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James Brown London Scandalous Fabulously Flirty Dry Shampoo

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Brand: James Brown / Type: Hair Shampoo / Suitable for: dry hair

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    2 Reviews
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      01.08.2012 16:38
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      A product that does not quite live up to it's price tag

      As I have a scalp that likes to start looking greasy the day after washing, I have used a lot of dry shampoos over the years. I have bought the Battiste one most often as I think it strikes the best balance between price and effectiveness. More recently I have switched to Superdrug's own brand version which is cheaper and genuinely effective. I am still interested in trying new brands though, because I haven't found a dry shampoo that produces a result absoloutely as good as washing my hair. It is probably impossible, but I am an optimist! For this reason, I have recently tried Fabulously Flirty Dry Shampoo, which cost £4.99 in Superdrug, for 150ml. This makes it more expensive than Battiste, but I have since discovered that it is available in Savers for..£1! If only I had looked there first..


      A dry shampoo is one that you don't need to use with water. They are either available in powder or sprays, with this particular product coming as most do in an aerosol. The makers say that their "intimate knowledge of how woman want to feel on a special occassion", has lead them to creating the product. It is based on a cornstarch formula, as many dry shampoos are. They say it will leave you with a just -washed look and feel, with even three day old hair will look "fresh and shiny." That is quite a big claim. I have to wash my hair almost every day, due to my scalp, so if true, this product would potentially save me a lot of time.

      I remember that when the product was being advertised a lot last year, it was promoted with the help of a sort of rock chick model. The can is black with gold and pink lettering, which fits in with that image. It makes it stand out from the likes of the Battiste with their more floral patterned design can. I am not sure that labelling a product "flirty" and "scandulous" makes it so, but it is trying to create a distinct image in a crowded market. I don't care much about it's branding, if a product actually works.


      The instructions on the can recommend that you spray the shampoo on to your hair from a distance of 20 cm, targeting areas of excess oil. This is quite easy to do, because the spray works at an angle as well as when upright. It isn't the most responsive spray button I have used though. That is probably just as well as I don't want to apply too much at once. Like most similar products, the shampoo leaves a whitish powdery residue on the hair. It isn't the worst I have tried, but obviously you need to be careful to follow the instructioin to brush it out thoroughly. Before doing so, you need to wait 30 seconds to allow the cornstarch to absorb the excess oil. Even when in a real rush, I can afford to wait that long! It makes the hair feel a little damp, but this isn't noticeable to others after a short time. This means I can apply it on my way out without looking as though I haven't had time to dry my hair.

      What I really like about this shampoo is it's scent. It is earthy and spicy, and quite different from the usual floral and fruity aromas. It is a really nice smell, and feels more like unisex than other products. If you are a man and looking for a dry shampoo, this would probably suit - if you could get over buying one called "Fabulously Flirty"! I believe that there is only the one scent available, which is more unfortunate if you don't like it. It is strong enough to last until the next day, without being overwhelming.


      It definitely deals with my greasy roots if I skip one wash, and it makes my hair smell fantastic. However, I have used it on my hair 2 days after washing, and it did not work as well. There was some improvement, but it did not look freshly washed. I still felt self conscious, and even when I used it on fresher hair, my hair did not remaining looking good for as long as it would had I washed it. [I needed to re-apply it before going out in the evening, after having first used it in the morning.] If you do not need to wash your hair so often, you will likely achieve longer lasting results. In the short term, this does remove oil, and if I just don't have time to wash and dry my long hair, I will settle for that. I did not notice that my hair looked any shinier despite the claims, which is a shame.

      It brushes out easily, both after spraying and at the end of the day. I have used up my can over the last month, and my hair is not any worse for having used it - I haven't experienced any build up or irritation.


      I do not think that it is worth £5, as while it does a reasonable job in the short term, it isn't significantly better than cheaper products for me. In fact, it doesn't last as long as Superdrugs own brand. I love the scent, and I would buy it again for that if I can find it in Savers for £1. If I had never tried another dry shampoo, I would be grateful for the quick and easy solution it offers when I just don't have time to wash my hair. However, as I have tested others, I would say that this doesn't offer the best value for money. If you can get it for the lower price, I would say buy it to experience the lovely scent.

      [This review also appears on Ciao under my user name.]


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        10.08.2009 15:59
        Very helpful



        Dry Shampoo gives you clean, fresh hair that smells as good as it looks when you need to get out the

        I was introduced to dry hair shampoo a while ago now by a friend of mine whom I go to the gym with. I found that going to the gym three times a week for my spinning classes and body pump, as well as going to and from work in smog ridden London left my hair is a nightmare. As I also suffer from a dry, itchy scalp and sometimes from greasy roots and dry ends I try not to wash my hair every day because it often makes the problem much worse. I also live in a hard water area which means the water can also cause problems for my hair, if I just use a shampoo then more often than not my hair feels like straw and really dry, so I do have to invest in a good conditioner to keep my hair looking shiny and healthy. So I needed something to tackle the issues in between washing my hair which would not only leave me feeling confident that my hair didn't resemble a chip pan but that it smelt fresh.

        I have shoulder length, layered highlighted blonde hair and it can take me between 10 minutes and half an hour to wash and condition properly depending upon which conditioner I use, if I opt for a leave in conditioner than it is highly likely I am going to take up to half an hour to sort my hair out, so again when I am in a rush to leave the house or get to the gym after work, I don't want to have to wash my hair both before and after.

