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Indola 4+4 Restructing Treatment

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Brand: Indola / Subcategory: Treatment / Type: Hair Treatment

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    1 Review
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      22.03.2010 21:02
      Very helpful




      Indola restructuring treatment claims to be a "deep acting restructuring treatment for severely damaged or dry hair".
      My hair is quite damaged from my daily routine of washing my hair every other day then hair drying it on the hottest mode plus using my hair strengtheners to straighten out my curls so there is no wonder my hair has a few split ends and isn't in a very good condition, this problem has occurred for as long as I can remember and after ranting on to my friend about my brittle, course hair she recommended using hair treatments to restore strength and moisturise my locks.

      At first, I was sceptical, I presumed that hair treatments were just conditioners and that these big salon names had just added "treatment" on the packaging to sound better and sell more products but since I was desperate to resolve my hair problem I decided to give the treatment ago.

      The Indola restructuring treatment is £4.99 which is a fairly reasonable price for a hair treatment product as most of the best salon brands sell them for this or a little more.

      The Indola restructuring treatment comes in a black tube and contains 250ml of the product. I like the packaging because it looks very professional in comparison to some hair care products which can look cheap despite paying a lot of money on them.

      Another bonus of this packaging is the fact that it is in a tube because it is easier to get the treatment out. Some treatments, shampoos and conditioners are in bottles which you have to sometimes leave upside down before you use them when there isn't much left because it can be a struggle to get the contents out.

      I personally find this treatment really good and I was very surprised with the results since I was very unsure about the product before I purchased it. After the treatment has been massaged into my hair it instantly feels soft and healthy. It removes all the tangles out of my hair straight away which for me is a huge advantage because I have curly hair so it can get very knotty and it can be very arduous removing knots from my hair. Sometimes, when my hair gets ridiculously knotty I will just swill my hair with this treatment to remove them. Indola tell you to leave the treatment in the hair for 6-10 minutes so the fact the product works instantly came as quite a shock to me.

      Usually I will leave this treatment in for around two minutes even though as I previously said Indola recommend 6-10 minutes. I have actually left it in for the recommended time before and it does feel softer and healthy but I don't usually have time to do this because I tend to be in a rush in the mornings when I am washing my hair.

      Before I purchased the Indola restructuring treatment I looked on several hair care product review sites and various people claimed the Indola restructuring treatment had drastically changed the condition of their hair, I can completely understand why the treatment had good reviews so much because I can see how much my hair has changed after using this product, it is no longer brittle and limp so I'm definitely glad I took my friends advice and looked around for a hair treatment product because it has really helped the condition of my hair.

      I recommend this product to anyone with any hair type but especially to those people who have heat damaged hair because it is incredible at moisturising dry hair.


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