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Jason Pro Vitamin Thin to Thick Hair Thickening Shampoo

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Brand: Jason / Type: Hair Shampoo / Suitable for: thick hair

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    1 Review
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      19.03.2010 17:54
      Very helpful



      Extra volume, naturally

      This is the second shampoo I have reviewed by Jason, and although the first was a decent product, this one beats it by a long way. After trying (and on occasion reviewing) numerous so-called thickening shampoos, I was beginning to think there was actually no such thing. Thin to Thick contains biotin - a water-soluble B-complex vitamin - which coats the hair, and panthenol and plant proteins to "add extra volume, shine and bounce". Yeah, yeah.

      But for once, it actually appears to be true. I had all but given up on natural and organic shampoos as they often seem to be "too kind" to the hair and leave it a little soft and floppy as a result, but my hair actually felt thicker after using this shampoo, even after one wash. Now, it's good to be realistic, and I wouldn't want anyone to expect ten times the normal thickness of their hair - it is a shampoo, after all, not Nicky Clarke himself. However, I was convinced that a shampoo wasn't capable of thickening the hair to any real degree, and that other hair products were necessary as well. Of course, you may still want to use other products in conjunction with the shampoo; Jason have thought of this, and also make a conditioner, hair spray and scalp elixir in the same range.

      When you start to use the shampoo, the smell is difficult to describe, though very pleasant, with a vague similarity to Olbas Oil. The product itself feels quite luxurious, which is impressive for a natural product, and does lather well, although I would strongly advise using plenty of water to achieve this, otherwise you may find that the shampoo doesn't go far enough, particularly on longer hair. This gives the impression that you need to use a lot of it, when actually what you need is more water. It has what I would describe as a "lather limit", meaning that it doesn't just foam relentlessly with every movement of hands through hair, but overall it provides a very pleasant hair-washing experience.

      On to the naturalness of this shampoo. At first glance, the ingredients seem to be pretty good. Unfortunately, when I looked up the product online, I found methylparaben (possibly the worst of all the parabens) near the bottom of the ingredient list from three independent retailers. However, this ingredient does not appear on the label of the product I purchased. I contacted Jason to find out why, and spoke with an extremely polite member of staff in America, who confirmed that the new formulation no longer contains parabens. This is excellent news for anyone concerned about what they put on their skin and hair.

      The shampoo rinses out well - again, some natural products seem to stick to the hair, but this one doesn't. Priced at £7.99 for 237ml, it is not the cheapest on the market, but it still beats salon prices by some margin. I think this may actually be the best shampoo I have used. Of any price range. By any brand. Ever.


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