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Clairol Herbal Essences Fruit Fusions Vivacious Colour Shampoo

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Brand: Clairol / Type: Hair Shampoo / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      07.04.2010 14:54
      Very helpful



      5 Stars from me and its what I will be buying from now on!

      Herbal Essences Vivacious Colour Shampoo and Herbal Essences

      Price review:
      This fruit Fusions Shampoo you can pick up for £1.99 is most supermarkets and chemists such as Boots, Asda and Tesco.
      Or even get from the website if its hard to find at www.herbal-essences.co.uk. A good price for the results you get with this shampoo.

      My results:

      I recently picked up some herbal essences fruit fusions (250ml) and was wondering if it will make any difference to my coloured hair as its losing colour fast. I use semi permanent colour on my hair as permanent is too harsh after me being a bleach blonde all my life and finally turning into a brunette. I have used Herbal Essences in the past before they invented the fruit fusions range and I always liked the shampoos and conditioners. I'm drawn to the natural look of shampoo so this is perfect with a fruity twist. The desgin of the bottle is natural looking. The smell of my hair was amazing and the fruity smell was clean and nice smelling. My partner even said doesn't that shampoo smell nice? And I was made up there's nothing better than getting a complement on your hair. So it must have done something right! My colour looked fantastic afterward just like it was when I left the hairdresser.

      -But what will it do for my hair?

      It will replenish moisture to keep your hair colour looking fresh for longer.
      I know we all think well lots of shampoos say they will help the condition of our hair and will repair it blah, blah and so on but does this one actually make a difference? Well the answer is yes!
      It very different to normal colour helping shampoo as it does actually give smashing results. After you use this shampoo you will se the softness after you hair have been dried. I noticed that my hair felt softer and stronger but one of the main jobs it did was making my hair shine! And didn't it.
      It looks a lot healthier now and I have even noticed a little bounce to it like it has some volume finally.
      My hair was bugging me by being so flat and greasy quickly so I was made up to see the grease had reduced and the shine was something to show off. Making me wear my hair down a lot more.

      Well mostly the ingredients contain aqua and sodium but with blends of fruit fusions
      Mandarin, starfriut and papaya. The product is also made in France.

      Clairol have been making shampoo for years and always make the best in my book for hair care whether you have a sensitive scalp, greasy hair, dry scalp or dull looking hair lacking in volume. They have something to cure all them problems I have personally discovered.

      5 stars!


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        01.03.2009 18:12
        Very helpful



        Enjoy your Orgainic Experiance :)

        I love the Herba Essences shampoo and conditioner range and this particuar shampoo is one of my favourites, partly because it helps keep dyed hair colour looking healthy and partly because it smells great.

        You can buy this shampoo in stores that sell shampoos or the supermarkets for around £2 to £3 which I think is an average price to pay for a shampoo, as you can get many more that work maybe averagely in comparisson but are much cheaper. However for the odd wash and great protection for your hair this shampoo is a great once a week treat for me, unless its on offer.

        You appy and wash out this shampoo just like any other, it is quite easy to wash out and you can feel its effects, softer hair that smells great, straight after washing.

        After drying my hair, I noticed my hair looked really healthy and had a great shine in it, my colour looked lovely and shiney as well and the shampoo over all works really well.

        This shampoo has mandarin, starfruit and papaya in it which gives it a lovely fruity smell that lingers in your hair for a while after use.

        I think that this is a great treat of a shampoo that smells lovely and fruity and leaves your hair looking great and really managable.


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    • Product Details

      Help your colour stay true with Herbal Essences Fruit Fusions Vivacious Colour Shampoo / It cleans hair gently, so your colour wonÒt be stripped away /

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