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Jo Hansford Smooth & Shine Glossing Serum

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Brand: Jo Hansford / Type: Styling Serum / Subcategory: Gloss / Further Category: Styling Products / What it does: Smoothes,

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    1 Review
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      10.10.2008 13:24
      Very helpful



      Worth a go if you have incredibly dry hair

      When I spotted this product in Superdrug during a recent shopping trip specifically purchasing hair care products for myself I'd never heard of Jo Hansford. I was wary of buying something that I'd never heard anything about either particularly with a £4.99 price tag from someone I'd never (at the time) heard of. I mean who wants to waste the best part of a fiver in this credit crunch world we now live in?! It's also fair to say that hair serums are not my bag at all. Well hadn't been until I decided that it was time to try again after years of boycotting them I'd have another bash!

      It had been alot of years since buying a hair serum to be honest. The last time I had bought one was about 5-6 years ago (apart from Frizz Ease). The problem being me rather than the serums of course! With serum you always need to bear in mind the saying 'less is more' and me, well I'm generous and always felt one or two drops wasn't enough and I was being stingy so I'd be over generous with the product and I'd end up with the greasiest mop in the world!

      So why did I get daring and buy it?

      Well Serum is meant to be a little oily and to hydrate hair and calm frizz down. It's meant to be good for your hair! Now my hair (as I've wrote about alot lately!) is combination hair! Firstly it's just below shoulder length and dyed jet black and is rather thin and fine. It goes greasy at the roots within a couple of hours and because of that my hair can appear over shiny in that area and very flat. The mid section of my hair is fluffy with lots of frizz and the ends split all the time and go straggly. My hair can't decide if it's wavy/curly/straight and so I style it straight most of the time as it's easier. My hair overall is as I said combination but the one thing it really is, is a styling nightmare and sadly I can't wash and go with my hair it takes alot of time, lots of patience and lots of products to get it anywhere near decent to be seen out in public with. Even when my hair is styled within an inch of it's life there is no guaranteeing it will behave itself and the one thing that really does upset me is my hair. It has a mind of it's own that I don't approve of!

      Who Is Jo Hansford?....

      As a hair colour specialist Jo Hansford's reputation truly precedes her. Her name is synonymous with beautiful colour and an eye for detail.

      The phenomenally successful salon, located in the heart of Mayfair, is a testimony to Jo's professionalism, passion, and dedication to her career. This is coupled with the support and loyalty of her highly skilled team whose creativity has kept the salon at the forefront of the industry for over 15 years.

      Oh and she produces a haircare range of course! Now before I drivel on further no range is stocked of hers as such that I've seen in a large store. These products (apart from the odd one) seem to be found by off chance in independent chemists and markets in the main. From time to time the products pitch up in T.J Hughes but if interested in purchasing anything Jo Hansford do look on line. There are various products out on the market of hers (including this of course) and the deals on here you can get are rather good! As she is known as a colourist all the products I've seen have been to do with enhancing colour and glossing rather than simply for styling alone.

      The Packaging....

      Well very straightforward. It never came in a box and is a 50ml plastic slightly frosted bottle of which you can see the clear oily looking liquid through. It has a black pump action dispenser to the top of the roundish bottle and on the front I'm told in black bold letters it is Jo Hansford. On the back I'm told it's Smooth & Shine Glossing serum, directions for use, Size (as I've stated already) and contact details for R Squared Solutions (the manufacturers of Jo Hansford products). Very simple bottle but nice enough.

      Directions For Use....

      Squeeze a small amount of smooth & shine glossing serum into one hand. Rub palms together, then run over damp or dry hair, distributing evenly. Comb through to smooth the hair cuticle and style as desired. If eye contact occurs, rinse immediately with water.

      Me Using It....

      Well this product takes a little getting used to and it's trial and error before you get desired results. First time I used it my head went like a greaseball and I've learnt from my mistakes! As I said earlier less is more and that's very true with this product. So have a couple of trial runs till you get to grips with it is my top tip!

      I find that one or two pumps of this runny, oily none fragrant liquid is enough. The dispenser really does only give out a very small amount and when you have it in your hand you can see how runny it is which at least means it's spreadable. Now I find the best results on are on freshly washed, damp hair. I brush out my hair first and gently smooth down my hair this product.

      It goes on easily and evenly. Don't scrub hair just gently apply it. You can feel the oil gently coating the hair and from that your ready to style. When using this product I find that this alone is enough on my hair and prefer not to use other styling products with it unless fixing spray or hair spray, but other formula products make this product either not work so well or it all is to heavy for the hair.

      I blow dry my hair gently with a low heat and use a wide toothed comb or paddle brush and drying is no different in time or anything. Of course if you have curly hair style it as you normally do but me I tease my hair straight.

      When completely dry the hair is incredibly soft to the touch. Really, really silky. Dry bits of hair feel moisturised and hydrated, broken hairs melt into the rest of the hair making them less noticable and dry ends are almost diminished and frizz is calmed down by about 50%.

      However hair feels a little lifeless. Sure you can't feel the greasy formula as such but hair feels a little weighed down. There is no doubt that it helps but my hair feels a little lank and my hair feels finer than usual. Because hair is so soft and thin I personally can't put my hair in a hair band after using this because said band slides out! Yes there can be such a thing as hair being to soft and silky! lol

      Finishing styling off (I choose hair straighteners) is all very simple. My hair straighteners glide through my hair in quicker time than usual and frizz is almost completely gone from my hairdo. Any frizz left I use a bit of hairspray to calm it down. Of course again you could use any heated appliance such as tongs or heated curlers to style but I did try this and my hair wouldn't 'set' so it may be ok for wavy, curly hair but be aware that it makes hair finer and for me the curls I got with tongs were tidy and girly but they fell out after five minutes!

      The product says it can also be used on dry hair. Not recommended by me. It's like putting baby oil on your hair. Although not sticky it doesn't really dry into hair and stays wet. Sure if you have a burst of frizzys come through it settles them down but not for me this method!


      For me this product is a little too greasy. Although it didn't upset my greasy roots and it did hydrate my hair very well and make it feel so smooth throughout I just felt my hair was a little weighed down and unnaturally soft. Even if I use just one pump of the product on as much hair as I have it feels too much for me. Yep the results are there though. Through blow drying alone my frizz almost vanishes and with the hair straighteners too and hairspray the results are rather good to be fair. The shine is apparent too. Not a real blinging effect but hair is shinier using this product than without it giving hair a healthy appearance though how this shine would work on blond or grey hair? I'm not sure.

      It washes out easily enough and to be fair I have used this product all week and can't feel any build up which is a good thing of course!

      If interested in this product I'd only recommend it really for people with very dry hair. Greasy hair, definitely not.


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