        So whilst in a panic in the middle of Boots last month I was gutted to find that they had no Batiste in stock at all and was told they didn't know when the next delivery was and the helpful assistant told me that there was plenty of other dry shampoo's to choose from in the meantime. I have never looked at using another brand if I am honest and nor did I realise there was so many options to choose from, Boots even do their own version although as I wasn't impressed with their scalp conditioning shampoo I decided not to try their own brand and instead opted for a 150ml bottle of James Brown London fabulously flirty dry shampoo.

        James Brown London fabulously flirty dry shampoo is marketed with a statement which says "For hair that gets people talking" whilst promising to give you fresh clean hair which smells as good as it looks when you need to get out the door. This product retails at £5.99 and is immediately more expensive than Batiste but is sold in a 150ml can which is similar to a can of hairspray. The can itself caught my eye on the shelf because it was sat amongst all of the other James Brown London products which happen to be sold in bright white packaging and the whole collection is currently on an offer of buy two products and get a third free, handy for me because I needed some new shampoo and conditioner as well, so I added the dry shampoo in my bundle of three. The can of dry shampoo as I have said is pure black with a pull on and off lid, as it is an aerosol you should always be carefully where and when you spray it and there are some safety instructions on the back of the can. Not only is the can itself pure black with a sort of patent style finish it promotes the words 'scandalous' with a red background and the 'Fabulously flirty' with a gold background which immediately catches your attention and led to my purchase.

        To use the dry shampoo the directions on the can state that you are to hold it approximately 30cm from your hair and then spray lightly and evenly. Once you have done this you will notice a talcum powder looking effect to your hair which is the corn starch. Once you have done this you simply massage through your hair, like it was shampoo, using your fingertips and then leave it for a few moments before you brush it out. So having followed the instructions on the can I grab my paddle brush and brush my hair to remove any access powder from it. Now before I used this dry shampoo my roots were greasy and I very much wanted to wash it because I had just finished a spinning session at the gym, but if I wanted to see how well this product worked then there wasn't much point in washing my hair was there? As soon as you spray this product onto your hair, it does look a little white which is rather worrying but it does smell very similar to Lee Staffords Poker Straight styling product and slightly similar to the tropical Batiste dry shampoo that I have used before a bit like coconuts and it is a really pleasant smell. Anyway, once you are satisfied that all of the powder has disappeared you can style your hair as you would normally do.

        The first thing I noticed after using this product was less greasy roots, infact I struggled to see whether I had used this product in the first place because there was no sign of any greasy roots anywhere on my head as there had been before using the product. Having blonde hair myself, it can look extremely dull and dark looking when it is in need of a good wash and what this dry shampoo does is brighten your hair to give it that just washed look as it promised to do in the marketing statement, although you obviously haven't washed your hair at all and if I am honest no one would know the difference unless you told them because it looks and smells like you have and therefore gives you a peace of mind and a nice smell to your hair.

        As I mentioned before this really does smell quite tropical and the smell lingers on your hair throughout the whole day, it does however begin to wear off after about eight hours but the staying time is really quite impressive. Once I had used this on my hair the next task was to see how well my hair would look after it had been straightened because when I used Batiste my hair straightened as well it does once it is freshly washed. So I grabbed my GHD's and straighten my hair. I assumed that my hair would be an utter nightmare to style like it always is when I need to wash it, but I was pleasantly surprised again when my hair straightened like a dream and looked fantastic whereas usually it would look lank and devoid of any life at all.

        I only use this product in between washes and now instead of washing my hair every day or sometimes twice a day when I have been at the gym, I can now wash my hair every other day or at least every two days and not have to worry about looking a real mess with dirty hair. As I said before it smells lovely on your hair and the fragrance lasts between washes to give your hair that just washed smell.

        So how does it work? To be honest as with Batiste dry shampoo there is a long list on ingredients upon the can, some of which I haven't got a clue what they are and what they are for but the one ingredient which does stand out to me is the corn starch which is a natural substitute for talc and is used to absorb excess oil which in this case is the oils giving your hair a greasy appearance and mops up all the excess oil into the talc particles removing them from your hair and cleanses the scalp at the same time allowing it to breathe thus giving you the just washed look and feel. Now as this is an aerosol it is obviously a highly extremely flammable so be very careful when using it and where you use it.

        James Brown London fabulously flirty dry shampoo can be bought in Boots and I am not sure whether or not it is available anywhere else on the high street. It is only sold in 150ml cans and retails for £5.99 which as I have said is more expensive than Batiste so if you are willing to spend that little bit more then it is worth trying or waiting until you can buy it on an offer. I have been using my can for just over eight weeks now and I do need to invest in another can because I have almost used this can up and I do use it every two to three days on average in a week.

        Had does it fair overall? Well I absolutely loved this product, dry shampoo is for me one of the best products that I have ever been introduced to and been told to buy. It does exactly what I want it to do with minimum effort and fuss, my hair has been in a much better condition over the last eight weeks since using it because I haven't washed my hair constantly and it smells lovely. I am not currently sure whether or not I would go back to using Batiste because I actually prefer the James Brown dry shampoo mainly because on smell alone it isn't as potent but it does last longer and for me it leaves my hair looking washed and smelling clean for a little bit longer and that is how I justify spending the extra £4 per can, however I will keep a travel size can of Batiste in the house for emergencies and weekends away because that is a major selling point that Batiste has over this product.


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