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JoBaz Hair Colour Remover

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Brand: JoBaz / colour remover / Type: Hair Colour

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    1 Review
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      14.08.2012 22:01
      Very helpful



      It works!

      ~ JoBaz Hair Colour Remover ~

      * Please note the review was originally wrote for Ciao so in reference to the photos they will be on there as soon as review gets accepted - sorry for any confusion! *

      I don't know if you have ever heard or seen hair colour removers before but that is what this product is.
      There are more well known and more popular brands available such as Colour B4 which costs in the region of £11 and can be bought in Boots however having never used a colour remover in the past I didn't want to spend that much on something I didn't think would have mich effect on my hair so when I saw this JoBaz Hair Colour Remover in Savers for £4.99 I bought it immediately but to be honest I didn't hold out much hope.

      I had watched various tutorials on You Tube of different hair colour removers and all had varying results, but as my hair has been coloured so much over the past few years I just didn't think it would have much effect on my hair but it was worth a try!

      My hair has been coloured from my natural blonde to red, to brown to purple, to brown, to blonde, to red and has been both brown and red over the last two years so I know that I have a massive colour build up on my hair, in fact I haven't been my natural colour since I was about 12/13!
      Before using this my hair was red as you will see in the before picture I will add below. To be honest I loved this colour but the upkeep of having red hair is very tiresome! The red fades quickly, root regrowth shows so much more with my roots coming through blonde so I was having to re colour it every three weeks or so, which I couldn't really be bothering with anymore!

      So even though I hadn't held out much hope for these products, I thought for £4.99 it wasn't much wasted and I had a red hair dye ready to use if it all went drastically wrong.

      The box is quite plain, coloured in red and black with the product name on the front. Inside the box you get three bottles, a pair of gloves, and the instruction leaflet.
      The bottles are labeled A, B, and C.
      A and B need to be mixed together in the A labeled bottle. These are the remover and activator products. Simply unscrew the cap on the red bottle and pour the soloution into the largest of the three bottles, this bottle has a long applicator type nozzle lid for you to apply the mixture with ease. Shake the bottle vigirously for the allocated time which I think was about 30 seconds, and then apply immediately.

      From reading previous reviews of similar products I braced myself for a strong eggy smell which others have complained about yet it reminded me of perm soloution, so not that bad. I guided the nozzle through my hair applying the soloution all over. Once the bottle had been emptied onto my hair I massaged it in with the gloves provided and then combed it through using a wide toothed comb to ensure even coverage.

      It is recommended that you stay in a draft free area which is quite warm or to wrap your hair in cling film to trap the heat. I used a Tesco carrier bag which I pulled over my hair then covered in a scarf just to be sure my head would stay nice and warm. I also gave it a few blasts with a hair dryer to ensure there was enough heat and left it on for the recommended maximum time of one hour.

      I then went up to the shower and rinsed out my hair six to seven minutes, the recommended time is five minutes. I then applied half of the bottle C which is the Buffer. This stage is important to remove all the colour molucles from the hair after the first product has opened up the hair and shrank the colour molucles, the buffer simply flushes the colour from the hair. I rubbed this into my hair like shampoo, it really lathered up well and formed lots of bubbles. I left it for a minute as recommended and then rinsed my hair for a further five minutes. I then applied the second half of the buffer, lathered and rinsed as recommended.
      I applied a small amount of conditioner as my hair felt quite dry.

      I wrapped it in a towel and went to have a look and to blow dry my hair.

      I was quite shocked at the end results. The remover had effectively removed the red from my hair and it was left a golden blonde colour which was quite impressive.
      It did however have a slightly orangy tone to it so I decided to apply a blonde colour on top to rectify this and this sadly is where it all went very wrong!

      The remover left my hair blondish, not blonde enough so of course the blonde hair dye was the next step. On the box it does say you can apply a colour immediatly so I wasted no time. After applying the dye I was shocked to see it rinsing out of my hair in a pinky red colour. Never has blonde hair dye rinsed from my hair pink!
      So I kind of knew then that my har was no longer any shade of blonde. It was infact a pale red colour, looked like a badly faded red shade which was not good at all and applying two boxes of Live Colour in a caramel shade has made it turn slightly purple!
      I am now back to red which I don't mind but am quite disappointed with it.

      I think in the final stages my hair should have been rinsed for longer than I did even though the allocated time states five minutes so I will attempt this again in the next week although it probably won't be until next weekend as I have two funerals to attend this week and I don't think pink hair would look right!

      If the colour is better than expected I will in no doubt be back to update this review and if it fails again, I will also be sure to let you know.

      Overall it did work as you will see from the photo's I will include but I would advise to rinse for a longer period of time so that your total rinsing time will end up being around 20 minutes rather than the stated 10.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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