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Head Jog Hair Roller Kit

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Brand: Head Jog / Pieces: 56 / type: Hair rollers / Hair curling

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    1 Review
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      25.01.2011 16:24
      Very helpful



      A great kit to curl your hair

      When I was younger, I always thought that rollers were for people like my Nan, but when I became a hairdresser I found that they are actually an invaluable tool for creating a whole world of different hair styles and I am glad I came round the fact of using them.

      There are 2 different styles of non heated rollers, Velcro and Vented. Velcro will hold themselves in position because of the way the velcro interacts with the hair. Vented have small pieces cut out to create "vents" and these have to be secured into the hair with a small plastic pin.

      Head Jog are a big name in the world of hairdressing, and they make a lot of different tools which help anyone to create amazing looking hair. They have their own range of hair rollers, and I bought a kit of them which has 56 rollers in it. These rollers come in an assortment of colours sizes, each colour indicating a different size. There is 8 different sizes in the kit, so you can easily create tight or loose curls.

      There are 4 red rollers, which are 44mm. 4 peach rollers which are 40mm. 6 lilac rollers which are 36mm. 6 white rollers, which are 30mm. 8 pink rollers which are 26mm. 8 yellow rollers, which are 22mm, 10 blue rollers, which are 20mm, and 10 green rollers which are 18mm.

      The rollers are made out of a toughened, but smooth plastic. They are of a good, sturdy thickness and feel much better than some thinner ones I have used in the past. The kit also comes with a bag of the white plastic pins that you will need to secure the hair and roller into place. There is about 100 pins with this kit. This all comes in a large white plastic tray, which is light weight and easy to transport. It is very handy for keeping the rollers stored in when they are not in use.

      I have found that these rollers were incredibly easy to use, on myself and on clients, friends etc. They are the perfect size for creating just about any curls you could imagine, and they are perfectly smooth, which helps to ensure smooth, tight curls with no snags on the hair. They come out just as easily as when they go in, but only when you want to. The pins hold them in place very securely, and when you want to take them out, they just gently slide off the head.

      The smoothness of them also ensures the hair is not pulled when they are removed, and this means that the curls stay tight and in place. A snagged roller could mean you having to redo the curl as it will pull it straight again. The rollers and pins are reuseable, and it is nice and easy to pull out bits of stray hair, as the rollers do not grip hair to them. If you wish to clean them (as you should if you are using them on clients) they are easy to clean with a small amount of shampoo or barbicide solution.

      I bought my roller kit in a hairdressing supply store for £15, which I think is a brilliant price for what the kit contains. You can also buy this kit online from places like eBay, Amazon or Just Beautifully. If you search online, I am sure you can find many a website selling this kit and some probably at cheaper prices than what I paid, which would make it even more of a great deal.

      I totally recommend the Head Jog Hair Roller Kit and I give it 5 out of 5.

      *This review is also on Ciao under the name of Hailee*


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