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Clairol Herbal Essences Fearless Colour

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Brand: Clairol / Hair Colour / Available in a range of shades. / Type: Hair Colour

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    3 Reviews
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      05.11.2008 11:58
      Very helpful



      Really worth trying if you have long suffering hair

      Having constantly dyed my hair from the age of 15, I'm no stranger to most hair dyes, and Herbal essences Fearless Colour is no exception.

      Obviously dying my hair so frequently had dramatically affected the condition of it, so I was attracted to this particular hair dye as it is ammonia free, and claims to leave your hair feeling glossy and shiney.

      On first inspection the product has nice attractive packaging, inside which you will find the dye, the mixing bottle with the developing creme, and a (allegedly) six week supply of deep conditioner, along with the regulation pair of disposable latex gloves. The mixing process is very straightforward, you simply open the dye, empty it into the bottle with the developing creme, and shake until everything is thoroughly mixed up. The neck of the bottle is sufficiently wide, so you shouldn't get the mixure all over the place. I find the gloves provided with this dye to be much better than most plastic gloves as they are (I believe) latex, and fit to your hands well. In my experience there is nothing worse than those gloves made out of a similar material to plastic bags that are not only huge, but won't stay on properly. You won't have that problem here.

      Obviously the box recommends that you perform a strand test prior to using the product all over, and once you have done this you are ready to start. You apply the dye in prettymuch the same way that you would apply any dye. How long you leave the dye on for is obviously up to you, though the leaflet states 20-40 minutes as a guide. Personally I've always left my dye on towards the longer end of the suggested time to achieve a bolder result. If you have grey hairs which you would like to cover, this product will cover them, though it is advisable to leave the dye on for the full 40 minutes if this is the case. I'll be brave and admit that at the tender age of 22 I'm actually starting to go grey (I blame stress), and the dye has successfully covered the grey for me. The best thing about this dye is the smell. Until I started using this dye I was resigned to having my hair smell bad during and after dying, but that just isn't the case with this dye which does actually smell very similar to the shampoo & conditioner range!

      So, the next step is to wash the dye out. You are supposed to continue rinsing your hair until the water runs clear, but personally I have never been able to make any brand of dye run completely clear. I do have very thick hair though, so this may be more as a result of this than the product. As a consequence the next three or four times I wash my hair, the water will have a tinge of the dye. My advice would be not to use your best towels the first few times you wash your hair after dying. When the water is as clear as I'm able to acheive, the next step is to apply the deep conditioning treatment. This is a lovely thick conditioner which smells really nice. This claims to provide six washes, but I find this isn't anywhere near the case. As my hair is quite long and thick I have to buy two boxes of the dye, but one tube of conditioner still doesn't last three washes with me, more like one and a half. Personally I'd like a bit more conditioner to be included. This does leave your hair feeling lovely and soft though, so it is good stuff.

      When I dried my hair I was happy with the colour result. As I've already mentioned the dye covers the greys that I do have, and the colour is good...initially.

      So far I have used three different colours of this dye. Firstly I tried a red shade as an alternative to the Live XXL dye which I love but my hair hates, however I found that the red faded quite quickly, so I had to dye it again quite soon after to prevent myself from going completely ginger! Next I dyed my hair black, however I found my hair going a dark shade of brown quite quikly. Finally I've settled on using their dark brown dye. Naturally my hair is a mid brown colour, but it's very dull so I like to dye it to liven it up a bit. Now, although this colour has faded a bit, it isn't so noticable (though my greys are very obvious). That said, having dyed my hair red for many years, there is still some red left under the layers of dye which is starting to become visible when it is sunny, though the red wasn't visible straight after I dyed it.

      The dye is permanent, and comes in a wide range of colours, going from cream lightening, through the reds and finally ending at sapphire black. The dye is usually priced around £4.49, so on a par with other dyes, though for those of you who need two packs or like to stock up superdrug often have offers on this product when you buy two.

      All in all, although this dye has a fading problem after a while it is very much worth trying, particualrly if your hair has become a state from repeated dying like mine had. I've now cut down the amount I dye my own hair, and I believe that this combined with the lack of ammonia in the Herbal Essences dye has helped my hair to start repairing itself. My hair is now in much better condition that it was, and there is an obvious difference between the hair that has had live dye and that which has only had Herbal Essence dye used on it.


