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GOSH Rescue Me Repair N' Shine Serum

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Brand: GOSH / Subcategory: Treatment / Type: Hair Serum / Subcategory: Hair Treatment / What it does: Repairs,

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    1 Review
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      28.05.2010 02:19
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      Far better than hairspray

      If you were born with a thatch of super-thick hair that refused to thin into adulthood, then welcome to my world!

      Having been to the hairdressers twice this year, I had my tresses layered so as to control the volume and put a brush through it without it getting stuck inside webbed knots. They used a Serum based product when they had blow dried it and could hardly believe the difference to the quality of my hair when I stepped out into the breeze. It was flowing and flying, though not taking off as often you will see with people who have fine or static frizz, that loses all grip of gravity in a mild wind storm.

      The hairdresser had wanted to sell me the Serum she had used for £9.00, but had already spent £30 for a cut and blow-dry, so wasn't going to empty what was left of my purse contents to pay for the extra privilege. A week later, once my wages came through, I spent a good few hours inside Superdrug, looking for any affordable Serum regardless of brand. They were surprisingly few and far between and expensive (£7 plus) for each one under their own umbrella trademark.

      My task felt impossible and had to ask for assistance that came faster than a Chinese takeaway. The store worker pointed me in the direction of a selection of anti-frizz gels that looked like teenage boy hair-spiking wonders and the perplexed look on my face told her I wasn't impressed, so then took me back to the Serum aisles I had just come from. I thanked her anyway, but began my search all over again, feeling more than frustrated by the choices that stimulate and excite some consumers, but agitate and confuse me.

      There on a very bottom shelf, was this pocket sized Gosh Professional, I had managed to bypass earlier and perhaps because I was looking too hard? - Anyway, I liked the look and title of the product, especially it's captivating words that must have read my mind. I purchased it immediately for £5.49 - less than I was prepared to pay for any tress-detangler, so was a happy customer on the whole.

      Trial days:

      It often takes more than one attempt to know if something is doing its job to hair, so the first day I didn't bother to include in this experimentation. After a few days, this repair and shine Serum certainly did no miracles on my heavy barnett, the hairdresser never explained that even with layers, thick hair will always be bold and always unmanageable unless you use quite a few products to flatten it straight. Serum alone, does not control wild manes, it only ever greases them to give a polished radiance that does reduce the appearance of volume if you use a generous amount of it.

      Admittedly, the directions state that you should only use 2-3 drops and rub into your palms to disperse the Serum oils, though this just wasn't anywhere near enough to produce the anti-frizz and anti-bulk my hair was desperately crying out for something far stronger. To achieve the desired results, I had to use five times the recommended amount each day, so in the long run, would cost me an arm and a leg if I continued to use this stuff. Those who suffer with too much hair will understand my complaint, and because some Serum manufacturers seem to think that impenetrable frizz applies even to thin hair, so cannot research adequately given that 2-3 drops for instance, would mean barely no hair at all, as commonly found on babies.

      Rescue me Gosh!

      It is not the consistency or ingredients of the product, but the quantity they assume you are only going to need less than a pence coin driblet if you have less than 1000 strands of mane! - Few people can boast at having 50'000 tresses, but I can because either I am unfortunate or plain awkward. The 50ml Gosh Professional bottle, cannot rescue me when I would need at least a quarter of it in one session to get the desired results.

      You can apply this to either wet or dry hair, so is at least a flexible medical specialty and has the most beautiful aroma, you cannot describe what this is, except that it is cross between an artificial rose and a candy bar, the contents list does not specify the name of the scent, so is a captivating mystery. Presumably, I thought this a French conception as they are well known for their perfumes in everything they make and sell and, can usually tell the national identity of a commodity if the main selling/ingredient terminology is written in its own native language. Yet, surprisingly, Gosh is a Danish cosmetics establishment that has been around since the 1950s!

      Ingredients and definitions:

      This Danish delight, written mostly in French, contains:

      Cyclopentasiloxane (a silicone fluid commonly used in cosmetics such as deodorants, sunblocks, hair sprays and skin care)

      Dimethiconol (A mixture of silicone gum sources)

      Phenylpopryl-dimethylsiloxysilicate (Silicone enhancing gloss)

      Alcohol and perfume

      Benzyl Benzoate (mixture of acid and Alcohol)

      Linalool (alcohol chemical found in many flowers and spice plants)

      Butylphenyl (A synthetic perfume)

      Overall, this product is all Gelling agents, booze and scented aromas, you wouldn't think could do good things to hair, but is chemically treated to be kind to living organisms, which hair is very much alive. Also important, is the fact that some of the Silicone Gum, is also deduced from some fats and clear bodily fluid from animals and not just from plant sources.


      It is difficult to tap the Serum out of the bottle that you have to press down the pump-head in order to get even a drop some days. This is because even when there is still plenty of Serum inside, the pump-straw can take time to accumulate suction from the fluid. However, the active contents makes this a fabulous hair treatment if you use a lot of it in one application that, the oils will keep your hair tangle-free for days afterwards if you can handle to the greasy feel for long stretches.


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