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John Frieda Frizz Ease Night Creme Serum

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Brand: John Frieda / Type: Hair Serum / Texture: Cream / What it does: Repairs,

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    1 Review
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      10.11.2011 16:06
      Very helpful



      My man of the night!

      ~~~~~~ John Frieda Frizz Ease Crème Serum ~~~~~~

      I have wanted to try this for ages, and I finally got a good opportunity recently. While browsing the shelves of Boots, survey vouchers in one hand and an ever heavier growing basket in the other, I was doing sums to see how much I could possibly buy without going too far over my voucher total when I spotted the John Frieda display and the notice proclaiming 'Any 2 for £7.50'. I am a big fan of the Frizz Ease range and have had a lot of success with many of the products, usually buying them when they are on 3 for 2 which luckily is pretty often. But 2 for £7.50? Well, this night serum is priced at £7.39 a bottle so it was practically BOGOF. And I love a freebie.

      So 2 bottles went in my basket and after double checking they were indeed included in the offer (almost too good to be true, right?), I went on my merry way.

      ~~~~~~ First impressions ~~~~~~

      The bottles come in cardboard packaging, typical of the range and the bottles themselves are a fetching shade of midnight blue, with slight sparkles throughout - really pushing the night theme here! Unfortunately though, the bottle is not remotely transparent so you can't see how much you have left.

      The blurb is as follows: "Infused with Damage-Mending Technology [whatever that is! *scoff*] and calming chamomile extract , this luxurious formula envelops each hair strand to stimulate deep transformational mending while you sleep. This midnight-mender visibly repairs breakage and split ends and deeply nourishes to add back much needed moisture. In the morning hair texture is dramatically improved and feels silky soft". I personally think this just sounds like silly pseudo-science and would like to know specifically what ingredients are used for these effects. But maybe that's just me!

      The product is dispensed by a pump which I love. It's very handy and I found it easy to start - 4 or 5 pumps of it and the product came through. A word of warning though, the first bit came out in a splurt, so make sure your hand is ready to avoid wasting it! The crème itself is white and actually a bit runny. I expected it to be thicker, perhaps more like the normal serums in the range. Though I do appreciate the thinner consistency when applying, as I think a thick serum would be difficult to work through my hair when dry.

      It smells quite light and sweet; it's very nice and I really like it. I can't put my finger on what the scent is though. Maybe a bit floral, but in a fresh way rather than a heavy cloying sweetness. I do smell it on my hair after application, but as I think it smells really lovely this is no hardship.

      ~~~~~~ Using it ~~~~~~

      -- On dry hair, as instructed
      You are directed to "Apply to dry hair before bedtime. Dispense a 10p size coin amount of crème, distribute evenly concentrating on dry, damaged ends and leave on overnight. Use more or less depending on hair type....recommended follow up: Frizz Ease shampoo the following morning" (of course).

      My hair is very thick and falls just shy of my waist, so I needed considerably more than a 10p coin size blob! However, I did find it spread through my hair pretty easily. My hair is naturally quite dry, coarse and prone to the frizzies and it does seem to really drink this up. I don't apply this to the crown of my head, only from about my ears down, and I use about 4 or 5 pumps of the crème; this is enough to get it through my hair, paying most attention the bottom few inches.

      After application, I am aware of it on my hair if I touch it, but it does not feel heavy or sticky.

      -- On wet hair, oooh you rebel!
      I also gave this a go on my freshly washed hair, much the same as the regular serum is applied. I really just done this to see if it could be used in this way, and if so whether it was better/worse/the same as the other serums.

      I only needed one pump of the crème to apply to my wet hair; it spread through so easily and I then combed it through. I didn't want to go overboard since this is not how it's really meant to be used!

      ~~~~~~ Results ~~~~~~

      When using it the night before washing my hair, I find that my hair feels really smooth in the morning, and still not sticky or heavy! There is also absolutely zero residue left on the pillow, though if I put my nose right up to it I can detect the scent, very faintly.

      After shampooing, conditioning (not necessarily with John Freida products) and allowing to dry naturally I do see a difference - it looks less frizzy (when none of my usual products are used) with more defined curls and feels so very soft. How much it 'repairs' through the night I'm not sure - I mean, if you have a split end it needs cut in my opinion, simple as. I do use only moisturising/nourishing shampoos and conditioners on my hair but I do think this works well to smooth and nourish, therefore giving your hair a generally better feel and look. The regular serums work well to define my curls and keep the frizzies at bay, and I imagine this works in a similar way.

      When I use it on my freshly washed hair and let it dry naturally, I see a difference again. My hair is softer than ever although my curls aren't quite as defined as when I use the regular serum, or indeed this one the night before. It does fight the frizz though and my hair just feels lovely and bouncy. So no harm using it this way, but you really do get better results using this on dry hair and the regular serum on damp hair. So happily, it's not just a marketing ploy!

      It is recommended you use this 2 or 3 times per month, but I have actually been using it weekly as like I said, my hair is naturally quite coarse so I do need to take measures to keep it soft and smooth when curly, and sleek and smooth when I straighten! I am enjoying the results of using this crème serum weekly though, and I would say perhaps more frequent use would be beneficial to anyone else who has naturally dry hair prone to frizz.

      ~~~~~~ Recommend? ~~~~~~

      Definitely! I would happily pay £7.39 for one bottle of this in the future (providing I can spare it of course) but to be honest I am unlikely to buy any of the more premium hair care brands unless they are on some sort of offer, even those I adore like Frizz Ease - even though they are great, effective products they are a tad pricey, so I do wait for at least a 3 for 2 these days. You really don't need a lot of this even if, like me, you need to use more than directed so I do think it offers decent value. I have used mine around 8 times and as far as I can tell by weight, I still have a decent amount left. I haven't even started the second bottle yet so I'm getting excellent value, considering I basically got BOGOF!


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