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        19.08.2008 18:37
        Very helpful



        love this kit, its well worth a try

        i have blonde hair, but a friend of mine told me why dont i get some blonde highlights, just to make a difference. i have never dyed my hair in the past, so we went to a hairdresser, paid £30 and i have to say i loved my hair. The blonde highlights looked great. However, 3 months later the highlights had started to fade but £30 a go for highlights every 3 months is expersive, so i went to boots to have a look round for maybe a kit so i could do it myself.

        Thats when i came across this herbal essences kit, it looked alot simplier than all the other kits and wasnt a bad price at £6.

        With the kit you get a blue applicator, and few different bottles, you mix all the bottles together and shake hard. Then with a friend, use the applicator and comb the applicator through your hair, we do it in layers. The dye is blue so you can see where you've done, but dont worry your hair wont stay blue.

        Anyway it takes about 10-15 minutes to do and you need to wait about 30-45 for the dye to work.

        Then rinse it out, and use the conditioner thats in the kit to prolong the colour. The effect is great, and you'll get better each time you use it. It lasts about 3 months, which is excellent and looks very natural. You can get lots of different shades and each box will do 2 people.

        This is great value for money, and really easy to do.


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        25.01.2008 19:45
        Very helpful



        Not as powerful as the name suggests!

        I have been colouring my hair at home for well over a year now and given the rate at which it grows and the velocity at which the tell-tale signs of ageing, that is, the grey comes through, I have tried quite a few hair colourants that are available.

        ~ Clairol ~

        Clairol produce a vast array of colouring products and it can be quite baffling when faced with them and all of the varying shades that are available within each of their products:
        ~ Nice 'n' Easy
        ~ Nice 'n' Easy Root Touch-Up
        ~ Herbal Essences 'Fearless Colour'
        ~ Born Blonde

        ~ Price ~

        I bought this a while ago when Sainsbury's had a 'deal' on this range. Back then it was £4.69 but if you were to buy one without any 'offers' then Asda seem to be the cheapest at the moment, priced at £5.00 whereas Tesco is quite a bit more expensive at £5.96.

        ~ Packaging ~

        Like most hair colours on the market, the box has a Colour Shade Guide on the side of it to show what result to expect depending upon your existing hair colour, a great help to us amateurs. I plumped for the 'cocoa infusion' which to me looked like dark brown to match the non-grey bits of my hair!

        It shows what the resulting colour will be if you use this particular shade, depending on your existing /starting colour.

        If you aren't sure or don't want to spend too long in the shop deciphering the 'bumph' on the packaging, then Clairol have quite a comprehensive website at www.clairol.co.uk.

        Select the Herbal Essences section and you will be shown the full range of 27 shades that are available. These are divided in to 3 categories: blondes (no, chance for me!), reds and finally brunettes (commonly known as brown!) / blacks. I fall in to the latter category.
        There is a small section on the box which asks you to 'rub here', a little like a 'scratch and sniff'. This enables you to take a sniff at the smell of the product.

        ~ What do Clairol say about this product? ~

        - A colour liquid-gel
        - Pure colour extracts
        - Greys don't stand a chance!
        - Ammonia-free formula

        ~ What do you get? ~

        Inside the box:

        - Applicator bottle containing the developing creme
        - Bottle of the colour liqui-gel
        - Tube of Evershine conditioning gloss which it is advised that you use once per week for a 6 week period to maintain the natural colour and shine for your hair until it needs colouring again.
        - Pair of disposable gloves in a very neat little packet, almost like you used to get on airlines with the handwipes in!
        - Instruction leaflet.

        ~ Step by step guide on what to do ~

        You are advised to undertake a skin allergy test 48 hours before each use.

        If you get the all clear on this, i.e no itching, redness etc then undertake the following for 'all over' colour application:

        1. Put the gloves on.
        2. Pour the tube of colour liqui-gel in to the colour developing applicator bottle. Mix thoroughly by shaking the bottle well.
        3. Break off the tip of the applicator. This provides a very good nozzle to apply the colour without it squirting all over.
        4. Apply it to your roots first, dividing the hair to get in to every section.
        5. Work through the hair from root to tip to ensure full saturation but take care not to rub it in to your scalp.
        6. Do not use the colour mixture after an hour as it will lose it's effectiveness.
        7. Leave for 25 minutes. (I always use the oven timer as I tend to get very easily sidetracked)
        8. If your grey is very stubborn, like mine! It will be necessary to leave the colour on for up to 45 minutes.

        ~ Rinsing off the colour ~

        a) Rinse hair with warm water, massage in to a lather and rinse until the water runs clear.
        b) Apply the conditioning gloss and leave for approx 2 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
        c) Save the rest of the conditioner, do not apply all in one go and apply it once a week after shampooing in place of your usual conditioner.

