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Gum Florida Orange Moisture Surge Conditioner

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Brand: Gum Salon / Type: Conditioner / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2009 23:15
      Very helpful



      A really good buy I shall repurchase time and time again!

      When it comes to hair products I love them and own absolutely loads of stuff! One of my main purchasing delights is conditioners and I particularly see them as a luxury and a treat in a sachet.

      This particular one I purchased cost me 99p (usual price and I purchased mine in Wilkinson's but widely available in other stores such as Superdrug and Boots). I bought this for a reason for a change as well. I felt like I needed the 'Moisture Surge' promised on the front of the sachet as I wanted it for when I'd dyed my hair.

      I dye my hair regularly and I also use a lot of heat straightening methods to control my unruly hair. My hair is prone to greasy roots, a frizzy mid section and dry split ends and is generally very naughty!

      Yesterday I dyed my hair and my hair was left feeling incredibly dry but I always dye it use the given conditioner (in the box of hair dye)and leave the colour to settle but my hair doesn't 'feel' my own and some dye is left blobbed on my skin and that sort of thing so I don't leave the house the day I dye. Second day (today) is the day I reclaim my hair and make it back to feeling my own. I use a decent shampoo and get out some decent conditioner to rehydrate my hair. That's why I go this one out tonight to use! Excited I was!

      The Packaging....

      White packet that is silver foil on the inside (to keep the product fresh). On the front there is a yellow and purple box and in that in white and black writing I'm told it's 'Gum Hair Juice'. In small black writing I'm told it is Florida Orange Moisture Surge, Conditioner For Parched, Dry Hair and I'm told 'Condition Is Everything'. On the back all written in black writing I'm told there are 3 steps to fab hair:

      Step One: Find a good hairdresser
      Step Two: Get a great haircut
      Step Three: Get gummed up!

      Then there is a small purple coloured box and in that once again in white writing I'm told it is Gum Hair and once again under that I'm told condition is everything and to 'Drench it, Quench It!

      I'm then told a bit about the product, directions for use, ingredients are listed, contact details for Gum Hair are given, size is stated (25ml) and there is a bar-code. It's nice, plain packaging and looks ok but it really isn't exciting.

      A Bit About The Product (According To The Sachet)....

      A tangy, refreshing, revitalising experience. Works like a dream on the driest, most moisture-starved hair!

      Smoothes and softens to give shiny, manageable healthy looking hair.

      Directions For Use....

      Shampoo using Gum De-Tox Cranberry clarifying Soak. Rinse thoroughly.

      Apply sufficient Gum Juice (this product) and massage through the hair. Leave for up to 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

      My Experience....

      Well I used mine in the bath tonight during a much needed pamper session! I washed my hair through twice with a decent shampoo (I'm currently using a Toni & Guy shampoo I adore lol) and make sure my hair is rinsed properly (I didn't use the recommended shampoo as I've never even seen it to purchase lol). I then slightly rung out my hair with my hands gently and combed it through gently. I then opened the sachet which was easy to do as there is a nick situated at the top that makes it simple to open and I was greeted with a slightly opaque light orange coloured liquid. It's sort of a mix between cream and gel in it's consistency and although it is quite liquidy and you have to be careful with dealing with it cos it will wobble out your hands it isn't too drippy or sloppy just watch what your doing with it lol.

      The aroma is really zesty and orangy in a very fresh and juicy way. It's made a bit more subtle because there is a nice sweetness to it (making is suitable for men or women to use) and although one sniff has you in no doubt to what it is smell wise it really isn't overpowering or faked it just smells all rather natural really.

      Using it is simple you just massage and smear it all over the hair. There isn't a huge amount of product on sight of it but because it does have a hydrating greasiness to it a little goes a very long way (my hair is below shoulder length and I still had some left in my sachet which I splatted on my ends once I'd covered the rest of the hair as I didn't know what else to do with it lol).

      Once I gave it a good massage in I left it for 3 minutes (as recommended) and I had no feeling of it, no agitation and the smell was wonderful and relaxing. When it comes to rinsing it out it really was incredibly simple indeed and I could actually feel when all of the product was removed from my hair as I ran my fingers through it. Hair felt smooth before towel drying and combing it through and when I dried it off with said towel and combed it, again hair was left feeling none greasy but soft and the comb went through my hair very easily (for a change lol).

      I dried off my hair with a hairdryer and I was very pleased with the results. Hair felt very soft, looked shiny and vibrant. My hair had a smoothness about it and lack of frizz (but not life) that was visible to all. The smell you are left with is very delicate but still fresh and pleasant.


      A really nice treat for the hair and particularly a good product if you have very dry hair although I have greasy roots and this hasn't appear to upset them at all. My frizz is blasted, my hair is shiny and my hair just looks and feels healthy. I really like this product and will buy it in the future as a treatment for when my hair is crying out for a bit of lurve lol.... Recommended!


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