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John Frieda Anytime Volume Refresher

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Brand: John Frieda / Type: Volume Refresher Spray / What it does: Refreshes, volumizeses,

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    2 Reviews
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      19.04.2012 00:55
      Very helpful



      There are much better dry shampoos out there, this one is worse than not using any!

      I'm a frequent user of dry shampoos. They're the kind of product that can be a bit hit and miss, promising the world and delivering complete carnage on the top of your head. In this case, I spotted the John Frieda Anytime Volume Refresher Spray and thought I could trust such a well known brand, unfortunately I was wrong...

      ~~~~The Basics~~~~

      I bought this product from Amazon, where it currently retails at £3.92 for a 125ml can of the spray. Considering this is a well known, mid-range brand I thought this was quite a reasonable price - I've been known to pay well over a fiver for a dry shampoo, and lets face it, if it promised gleaming, gorgeous hair in between washes I'd probably raid every piggy bank in the house for it!

      The Volume Refresher spray comes in quite a plain and dowdy blue bottle, with a clear cap. Of course, it's what's inside that counts and I'd be happy to know that for the reasonable price, all the money's gone where it counts - into the spray itself, but they could have made the packaging look a tiny bit more appealing. It's clearly marked as being a John Frieda product, it also tells us that it's new to the market and is designed for fine fair. Lastly it promises the spray 'Revives volume when hair falls flat'. Well I would hardly want to use it if I was already sporting an Amy Winehouse style beehive, now would I Mr Frieda?

      The ingredients are as follows:

      (They're written in capitals on the bottle, I'm not shouting at you, honest ;))

      We're warned that this is extremely flammable and in a pressurised container so to protect it from sunlight, don't expose it to temperatures above 50 oC (in other words, don't try and give the inside of your oven more volume...) and use in a well ventilated area.

      The product sprays as a thin clear liquid but when it comes into contact with something (namely, hair) it turns into a white-ish powder. Some dry shampoos have a heavily perfumed smell, the John Frieda spray didn't smell of faux perfume at all but it absolutely stunk of hair spray. It really is an overpowering scent, so they did well to advise it was sprayed in a well ventilated area. I suppose smelling like hair spray is more normal than smelling of a sickly sweet fruit smell on your hair, but I definitely still prefer the lighter, more natural smelling dry shampoos out there.

      ~~~~Usage and Results~~~~

      The idea behind the Volume Refresher Spray is pretty self explanatory - when your hair's looking a bit flat and less fresh in between washes, this is meant to liven it up by absorbing the excess oils, renewing your volume and bounce until you're ready to wash your hair again.

      I have waist length brunette hair that's very fine in texture and loses volume quickly, as the spray's advertised for fine hair I had assumed it would be the perfect choice. When my hair began to look a bit sorry for itself, I leapt at the chance of putting the Volume Refresher spray through its paces. I followed the instructions and held the can about 10cm from my hair, lifted sections of my hair up and gave it short bursts of the spray. With dry shampoos its best to aim mostly at the roots, as this is where hair gets greasiest and it should give you more volume to revive them. Once spraying I ran my fingers through my hair to distribute the powder a bit more evenly, then gave it a proper brush through.

      I was beyond disappointed with the result. The spray didn't seem to absorb any oil whatsoever, if anything the wetness from the product actually made my hair look much worse - it looked like I'd had an intimate encounter with a deep fat fryer, very attractive. Some dry shampoos have heavy clay-like powder textures to them, which show up in my dark hair. The one bonus for the Volume Refresher spray is that it didn't give me this result at all, but that's because the powder was so sparse, it was mostly still in its liquid form and coating my hair with its sticky residue.

      At first there did seem to be a slight increase in volume, once I'd given my hair a thorough brush through. Even if my hair looked less clean than when I started, some volume is a good thing, I thought... But sadly, within a few hours the heavy product had completely flattened my hair back down, except now it was coated in that thick residue. After using this product I was left with hair that looked greasier and flatter than before I used it, and added a strong smell of hair spray and a sticky film of product build up in my hair that took several good rinses to get rid of. There is no real positives here at all, definitely not a product I'll buy again.


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      11.01.2012 14:43
      Very helpful



      Revive your hair with this spray.

      * ~ * VOLUME REFRESHER * ~ *
      This product is new from John Frieda and hasn't been long out. This particular product is part of the John Frieda Luxurious Volume range which is in blue packaging. The volume refresher claims to recreate volume when fine hair begins to fall flat. The spray refreshes the style by absorbing oil's in the hair for a fresh, full look. The product can be used anytime and anywhere. The volume refresher comes in a light blue can with a spray top, which is then covered by a clear plastic lid. You can see clearly on the can that the product is part of the Jo hn Frieda range and that it creates volume. On the front it also states that the product is for fine hair and revives volume when hair fall's flat. On the back of the can there is information on how to use the product as well as contact detail.

      * ~ * PRICE/AVALIABILITY * ~ *
      I purchased this product from Boots for £5.79; how-ever I did get this when the John Frieda range was on 3 for 2, so this saved me some money on the products. The refresher spray comes in once size which is 125ml.

      * ~ * USING THE PRODUCT * ~ *
      Directions: The product is to be used on dried hair that is already styled. Shake the can vigorously before using and between sprays. Simply hold up sections of hair and spray in short bursts at the roots. Blend the fine powder into the hair using fingertips to re-new volume.

      I styled my hair as normal and should the can ready to spray into my hair. As you shake the can you can hear the substance in the can being shook up. I then lifted my hair into different sections and using short, quick bursts sprayed the refresher into my hair. The spray comes out quite quickly and leaves a powder like substance in your hair. I rubbed this in a little using my finger-tips and the powder soon disappears into the hair. The spray has a scent to it, which is quite nice, and not too over-powering, the smell, how-ever doesn't last and disappears after a while. After using the spray you may find that it makes you hair a little grey from the powder, how-ever once you have used your fingertips to blend the powder into the hair, this soon disappears. The product was the same as how you would use a dry shampoo. I stood back in the mirror and looked at my hair. There was a little more volume in my hair; how-ever there wasn't a huge difference. The results don't last very long either and this product would have had to have been applied again during the way to keep the little bit of volume I had in it. As the product soaks up the oil in your hair, this did make my hair look a bit less greasy which was a good bonus of the product.

      * ~ * OVERALL OPINION * ~ *
      As this product was quite pricey and part of a well know named brand I thought the product would work really well, how-ever I was disappointed at how little volume this put in my hair. I have fine hair, so I knew this product should work for me as it states on the front that the product is for fine hair. The product is easy to use and because the can is slim it's also easy to hold as well as it fit's into your hand nicely. You don't have to push the spray button too hard for some of the powder to come out. The product has a nice, light smell to it but I was also disappointed that the smell isn't longer lasting as it would make your hair smell great if it lasted longer. The product does a fantastic job ofsoaking up excess oil in your hair, which makes hair look greasy; how-ever it just didn't live up to its volume claim. This is a product I won't be re-buying. Because the product doesn't really work, I only use it to freshen up my hair between washes.

      (review may also appear on ciao)


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