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Henara Shampoo Red

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Brand: Henara / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      22.01.2010 20:22
      Very helpful



      An easy way to give your hair a boost

      As a child I had golden locks but as I have gotten older my hair has gradually turned more of a mousey colour and in fact maybe even more boring than mousey.... moley perhaps. Anyway I have been steadily getting sick of the colour and decided a change was necessary, but being too nerdly to dye my hair and coming from a background where henna is commonly used I decided to give Henara Colour Enhancing Shampoo Red a go.

      Henara can usually be bought for about £2.50 for 250ml. Unfortunately I have not noticed if it is stocked in Boots or Superdrug (Their online shops do not sell them) but I think you will have luck finding it in local chemists.

      Henara shampoo contains extracts of Henna which it is claimed not only enrich your colour but also improves the condition of your hair. Henara also has an ingredient called Copaiva. Copaiva is a natural balm extracted from the bark of a South American Copaifera tree and apparently they manage to do that without damaging the tree. Copaiva helps to detangle your hair and also provides exceptional shine, which is something my rather dull hair could use.

      The bottle of Henara Shampoo Red is not particularly exciting. It is long thin and straight and made of clear plastic through which you can see the deep browney red coloured shampoo and is topped with a green flip lid. The label is see through in parts, and opaque in others. Henara is written in white letters on a green stripe and there is a red stripe which gradually fades to white going from top to bottom.
      The bottle tells you that it is a colour enhancing shampoo for deep cleansing exceptional shine and that it is for red shades. The instructions for use say that to enhance your colour you should let it sit on your hair for at least a minute and that colour will gradually wash out after 2 to 3 washes if you discontinue use.
      It also tells you that you should avoid contact of the product with clothing or other porous materials and rinse any bath or shower surfaces after use as this product may stain. This is also not for pre-lightened hair and does not cover grey.

      When you first try the shampoo the first thing you realise is the bottle is ridiculous. When you flip the lid and turn the bottle over the shampoo hardly trickles out at all, no problem you might think just squeeze the bottle. However the bottle is made of some super strong un-squeezable plastic, I suppose I could have just used two hands and squeezed it straight on to my hair, but I don't really like to do that so I unscrewed the lid and used it that way.
      The shampoo is reddish brown and slightly iridescent. It has an incredibly unusual scent, quite herbal and exotic but also fresh and clean. I like the scent as did other people who smelt it on my hair later (the scent lingers on your hair for a long time) but I don't think it is a scent that everybody would like and I find it hard to compare it to anything I have smelt before. It bubbles quite well but looks unusual as the foam isn't really white but rather a slight pinkish colour. I let it sit on my hair for about two minutes just to let it do its copaiva/henna thing and then began to wash it out. My hair felt nice and clean and even when wet I could see that the colour had changed slightly and that my hair had a bit of shine to it.

      As I dried my hair with a hair dryer I felt that it was much smoother and I could see much more shine to my hair. I couldn't really notice that it looked very red but after I washed my hair about 3 times my hair did have quite a strong red tinge and I imagine that it would look really lovely on someone with actual red hair as opposed to a red head wannabe. I have also tried the Henara Brown and as you might imagine it worked better on my hair and made it look quite chocolately and shiny.

      I wash my hair about 3 times a week and use Henara red about once a week just to give my hair a little depth of colour. I think Henara Red is a really good product as it
      Enhances Colour
      Enhances Shine
      Smells Nice
      Is Affordable
      Easier than dying your hair

      and I would highly recommend it to those people who want a change to their hair but dont want to do anything drastic.


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