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Inecto Refreshing Dry Shampoo

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Brand: Inecto / Type: Hair Shampoo / What it does: Refreshes / Suitable for: dry hair

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    1 Review
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      18.12.2012 18:54
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      A coconutty dry shampoo

      One of the best products that I have ever come across is Dry Shampoo. I seriously do not know how I have managed without it, it is one of those products that now you have discovered it that without having it around you feel as though you have something missing, like leaving you mobile at home, utter panic as to how you will survive a whole day without it.

      Just recently I came across a brand of cosmetics called 'Inecto' quite by accident whilst browsing on Amazon when I came across the Coconut Lip Balm (see previous review) and I absolutely adore coconut is all forms, well not quite true as I cannot stand coconut water, it reminds me of that horrid dioralyte my mother used to give me for tummy upsets, totally vile. But I do love coconut - the smell, the taste, Bounty Bars and in my beauty products because of the effect it has on my skin.

      The dry shampoo is sold in a 150ml aerosol can which retails at £2.54 on Amazon and I am sure it can be found via other retailers for more or less the same price. The can itself mirrors the same packaging as the lip balm in that it is mostly bright white in colour and it features a picture of a coconut and also quite clearly states what the product is. The lid, which you pull off, reveals a green nozzle whereupon which the spray is released.

      The reason I bought this product is because it is a dry shampoo, I like using them and they make life much easier and simpler, especially because I tend to travel a fair bit visiting friends and family overnight or on work trips and rather than stuff my bag full of shampoo and conditioner which I might not need, I can just take some dry shampoo with me if I am not staying more than two nights, it's a perfect solution in the hair care department. In my time I have probably tried all of the Batiste range which is suitable for my hair type, not to mention No Drought by Lush and one or two others that are readily available on the high street and each and every one of them has been a delight to use.

      The Inecto dry Shampoo is suitable for daily use, this dry shampoo claims to instantly cleanse and refresh your hair which makes creating texture and volume a much easier task and it will also refresh and revitalise dull, greasy hair. Naturally because of the range it is made with 100% pure coconut oil and has a coconut fragrance, so again if coconut is not something you like, then this will not be the product for you.

      When it comes to using this product you need to ensure that you have vigorously shaken the can before using it and whilst you are using it depending on how much you need to use. Then holding the can around 25cm from your hair, as best as you can manage ensure it is sprayed evenly concentrating on your hairs roots where, if you suffer from greasy roots like me, is the problem area. As you spray this onto your hair, you can see that it turned into a talcum powder like product which sits on your hair not looking like it is doing much at all, except what it is actually doing is absorbing excess grease, dirt and grime from your head, hair and scalp. Then once this has been done, use your fingertips to massage your head to work the shampoo onto and into your roots, this soaks up excess grease which can leave your hair looking lank and dull and in need of washing. After a few minutes of massaging your head, leave the dry shampoo on your hair for a further few minutes and then brush your hair to ensure any excess shampoo is removed.

      Now I am a huge fan of Batiste and of No Drought by Lush but both fail into the background where this product is concerned because it is brilliant, much better than both products and that is something I never thought I would say. Firstly it does as stated create volume for your hair, its like I've been to the hairdressers and had my hair blow-dried straight, especially if I am going to a work function or something I am dressing up for, instead of straightening my hair myself where it can sometimes look a bit flat with no volume or bounce, using this product gives me that freshly blow-dried hair feel and it smells delightful. It also refreshes your hair, so gone are the greasy roots, gone is the dull looking hair in need of a wash and in its place is coconut smelling hair with volume that looks and feel freshly washed, only you will know that isn't the case.

      The ingredients within this product are quite simple, there is only one worthy of a mention and that is the 100% Coconut Oil. In a product such as this where it is being used to mop up excess grease, it does really well but more so because it is a great moisturiser for the scalp helping to protect it from becoming dry and flaky, a problem which occurs for me when I am stressed and run down, something I am keen to avoid doing.

      Once you have finished using it and have styled your hair accordingly you can still smell the coconut aroma pretty much all day, naturally the smell fades as the days goes on but as you get into bed in the evening you can, unless you have washed your hair, still smell it every so slightly. On average I can go an extra day and half without feeling that I have to wash my hair because it does a good enough job at refreshing my hair without making me feel self-conscious.

      This is definitely a product to get your hands on and try, assuming you like the smells of coconuts. I adore it and it has become my favourite dry shampoo, it is also a bargain price and does last a good 6-8 weeks and I use it at least once if not twice a week when I am really busy with work and life in general, if I am not using it that often then you get more than a few months use out of it, but at £2.54 there is nothing at all to grumble about.


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