        This is to touch up re-growth of roots / grey.

        Follow steps 1 - 3 regarding mixing the colour.

        1. Part your hair down the middle and apply the mixture to the roots of your hair.
        2. Leave on for 20 minutes or up to 40 minutes for stubborn grey
        3. Apply the rest of the colour mixture to the rest of your hair, avoiding rubbing it in to your roots.
        4. Leave on for an additional 5 minutes
        5. Rinse and condition as explained above, points a to c.

        ~ How easy is it to use? ~

        Very, if you have someone to help you!

        The step by step instruction leaflet is quite simple and there are a few basic sketches to guide you along the way.
        However, compared to some of the other instruction leaflets I have used, it isn't the clearest. Every so often there are statements like:
        'For shades XL2, XL4 and XL10 open the gel tube etc..
        For all other shades unscrew the top of your liquid-gel'.

        Not too confusing for the pro but for an amateur like myself when I first used this it took me a while to decipher, not because I'm a bit slow but I wanted to keep double-checking my product number etc against the instructions to be sure that I didn't end up with 'green' locks!

        The mixture is non-drip but I would strongly advise that you use an OLD towel as combing it through etc is quite messy. I also put an old dustsheet over my shoulders, arms and legs, in fact most of my body just incase as this stuff really does stain.
        I would also recommend that you ensure that the surrounding floor space is covered, a bit of a faff but not as much trouble as trying to scrub out the unwanted stains from the dye on carpets. Easily washed off tile flooring etc.

        It's best applied by a.n.other as unless you have eyes in the back of your head and are very supple I would suggest that you get someone to apply the colour so that you get every last bit of grey and an even colour.

        ~Covering my grey ~

        I have used this product, along with many other hair dyes and after the first time of using it, I realised that it works more effectively on my very stubborn grey roots, if left on for 40 minutes and then worked through the rest of my hair for 10 - 15 minutes. It still gives an even colour throughout.
        If as they suggest, I apply it for the suggested 20 - 45 minutes starting with the roots and working straight through to the ends then the ends become too dark and unnatural looking!

        I therefore probably fall in to their 'Touch-Up' guidelines but it isn't overly clear from the instructions and you could end up wasting the first batch by not getting a good coverage of your grey, which is what happened to me when I first used it.

        ~ General ~

        This product does cover most of my grey hair however I do have an extremely stubborn area on the right side of my hair line which didn't go the same colour as the rest of my hair with the colour. It didn't go an awful colour but on close inspection there were still tiny, tiny shimmers of grey and where the grey had been coloured, it certainly wasn't as dark as the rest of my hair. I do have to point out that I was the only one who noticed this, it wasn't so obvious that it looked odd!

        Like most colouring products this stuff stains your skin. Most can be rubbed off but if like me you have most of your grey on your hairline then you need to put quite a bit of this on to cover the grey and it undoubtedly touches your skin and it does leave a dark mark, even after washing it off. This does go after a second wash but I wouldn't recommend you use this just before a big night out as your skin may get stained and it isn't a 'good' look!
        Some people apply a little bit of moisturiser or Vaseline around their hairline but when I tried this I found that this inhibits the colour getting right to the root of the problem!

        The Colour Seal conditioner lasts far longer than the suggested 6 weeks, once per week and that is even when applying a very liberal helping to my shoulder length hair. This smells lovely, very fresh and reminds me a little of apples. It really detangles my hair making it feel a lot softer and smoother, that is until I dry my hair and then it turns back in to the coarse, frizz!

        The colour mixture as promised doesn't have a pungent smell to it and it is actually the most pleasant smelling colourant that I have used to date.

        ~ Precautions ~

        Apologies to anyone not interested in these but some may be:
        ~ incase of a reaction during the process like stinging or a burning sensation, rinse immediately.
        ~ Don't use to colour eyelashes and eyebrows
        ~ Dont' use if your hair has a henna colour on
        ~ Keep out of the reach of children.
        ~ Don't use if you have a sensitive, itchy or damaged scalp.

        ~ My Verdict ~

        This is a good hair colourant and covers most of my grey effectively if left on for a certain length of time that is specific to the nature of your hair and grey! It may take a couple of experimental attempts to get the correct timings but it's worth it in the end, compared to the huge cost of salons.
        The smell is a real bonus for anyone who really can't stand the smell of colours with ammonia in them.


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