stores too. They are a great product but they are not very widely available in the UK unfortunately.



      *Easy to put in your hair and they are also easy to remove
      *Good match for my hair colour
      *They keep my hair in a bun for ages - without the need for any other hair product such as bobbles or hair pins
      *They do not create a kink or line in my hair like bobbles do
      *Instructions/diagrams of ways in which you can use these pins is easy to follow and fairly useful
      *Keeps my hair in a bun all day and it feels like my hair is very secure


      *Price - and you only get two spin pins in a pack

      Thank you for reading my review - this review is already posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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        11.11.2011 19:33
        Very helpful



        I couldn't imagine being without these now!

        I first saw Spin Pins (or at least something very similar to them) on a YouTube hair tutorial around a year and a half ago. I thought they sounded like a great idea but I couldn't find anything like them for sale in the UK. I was therefore absolutely delighted, when waiting for a flight, I found them in the little Claire's Accessories at the airport. I've owned them for about three months now and I get a huge amount of use from them, so thought I'd share my experience.

        The spin pins are manufactured by Goody and look like bobby pins which have been twisted. The benefit of using these pins over the standard bobby pin is simply that they have so much more hold - in fact just one of these pins is said to have the hold of 20 bobby pins. My hair is not only long but very thick, so I have always had a problem putting it up into any style other than a simple pony tail as it would fall and droop. Even something as simple as a bun used to take a huge amount of time and pins to keep in place, so this product really appealed to me.

        You get two pins in a box and there are instructions and suggested hair styles printed onto the box. The pins come in brown and blonde (there may be more colour options but these are the only ones I've seen), so that you can match the pin colour to your hair, hopefully minimising the chance of the pins being seen.

        To use these you simply put your hair up into whatever style you fancy (suggested ones on the box are a bun, side bun or top knot), then twist the pin - which is a couple of inches long - clockwise into the hair. They twist in really easily and the ends are covered with a rubbery material so they don't hurt the head. I most often use these to hold my hair into a bun - a style which used to take me hours, but can be done in minutes with the aid of these pins. Once they're in you can't see them and just the two pins are required to keep my thick hair in place.

        Aside from how quickly I can now do my hair, the other great thing about these is the hold. If I use these pins, my hair never droops or falls out, or looks like it has collapsed - it will last in the style I choose until the end of the night - something no other product has ever managed! To remove the pins afterwards you just untwist them anti-clockwise.

        I paid £4.99 for these from Claire's Accessories, they are also available from Boots for the same price.
        Overall, I would strongly recommend these. If you have thick hair or you find your hair doesn't stay up they are fabulous. They really hold the hair, they're simple to use and are reasonably priced too. 100% recommended.


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